Escape Music is delighted to announce the release date for the much anticipated 2nd Remedy album title “Pleasure Beats The Pain”.

The Vinyl will be limited edition of 300 copies only, gatefold “Frankenstein” colour, all will be numbered 1-300, 180g Audiophile Vinyl.






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Release Date: 24 May 2024
CD Catalogue No: ESM387
CD Bar Code: 503128100387 4
Vinyl catalogue No: ESMV1018
Vinyl Barcode: 5031281010186

Remedy is:
Robert Van der Zwan - Vocals, guitars
Roland Forsman - Guitars, backing vocals
Jonas Dicklo - Bass, backing vocals
Fredrik Karlberg - Drums
Jonas Öijvall - Keyboards

Produced by: Roland Forsman
Mixed and Mastered by: Erik Mårtensson at Mass Destruction Production

1. Crying Heart  (4:17) / 2. Moon Has The Night (4:10) / 3. Sin For Me (4:05) / 4. Caught By Death (5:03) / 5. Bad Blood (4:14) / 6. Angelina (3:44) / 7. Poison (4:06) / 8.Hearts On Fire (4:00) / 9. Girl’s Got Trouble (3:41) / 10. Something They Call Love (3:46)

Remedy, a dynamic and cutting-edge melodic rock metal band originating from the heart of Stockholm, Sweden, burst onto the music scene in 2022 with an unmistakable presence. Their debut album ‘Something That Your Eyes Won’t See’ charted in Sweden and had a massive impact, including truly incredible positive feedback from the Rock and Metal World.

Now it’s the time for the second album ‘Pleasure Beats the Pain’, co-produced with the Swedish S-Rock Music Production, a huge sound journey between catchy melodies, powerful riffs, huge sound and mesmerizing guitar solos. With these new songs, the band presents a sound even more personal, pushing boundaries even further. Drawing from the lively sounds of the 80s, but adding a modern twist, Remedy captivates listeners with their contagious energy. Their magic is driven by energetic guitars, powerful vocals, and catchy hooks across Rock, Pop, and Metal genres, blending retro vibes with fresh innovation seamlessly.

In line with the production of Remedy’s debut album, ‘Pleasure Beats the Pain’ is mixed and mastered by Erik Martensson (Eclipse) at Mass Destruction Production.

“Fueled by the success of our debut album, stepping back into the studio felt like the most natural progression for us. With 'Pleasure Beats the Pain,' we reached a defining moment in Remedy's journey, solidifying our sound. With a balance of light and dark, day and night, pleasure and pain, love and hate, our music mirrors life's complexities, melding melodic rock & metal into a harmonious blend. Through this, combined with a distinctive approach to instrumentality and songwriting, Remedy emerges”, Rolli concludes.

The album ‘Pleasure Beats the Pain’ will be released on May 24, 2024 by Escape Music as CD, limited edition LP and digital.

Don’t miss Remedy on the road!

Remedy on tour supporting Kee Marcello Performs Europe:
04.04 2024 - Biblioteket Live - Stockholm, Sweden
05.04 2024 - Clarion Hotell - Örebro, Sweden
06.04 2024 - Plan B - Malmö, Sweden
07.04 2024 - Galej - Göteborg, Sweden
10.04 2024 - Centralteatern - Gävle, Sweden
11.04 2024 - Centralen - Sundsvall, Sweden
12.04 2024 - Droskan - Umeå, Sweden
13.04 2024 - Lärkans Aula - Luleå, Sweden

26.05.2024 - Brygghuset - Stockholm, Sweden

Remedy will also play at Tower of Fire show
29.06.2024 – Rebellion - Manchester

Tickets on sale from today:

And at the Malmo Melodic Festival (tickets and info:

29.07.2024 - Malmo Melodic Festival - Plan B, Malmö, Sweden

Visit Remedy:

Band contact/ booking:










Escape Music pleases to announce the signing of the Italian Symphonic Power Metal band Perseus title of the album "Into The Silence".

The CD will be a limited edition to 1000 copies only! and all we be numbered 01-1000





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Release date: 19th April 2024
CD Catalogue No: ESM386
Barcode No: 5031281003867

Perseus is:

Antonio Abate: Vocals /Cristian Guzzo: Guitars/Gabriele Pinto: Guitars/Alex Anelli: Bass/Andrea Mariani: Drums

Track List:
01. The Clash Of The Titans  1:16
02. Into The Silence   4:08 (Feat. duet with Roberto Tiranti on vocals, guitar solo by Aldo Lonobile)
03. Strange House 4:31 (Feat. duet with Wild Steel on vocals)
04. The Kingdom   4:26  (Feat. duet with Francesco Cavalieri vocals)
05. The Picture Of My Time 3:54 (Feat. duet with Claudia Beltrame on vocals)
06. Defenders Of Light  4:17 (Feat. duet with Marco Pastorino on vocals)
07. Il Labirinto Delle Ombre  3:31
08. Twilight  4:25  (Feat. duet with Max Aguzzi on vocals)
09. I Believe In Love 4:54 (Feat. duet with Anja Irullo on vocals)
10. Warrior 4:21 (Feat. duet with Damna on vocals)
11. Cruel Game 4:40(Feat. duet with Lica Micioni on vocals)

Perseus is a power metal band formed in 2011 in Brindisi (Puglia, Southern Italy) from the ashes of two local bands: “Hastings” (prog-metal, openers for Athena and Eldritch) and “Defenders of the Faith” (Judas Priest tribute band). Within an already well-explored genre, Perseus carved out their own personal space, taking inspiration from the old metal school of bands like Judas Priest, Manowar and Queensryche, without disdaining influences from more "Avant-Gardes" bans such as Kamelot or the italian Rhapsody Of Fire and Labyrinth.

The Italian melodic tradition of bel canto and nice melodies are mixed with powerful riffs. The more intimate moments of the songs are highlighted using acoustic guitars and keyboards. Passion, suffer, joy, love, damnation, redemption, etc., are the predominant themes expressed into the lyrics. In 2011, after two self-produced demos, “Ashes to Ashes” and “Icarus Creed”, Perseus signed their first contract with Nadìr Music led by Tommy Talamanca, Trevor, (both members of Sadist) and by the label manager Federico Gasperi.

In October 2013, Perseus recorded its debut album entitled "The Mystic Hands of Fate" (for Nadìr Music), produced by Tommy Talamanca who also recorded keyboards for the band. The first album gave to the band the possibility to open for band such as Vision Divine, Queensryche and Hollow Haze.

On the 1st of April 2016, Perseus published its second album, "A Tale Whispered In The Night” (for Buil2Kill Records), which was presented in Rome, having Fabio Lione as guest star who played live on the stage along with the band for that occasion. In September 2016, Perseus went on tour along with DragonhammeR to support the Swedish metal band Civil War in their European tour. In February 2018 Perseus went on a 4-day live shows as Headliner across Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovenia, experiencing warm appreciation from the audience and establishing a new fan base also in those areas. In 2024 the band signed with the English “Escape Music Ltd. and released its 3rd album “Into the silence”