Escape Music is pleased to announce the release date for for the brand new album from Bite The Bullet
 titled Black & White. The CD will be limited edition to 1000 copies only! All will be numbered 1-1000 plus one bonus track with the first pressing only!


"Bite The Bullet were originally formed in 1986 by singer songwriter Mick Benton and drummer Graham Cowling. They met in 1984 when they both joined West London rock band “Mother’s Ruin”. Thanks to the legendary Greg Lake, Benton managed to secure a solo deal with Atlantic Records and he asked Cowling to play drums. Its good to see that their collaboration is still strong to this very day.
Mick and Graham decided to get writing new material for a second “Bite the Bullet” album and the result is outstanding, coming across like Mr Mister meets Asia. The new songs are a natural continuation of the original BTB sound and have a great feel to them, opener “Rock to Stones” is a killer. A great start to 2021!.

      For more information visit the Coming Soon page

     £9.99 + Shipping
CD available to buy now

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Coming February

Escape Music pleased to announce the release date for RADAR - Lost In The Atlantic. The CD will be limited edition to 1000 copies only! All will be numbered 1-1000 and will include a post card hand signed by the band! First time On CD!!!


"Radar was formed in 1981 when David West, Rod Jordan & Gary Stevenson met at the ABC Music Store in Surrey England, where David & Gary were working as guitar & keyboard demonstrators. They set up an 8 track-recording studio ‘Secret Studios’ in West London where they composed their first recordings. In 1983 Radar was signed to Warner Bros Publishing UK and their journey began. During this time guitar player Gary Stevenson also produced ‘outside’ bands at Secret studios, one of them being an unknown duo called ‘Go West’. Gary also used David West on this project and after a few demos the Manager of the band ‘John Glover’ was impressed enough with the work that he commissioned Gary to produce 2 tracks ‘We Close Our Eyes’ & ‘Call Me’ at Chipping Norton Studios in Oxfordshire. These songs & productions caused a stir in the music business at the time and Go West had many record deal offers from major record companies. The band wanted to stay with Gary as producer so signed with Chrysalis Records who were happy to do this, and the rest is history. Go West went on to become the ‘Best Newcomers’ at the 1985 Brit Awards"

      For more information visit the Coming Soon page

     £9.99 + Shipping
CD available to Pre-order now

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Check Out The Lyric Video For Another Great Song From Heartwind

Available now on the album

Escape Music is pleased to announce the release date for Heartwind second album title “Strangers”,
this is truly a magnificent album!



"Their 2018 debut “Higher and Higher” was such a breath of fresh air it gave the band strong recognition in a very competitive genre. The songs they had written were so powerful and full of melody that it left fans wanting more.
So here we have the follow up recording “Strangers” which sees the band escalate to new heights and features 10 tracks of superb melodic rock with outstanding vocal performances from Nina Soderquist and Stefan Nykvist. Songs filled with hooks, interesting arrangements and melodies to die for"

      For more information visit the Coming Soon page

     £9.99 + Shipping
CD available to buy now

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(Lyric Video)

From the forthcoming solo album by Vince DiCola (Rocky 4: The Movie / Transformers: The Movie) titled  "Only Time Will Tell"

 Featuring on lead vocals Steve Walsh (ex Kansas / Streets / Solo Artist),










Coming December

Escape Music pleased to announce the release date for this all time classic album Liar - Set The world On Fire. The CD will be limited edition to 1000 copies only! All will be numbered 1-1000 and will include post card hand signed by the band! First time On CD, Fully remastered from the original quarter inch tape.


"It was “Set the World on Fire” that really stood out as the band’s finest moment and it was chock full of memorable songs that have stood the test of time admirably. This reissue sounds magnificent and the songs have benefited from the latest technology. Each CD is numbered and has a hand signed card from the then four remaining members of the band (all are signed, not copies). Sadly, Paul Travis died very soon after his signing session. Set the World on Fire is a fabulous reminder of late 70’s British Rock at its finest and is a “must have” release for anyone who loved that era. A Classic of its time."

      For more information visit the Coming Soon page

     £9.99 + Shipping
CD available to buy now

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New Vinyl Version Available

Due to high demand we have had to re-press a new limited edition of 200 copies only
in "Ash Grey” colour 180gr vinyl. All will be individually numbered 1-200
and will also include an exclusive hand signed postcard from Steve Overland himself.

Vinyl £16.99 + Shipping
Available to order now

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Overland  “Scandalous” LP with the 300 limited edition Vinyl “Dracula” colour Now Sold out!!


Release Date: Now Available
Vinyl ESMV1006
Bar Code: 5 031281 01006 3

Steve Overland - Lead Vocals / Backing Vocals
Tommy Denander - All Guitars / Keyboards (Alice Cooper / Robert Hart)
Brian Tichy - Drums (Billy Idol / Foreigner / Ozzy Osborne / Dead Daisies / Whitesnake)
Brian Anthony - Bass / Hammond / Percussions (Steve Walsh)

Produced by Steve Overland / Tommy Denander / Khalil Turk
Executive producer Khalil Turk
Mixed and Mastered by Brian J Anthony
All vocals recorded at Tremolo Recording Studio, UK
All songs written by Tommy Denander and Steve Overland







Check out two new songs from the forthcoming
TURKISH DELIGHT Album Feat. Chris Ousey


Lead vocals : Chris Ousey
Guitars and Keyboards: Tommy Denander
Bass and Keyboards: Brian J Anthony
Drums: Michael Lange
Mixed and Mastered by: Brian J Anthony
Produced by: Khalil Turk for Turkish Delight Productions

From Turkish Delight album
Music and Melody by: Dariyosh
Lyrics by: Chris Ousey
Translation by Mariam Ahmed



Chris Ousey - Lead Vocals
Tommy Denander - Guitars / Keyboards
Brian J Anthony - Bass / Piano / Keyboards
Michael Lange - Drums

Produced by Khalil Turk for Turkish Delight Productions







Coming October

Escape Music is pleased to announce the release date for Signal Red second album title Alien Nation!
here will be limited copies signed by the band for the first 200 CDs ordered. Pre-order your copy now!! 



"Lee Small  is a very soulful, melodic vocalist and his voice suits Signal Red perfectly. The debut caused quite a stir with its strong melodic rock roots and this new album “Alien Nation” is an extension of that robust rock sound that they have already proved themselves worthy of. We have here 11 tracks of sheer quality and Steve Grocott’s playing shines through on all tracks.!"

      For more information visit the Coming Soon page

     £9.99 + Shipping
CD available to buy now

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Out 18th September

To celebrate Steve Overland's birthday today, Escape Music are pleased to announce the release date of the 5th Overland studio album titled “Scandalous"

Limited edition “Ash Grey” colour vinyl individually numbered 1-200, including an exclusive hand signed postcard from Steve Overland himself.


Vinyl £16.99 + Shipping
Available to order now

The first 200 CD's sold through our website will receive a hand signed postcard from Steve.

CD £9.99 + Shipping
Available to buy now

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 "This man can just seemingly continue to give us breathtakingly good songs with great song writing (Let’s not forget the input of the talented Tommy Denander). This new release for 2020 is also being released on vinyl (limited edition of 300 in “Dracula” colour) and a slightly different track listing from the CD. Exciting news indeed!

Steve Overland just gets better and let’s hope he gives us much more in years to come."







Out Now



"Pinnacle Point is a rock band whose music blends the sounds of Melodic Rock and Epic, Progressive, Symphonic Rock. The band’s 2017 debut album Winds Of Change climbed the album oriented rock charts and was voted top melodic rock album of the year for many rock music reviewers. The founding members are American lead singer, Jerome Mazza (Angelica, Outlaw Son solo album, and also featured as guest singer on Steve Walsh’s (x-Kansas) last album "Black Butterfly", and Danish guitarist Torben Enevoldsen (Fate, Acacia Avenue, Section A)"

          £9.99 + Shipping
CD available now


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Coming August

Escape Music so pleased to announce the release date for Simon Says - Spin This. The CD will be limited edition to 1000 copies only! with 6 bonus tracks and the original front cover with a new front cover all will be numbered 1-1000


"Simon Says hail from Greenfield Park, Quebec, Canada and were formed from the ashes of Spectrum and Rawx. This energetic six piece originally had a following in the early 90’s when “spin this” was first released with just seven tracks. It has since become a collector’s item in its original form (attracting a high price!) but here is new package on Escape music with another 6 bonus tracks! All songs have the full remastering treatment with both new and old artwork!"

      For more information visit the Coming Soon page

     £9.99 + Shipping
Available to buy now

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Coming April

Escape Music is delighted and thrilled to announce the new signing of the band Compass and the title of the album "Our Time On Earth". The concept album written and produced by the multi talented musician
Steve Newman !!

Compass - 'Another Life Suicide' (Official Lyric Video)

"The Compass story began back in December 2017 when singer songwriter Steve Newman decided to write a few songs that musically would step outside the barriers imposed by many years writing for his own band Newman. This was to be something very different, liberating, both musically and lyrically, from anything he had created before, with the freedom to move across genres and not be pigeon holed within any particular musical style."


    £9.99 + Shipping
Out now 

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Escape Music and Steve Overland would like to dedicated this song to all Doctors, Nurses in frontline, and all the staff in Hospitals all over the world, whom are facing this difficult times with Pandemic Covid-19 virus and tribute goes to all Fathers, Mothers, Brothers , Sisters and all loved ones whom lost their battles from this virus.












Escape Music is also pleased to announce that we will be releasing the new Robert Hart (Manfred Man Earth Band, The Jones Gang, x Bad Company / x The Distance with Nile Rodgers, Bernard Edward, Tony Thompson (Chic) album
“Pure” on Solid Red Vinyl limited edition to 300 copies only, all will be individually numbered 1-300 in GOLD !!


Vinyl £14.99 + Shipping
Vinyl available to buy now


    £9.99 + Shipping
CD available to buy now


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"Robert Hart is back with a brand new album called “Pure” – and this is something else as Robert has given us 12 fresh sounding songs that have a unique pop rock sound. Names like Robert Plant and Go West come to mind, these are really catchy songs and are instantly remembered after just one listen. "








Coming January

    £9.99 + Shipping

CD available to Pre-order now

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"Storm Force is the explosive new band that fans of classic hard melodic rock have all been waiting for.

Led by Canadian rock legends Brighton Rock founder and lead guitarist Greg Fraser and featuring one of today’s most powerful and versatile lead vocalists in Patrick Gagliardi (formerly of Surface Tension), their debut record produced by Darius Szczepaniak (Black Crowes, Sum 41, Big Sugar) combines colossal, crushing melodic rock with hook-laden ballads and massive choruses reminiscent of vintage Cinderella, balanced by classic rock sensibilities of acts like The Who and Van Halen. "







Coming March

"After 42 years, the long-lost LIAR album from 1978 will finally see its debut appearance on Escape Music ! The album is entitled "Sunset Plaza Drive" and was originally recorded in Stevie Wonder's Crystal Sound Studios in LA. The album was recorded and mixed but never released, until now. Original members Steve Mann (Michael Schenker Fest, Lionheart), Paul Travis, Dave Taylor and Dave Burton also reunited late last year to record the track "Woman" which will appear as a bonus track on the new release. Written by guitarist Paul Travis just after the band broke up 41 years ago, Steve Mann suggested recording a new up-to-date version of the song. "I was so happy when we got the original guys back together again to record what I consider to be one of the best AOR tracks ever" enthused Mann"


    £9.99 + Shipping
Out now 


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Lyric Video for WOMAN the previously unrecorded song by Liar








We are very pleased to present the new video for Bad Romance from the
Axe album Final Offering


Escape Music has the greatest pleasure to announce the release date for the Axe brand new album title Final Offering on Vinyl and CD!!  


 "Axe was formed in 1977 out of the ashes of “Babyface”, a Hard Rock band burdened with a top 20 hit... but on the Adult Contemporary Charts. The band was brought together by leader Bobby Barth. Pulling members from all over America to Gainesville Florida, where they lived in one house, wrote music, and practiced"







Coming November

Escape Music is pleased to announce the release date for Carl Sentance Persian Risk double album

   £11.99 + Shipping

Out now 

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"Carl Sentance was born 28th June 1961 in Loughborough Leicestershire, UK and started his first band Leading Star playing guitar and singing in 1977. After participating in several local bands, he replaced John Deverill as a vocalist in the NWoBHM band Persian Risk. In 1981 he recorded his first single “Calling for You”, the band then recorded “Ridin High” in 1983. In 1984 Persian Risk toured with Motörhead throughout the UK and appeared on The Tube prime time TV on Ch4. In 1985 Carl recorded his first Persian Risk album "Rise up". "







Coming November

    £9.99 + Shipping

Out now 

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"REDLINE’s Rockfield pilgrimage set out to capture the band’s signature classic rock sound, a raw energy that forms the basis of their music. Riff laden rock, power-pipe vocals and hook laden songs telling tales of the good...and the bad, of the darkness that lies within, and of hope that lights the way. "







Coming October

After two successful 7 albums self titled and Shattered. Escape Music is pleased to announce the return of talented Mick Devine with brand new solo album title Hear Now,

"Over a number of years Mick Devine and Steve Morris wrote numerous songs in a number of musical styles but all tied together with memorable melodies, lyric’s and killer guitar licks. Khalil introduced the awesome American producer & musician Brian J Anthony (Lonerider / Steve Walsh /Overland) into this partnership and the result is the first solo album for Mick Devine called ‘Hear Now’ which is due for release on the 18th October 2019 on the Escape Music label "



 £10.99 + Shipping

Out now 

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Coming October

  £10.99 + Shipping

Out now 

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"Hanover Fist’s self-titled debut album might just be one of the greatest ‘80s heavy metal albums you’ll ever hear. If
you’ve never heard it before then prepare to have your head re-arranged by its truly explosive power. Escape Music now proudly re-issues the original Canadian issued version on CD for the first time, correctly reinstating that version’s running order with the added bonus of liner notes by Dave Reynolds and the full involvement of vocalist Frank Zirone "








  Coming soon on Escape Music

AXE - Final Offering 19th September 2019

Mick Devine - Hear Now  18th October 2019. Mick is the vocalist from Seven and on guitar Steve Morris.
Produced by Brian Anthony of Steve Walsh.

Hanover Fist - Hanover Fist with 2 bonus tracks. 18th October 2019, with the original front cover art,
re-mastered by Alan Douches with the liner notes by Dave Reynolds.

Overland - Scandalous  22 November with Brian Tichy on Drums.

Persian Risk - Nazareth vocalist Carl Sentence and Don Airey,
Chris Child and Phil Campbell of Motorhead plus more

Storm Force - Age Of Fear Greg Fraser of Brighton Rock new band

Heartland - new album produced by Mike Slamer

Robert Hart new album

Pinnacle Point new album

Plus some other great titles to be announced soon!!








Coming August



"Bethlehem PA is home of Eighteenth Hour, a band that has captured the Lehigh Valley’s hard working essence by continually reaching new heights throughout their extensive career. The most recent achievement being selected as the opening act for Bon Jovi in their hometown area. Eighteenth Hour’s musical prowess has earned them a reputation for being one of the area's best live original bands. Their music resonates with a broad audience as exemplified by the eclectic mix of artists they have shared the stage with including 3 Doors Down, Bret Michaels, Thin Lizzy, Spacehog, Collective Soul, Hinder, Skid Row, Days of The New, Saigon Kick, The Outfield, Ratt, Blessid Union of Souls, Great White, and blues great Shemeika Copeland "








Coming July

 £9.99 + Shipping

Out now 

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"New Dawn contains 11 tracks of West Coast / AOR that suits the voice of Troy Reid (Agent) admirably and they are fine pieces of music that are so easy to listen to. These are all ideal for radio airplay, the opener “Not Enough Sorry” is testament to this as it is a wonderful tune with a fantastic keyboard sound and, of course, Troy’s unmistakable vocals. "








Check out "Uncertain" a truly epic song from the new album .

We present the new Lyric Video from Alliance for their awesome song
"Raise Your Glass" from the new album .

Coming May

Escape Music is pleased and delighted to announce the return of
Alliance with a brand new album Fire And Grace!


"As I look back on this musical journey called Alliance I can’t help but think that my band mates were, and still are, the best musical partnership I could have ever dream of. But, it almost didn’t happen. Timing is always an important ingredient for success. In 1986 Sammy Hagar left his band to join Van Halen. David Lauser, Alan Fitzgerald and Gary Pihl from Hagar’s band, were determined to continue their musical endeavours together. In their search they had come to see my band at Wolfgang’s in San Francisco. It was complicated by the fact that Steve Howe had just invited me to join him in GTR and I had planned to move to England. Gary had been invited to join Boston and David was still performing solo shows with Hagar. Jump ahead to 1989 and Gary, David and FItz still hadn’t come up with the right combination. I had just returned to the U.S. and the timing was perfect to start this new, yet unnamed band. Now, 30 years later, after all the writing and recording, the many miles traveled, and an honest, supportive friendship, we’ve done what I believe is the definitive Alliance album. Creative, non-compromising, and putting our heart and soul into every song. Alliance has all the ingredients of what a band should be. The fire still burns. - Robert Berry "








Coming June

Escape Music and 12:12 Records are very pleased to announce the release of the
American Tears brand new album "White Flags" !!


"American Tears is an American keyboard trio that released it's first record, Branded Bad, on Columbia Records
in 1974 and it's second, Tear Gas, in 1975.  Due to the very well received 2018 release last year
of it's 4th album "Hard Core", the band has recorded a new record entitled "White Flags"
which kicks it all up a notch "







Check out the video from Lonerider for their song
Yesterday Heroes

 Coming April

Escape Music pleases to announce the release date for the Lonerider new album on 180gm Vinyl and CD!!  The Vinyl will be limited Edition to 500 copies only in transparent colour Gold, and all will be numbered! 1-500

"Every once in a while a new recording comes along with a line-up that makes your spine tingle, and here it is; “Attitude” by Lonerider. Not only does this quintet feature Steve Overland (FM, Solo, Shadowman), Steve Morris (Heartland, Shadowman) and Chris Childs (Thunder) but legendary drummer Simon Kirke of Free and Bad Company fame. With Brain J Anthony finishing the line-up we have a real force to be reckoned with".


Lonerider - Rhythm Of Life


 £13.99 + Shipping

Vinyl available now

   please click here








VIANA - Do You Remember
Watch the brand new video from Viana below


From The New Album


"Estefano Viana is an Italian guitarist, songwriter and producer who has already caused a stir with his first album “Viana” (2017) which received very positive reviews. This new album features some great musicians such as Terry Brock and Francesco Marras and also boasts the talents of great American guitar player John Roth from Giant, Winger and Starship. The 10 tracks we have here are all strong songs, there are no fillers here.. just great melodic hard rock played with a passion and flai "







 Coming March

Escape Music is pleased to announce the return of Swiss Progressive Melodic Metal Band
Appearance of Nothing with their fourth album "In Times Of Darkness"

"Precision and prog metal: the two go hand in hand — especially in Switzerland, home to clockworks and quality craftsmanship. True to that national spirit, Appearance Of Nothing are stepping right into the tradition of outstanding and unique metal, Made In Switzerland (ever heard of Coroner, Eluveitie, or perhaps Celtic Frost?). Honing their skills together since 2004, the band around founding members Marc Petralito (piano, hammond, synths) and Omar Cuna (bass & vocals), along with shredders Manuel Meinen & Albert Ibrahimaj  and drummer Ronnie Wolf, have always felt true to Prog with a capital letter — think Opeth, Dream Theater, or Symphony X".

"The Black Sea"

Appearance of Nothing are getting ready to take part in the European stages in 2019,

Video for The Black Sea:

Tour dates so far:
02.03.2019 - Switzerland, Musigburg Aarburg
UK & Ireland
21.03.2019 - Sheffield Studio
22.03.2019 - North Wales, Hammerfest
23.03.2019 - Cardiff The Globe
24.03.2019 - Birmingham Hare & Hounds
26.03.2019 - Norwich The Waterfront Studio
27.03.2019 - Hull The Welly 2
28.03.2019 - Glasgow Audio
29.03.2019 - Dublin On The Rox
30.03.2019 - Manchester Academy 3
31.03.2019 - London Jazz Cafe Camden
20.04.2019 - Germany, Lörrach
31.08.2019 - Switzerland, Club Natters
21.09.2019 - Switzerland, Club Metbar Lenzburg
13.09.2019 - Italy, to_be_confirmed
14.09.2019 - Italy, to_be_confirmed
15.09.2019 - Italy, to_be_confirmed

More dates will be announced soon including Germany!








 Coming February

"Once in a while a new epic voice comes into the world of rock and roll! Let us introduce you to BK Morrison
It features a great list of people like Chris Ousey (Heartland / Snakecharmer), Bill Champlin (Chicago) and Joseph Williams (Toto) on backing vocals, Billy Orrico (Punky Meadows) on drums and Brian Anthony (Steve Walsh) on bass plus mix and mastering. Get ready for a new favourite singer in the style of David Coverdale, Bob Seger, Richard Marx and Lou Gramm".

Coming Soon Tug Of War.
Listen to the song "Before I Will Know" below








We Are Pleased To Present The Brand New Video From Jerome Mazza

 Jerome Mazza - Song For The People

Jerome Mazza - Immortal Lyric Video


Escape Music is pleased and delighted to announce Jerome Mazza's
latest album titled “Outlaw Son”!!

"Khalil invited Jerome Mazza to sing duet with Steve Walsh on the song “Born In Fire” on the  Steve Walsh CD “Black Butterfly” (Nov 2017 ESM311).  Jerome’s performance was so outstanding that Khalil asked him to be a guest to sing additional songs on the Steve Walsh “Black Butterfly” album.  It was an easy decision for Jerome to make and the result was explosive!

It became obvious that Jerome should record a new solo album and here it is in all its glory! This is a masterpiece of melodic rock featuring Jerome’s incredible vocal range. With backing from musicians that were also featured on the Steve Walsh “Black Butterfly” album, this will be one of the most talked about releases of the year! "

    Available to buy now
 £9.99 + Shipping 

   To purchase please click here







Steve Walsh duet with Steve Overland
Warsaw Lyric Video


From the album Black Butterfly ESM311







We present the new Lyric Video from Mass for their rocking new tune .
Revenge For The Maiden


From the album 'When 2 Worlds Collide' ESM 320








Coming October on CD and Limited Edition Vinyl

  Escape Music is pleased to announce the release date for Heaven’s Trail on Vinyl and CD!!  
The Vinyl will be limited Edition to 500 copies only in transparent colour Red, and all will be numbered!

"Heaven’s Trail is a brand new German Metal / Rock band formed by ex-Jaded Heart member Barish Kepic. Also in the line-up is another Jaded Heart member Michael Muller. These two respected musicians are joined by Masterplan members Kevin Kott on Drums and Vocalist Rick Altzi. So here we have an exciting new band that are made up of two of Germany’s finest Metal / Rock Bands. Barish Kepic is the principal songwriter and has arranged and produced all the songs on this exciting new album"

  Escape Music Presents
Heaven's Trail "On The Rise" from the new album "Lethal Mind"







Two New Vinyl Releases From Escape
 Double Gatefold on 180g Vinyl

Steve Walsh - Black Butterfly
Signal Red - Under The Radar

Both albums out first week of March 2018


Steve Walsh £23.99 + Shipping
Signal Red  £18.99 + Shipping 

Order NOW at the music shop

   To purchase please click here






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