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Release date: 20th July 2018
Catalogue No: ESM322
Bar Code: 503128100322 5

CITA: is

Danny Martinez – Guitar & Lead Vocals
Antz Trujillo – Guitar, Keyboards & Vocals
Troy Benson – Drums, Percussion & Vocals
Joe Marone – Bass & Vocals

Relapse of Reason CD 1

Everytime (I Close my eyes) 4.25 / Through the Years 3.50 / These Eyes 4.04 / Stand or Fall 4.46 / Two Hearts 5.26 / Steal Another Fantasy 4.20 / Relapse of Reason 4.46 / The Fall 4.29 / No Heroes 5.43 / Who will you run to 4.43 / Changes 4.48 / Silent Soldier 5.43

Bonus Tracks: Heat of Emotion (live) 5.01 / Through the Years (live) 4.08 / Relapse of reason (live) 4.48 / These Eyes (live) 4.11

Produced by Bobby Barth for N.E.H. production engineered by Ian Gilchrist
Mixed by Mark Pinske, Ian Gilchrist and Bobby Barth recorded at Big Bug Studios, Denver, Colorado
13~15 recorded in Germany during the summer of 1997 Mixed at N.E.H. Studios in Colorado, USA

Keyboards by Bob Harris
Additional keyboards by Eddie Guion and Anthony “Antz” Trujillo Background vocals by C.I.T.A.,
Bob Harris, Bobby Barth and Matty Mastered by Mark Pinske

Mastered by: JK Northrup at Alien Productions


Heat of Emotion  CD2

Far Behind 4.57 / Heat of Emotion 4.32 / Life Goes On 4.27 / Endless Summer / 4.38 / Livin’ 4 Somebody Else 3.48 / Fly Angel Fly 4.09 / Miles away 5.10 / Say a Prayer 4.59 / Can’t we make it 4.38 / I’ll cry no more 5.29 / Find my way 6.46 Bonus Tracks: Cold Sweat 3.09 / Far Behind (live) 4.42 / Can’t we make it (live) 4.43 / Say a prayer (live) 6.22

Produced by Bobby Barth / Engineered by Robert Reents, Ian Gilchrist & John Kibble
Mixed by Bobby Barth & Lior Zelmanowicz
Recorded & Mixed in Denver, Colorado June 94 to Feb 95.

Mastered by: JK Northrup at Alien Productions


Forged from what was left of the hairspray and decadence of the 1980’s hard rock scene, four high school friends were hell-bent on carving their name in the annals of rock n’ roll Their roots extend back to 1989 when the band was named “Caught in the Act”. These four were Danny Martinez, Anthony Trujillo, Joe Marone and Troy Benson. Through hard work and determination they became one of the most popular bands on the Denver rock scene. Despite being caught up in the grunge movement the band pressed on and were noticed by Bobby Barth of the band “AXE”. Eventually a deal was struck with a swedish label and the first release “Relapse of Reason” hit the streets. The result was explosive and put the band on the map. Soon after the follow up “Heat of Emotion” was released in Germany to critical acclaim. As success grew a boy band with the same name sued the band and so they changed their name to a more catchy “CITA”.  By this time Marone and Benson had left and were replaced by Lostetter and Stuntz. CITA eventually became Guild of Ages but they had already made their mark with two classic melodic rock albums. Timeless Music.









Vinyl Limited Edition 180g audiophile LP in GOLD Vinyl. Gatefold with bonus track.
Limited to 500 individually numbered copies.




Side A

1. Life On The Line
2. Everything But Goodbye
3. Lifetime
4. Power Of Love
5. Hold That Light
6. On And On

Side B

1. Take It All Back
2. I Promise You
3. Standing On Top Of The World
4. Jennie
5. Now More Than Ever

Bonus Track
6. Don’t You Look Back Now

Victory is the first solo record by the Canadian prog rocker Rob Moratti. After been part of different projects, including the band “Saga” he mastered his music knowledge to create the melodic pieces of the album. The catchy songs and strong melodies Rob recorded with the help of some guest musicians. Victory is a clean album with tight sounds and vocals which can be seen as the better part in the AOR genre. Highlights are the opening drive of “Life On The Line” and the moodier and darker tone of “On and One”. The album includes the bonus track “Don’t You Look Back Now”









Vinyl Limited Edition 180g audiophile LP in Red Vinyl. Gatefold with 2 bonus tracks.




Release Date: 25 May 2018

Side A
1. Crusader
2. Rock Of Ages
3. No More Lonely Nights
4. Horsemen Of The Apocalypse
5. Heroes, Saints And Fools

Side B
1. Dolphin Ride
2. Ready To Fly
3. We Have Arrived
4. Come to the Light

The new wave of British heavy metal started back in the late 70’s and one of the bands who stood the test of time is the band Saracen. Their debut album Heroes, Saints & Fools is not only an effort to control the metal, but also an album on which the progressive music can be heard. The guitar-oriented rock is laced with keyboard melodies and evocative vocals. It was received with critical acclaim. Just seven tracks, but each track gives you the feeling that the band knew what they were doing. From the more metal oriented first tracks to the prog rock influences which starting to kick in halfway the album. Highlights are the fantastic instrumental “Dolphin Ride” and the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” with its infectious riffs.

Almost 40-years after their formation Saracen is still active both in live performances as in recording new material in the studio.

Heroes, Saints & Fools is available as a limited edition of 750 individually numbered copies on red vinyl.