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Release Date 24th June 2022
Catalogue No: ESM366
Bar Code: 5 031281003669

Video: https://youtu.be/4-26XM5_h6U

The Musicians are:
Chris Ousey - Lead / backing vocals
Steve Mann - Guitars / Keyboards
Angela Mann - Bass
Clive Edwards - Drums
Jason Mann - Backing vocals on “I’ll Tell You When To Stop”

Produced, mixed and mastered by Steve Mann
Executive Producer Khalil Turk for Escape Music Ltd.
Artwork by Eric Phillippe  

Track List:
1.The Flag 4:44
2. And So It Begins 4:51
3. Brave New World 4:36
4. I’ll Tell You When To Stop 4:11
5. Broken 4:43
6. Cruising At Altitude 4:19
7. Built For The Fight 4:12
8. The Fall 4:47
9. Is Anybody Listening 4:48
10. Before You Leap 5:06
11. I Know Who I Am With You 4:42
12.  No Second Chances 4:30
13. Number One 4:45

When the first lockdown began in 2020 Khalil Turk of Escape Music Ltd introduced Steve Mann to Chris Ousey with an idea of working together. The pair set to work and quickly realised that there was a great synergy between the two of them. The resulting work “Is Anybody Listening” is a dynamic work of classic hard rock at its best and certainly stands as some of the best work that either of them have been involved with.

Chris Ousey has had an excellent singing career that goes way back to the times of “Monroe” , “Virginia Wolf”, and along the way we have had “The Distance”, “Ozone” and “Snakecharmer” but he will always be known for the much loved “Heartland”. He is nicknamed “The man with the golden tonsils” and that is a fine accolade indeed for he has earned it. His effortless vocal range has gained him a top spot in the world of classic UK hard rock. Chris has also recorded two fine solo albums “Rhyme and Reason” and “Dream Machine” and has most recently shone in the latest Heartland recording “Into the future” with Mike Slamer.

Steve Mann is a guitarist, keyboards player, composer and producer born in London, England into a musical family with nearly every family member playing an instrument of some sort. Steve joined his first professional band “Liar” in the 1970’s and two albums were released with an excellent 3rd recording in LA which ended up on the shelf. That is, until it was released in 2021 as “Sunset Plaza Drive” on Escape Music Ltd. After Liar Steve formed the NWOBHM band “Lionheart” with Dennis Stratton (Iron Maiden guitarist) and Rocky newton (later MSG). In 1986 Steve was invited by Michael Schenker to join his new project “McAuley Schenker Group” with Robin McAuley on Vocals and Rocky Newton on bass. Steve later went on to join 70’s glam rockers “The Sweet” and also recorded and toured with prog legends “Eloy”

This is a very exciting collaboration between two well-seasoned musicians and the 13 tracks on offer here are all excellent classic melodic hard rock which fans will just love from start to finish.









Escape Music are pleased to announce the release date for the second Lonerider studio album titled “Sundown" with 500 limited edition Vinyl “Smokey” colour all will be numbered 1-500, and will include an exclusive hand signed postcard from all members of the band!.

The same hand signed postcard will also be available to first 500 CD's






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VINYL VERSION ('Smoky colour vinyl')

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Release Date: 20th May 2022
Catalogue Number: ESM362
Bar Code 503128100361

Vinyl ESMV1008
Barcode: 5 031281010087
(limited edition 500 units in “smokey” colour)

The Band is:
Steve Overland: Vocals
Simon Kirke: Drums
Steve Morris: Guitars, Keyboards and Hammond
Chris Childs: Bass

Produced by Lonerider
Executive Producer: Khalil Turk
Mixed and Mastered by Stephen DeAcutis at Sound Spa Studio, New Jersey, USA

1- Fantasyland 3:41
2- Cross the Border 4:12
3- Undefeatable 3:48
4- Harder Love 4:25
5- When You Got Nothing 3:41
6- Any way the wind blows 4:56
7- Yesterday’s News 3:38
8- Badlands 3:26
9- Wild River 3:46
10- Criminal Mind 3:43
11- Prayer for the Lonely 5:04
12- Devil Road 3:44

1- Fantasyland 3:41
2- Cross the Border 4:12
3- Undefeatable 3:48
4- Harder Love 4:25
5- When You Got Nothing 3:41
6- Any way the wind blows 4:56
7- Yesterday’s News 3:38
8- Badlands 3:26
9- Wild River 3:46
10- Criminal Mind 3:43
11- Love to Love 3:41*  Vinyl only
12- Long Time Gone 4:23* Vinyl only


In 2019 the debut album “Attitude” by Lonerider was released, a band that not only features Steve Overland (FM, Solo, Shadowman), Steve Morris (Heartland, Shadowman) and Chris Childs (Thunder) but legendary drummer Simon Kirke of Free and Bad Company fame. The band come across like Bad Company mixed with Shadowman and their debut “Attitude” was loved by many. Lonerider have the feel of that classic Bad Company that we know and love, yet the songs are modern, fresh and vibrant.

Since 2019 the band have been working on a new release and it will be available in May 2022, entitled “Sundown”. This new album boasts 12 new tracks of classic rock in the same vein as “Attitude”, well why change a winning formula?

The vinyl version is a numbered edition of 500 and to make it special it has two different tracks to the CD, namely “Love to Love” and “Long Time Gone”.

A great start to 2022









Escape Music is delighted to announce the release date for John Elefante (ex Kansas / Mastedon) brand new studio album titled “The Amazing Grace”

The first 1000 copies will be a limited edition will include hand signed postcard from John Elefante !  

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Release Date: 22nd April 2022
Catalogue No: ESM365
Barcode: 5 031281003652

Track List:
01 City Of Grace 4:13
02 Stronger Now 4:40
03 The Amazing Grace 5:19
04 Time Machine 4:50
05 Won’t Fade Away 5:15
06 Not Alone 6:39
07 Falling Into Place 5:24
08 We Will Be Fine 4:22
09 Little Brown Book 5:02
10 And When I’m Gone 4:20
11 City Of Grace (Long Version) 6:16

Produced and engineered By…John Elefante for Kingheir Music
Executive Producer…Frank Boxberger

 Drums - Dan Needham / Guitars - Dave Cleveland, John Elefante, Frank Boxberger
Acoustic guitars - Dave Cleveland, Dustin Blatnik (Not Alone)
Bass - Anthony Sallee / Keyboards - John Elefante
Piano on “And When I’m Gone” Jimmy Nichols
Strings and string arrangements…Chris Carmichael
Lead and Background vocals - John Elefante / stand out vocal “City Of Grace” Jonell Mosser
Percussion - Eric Darken

Mixed by James Joseph / Mastered by Brian J Anthony.

John Elefante was born in New York and moved to Long Beach, California at an early age. He sang and performed drums for his family band “The Brotherhood” in his youth and has always maintained a close working relationship with his brother Dino.

His career really took off in 1981 when he auditioned for lead vocals and keyboards for Kansas in 1981. He got the job despite stiff competition and went on to feature on “vinyl confessions” and “Drastic Measures” writing such songs as “Chasing shadows”, “Fight Fire with Fire” and “Right Away”. He also took lead vocals on the huge mainstream hit song “Play the Game Tonight”. In the mid to late eighties he was involved with some Christian artists such as “Sweet Comfort Band” and “Petra” as a producer, etc.

John took a heavier direction in the late eighties / early nineties when he formed a record label with Dino called “Pakaderm” and went on to create the band “Mastedon” who enjoyed much success during the nineties. If that wasn’t enough he continued at breakneck speed as a label owner and producer and turned his hand to a couple of solo releases “Windows of Heaven” in 1995 and “Corridors” in 1997. In 1999 he released “Defying Gravity” which was his most rewarding solo album to date, and Revolution of Mind. John also 3 time Grammy award winner and has been nominated seven times, he and his brother Dino also wrote and coproduced the song “young and innocent” which appeared on the multi platinum album soundtrack St Elmo‘s fire

By the year 2010 John had been involved with 100 or so major albums in one way or another. His songwriting abilities shone through again in the 2013 release “On my way to the sun” which featured Kansas members David Ragsdale and Rich Williams.

It's now 2022 and John is still very much at the forefront of the music scene and here we have “The Amazing Grace”, 11 tracks of the highest quality rock. The song “Stronger Now” has already had an airing on “youtube” and has had received many positive reviews. If you haven’t already done so, it’s well worth checking out.









Escape Music is delighted to announce the release date for the much anticipated album
from Circle Of Friends title - The Garden Featuring Robin Beck, Jeff Scott Soto, Robin McAuley, Darby Mills, Joel Hoekstra, Steve Mann, Steve Morris and many more!

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Release Date: 25th March, 2022
Catalogue no: ESM364
Bar Code: 5031281003645

Track List:
02 TAKE MY LOVE TO HEART (Jaime Kyle)  3:22
03 NEVER GONNA MAKE ME CRY (James Christian)  4:16
04 BAD BLOOD (Jeff Scott Soto)  4:42
05 KNOWING ME, KNOWING YOU (Robin Beck)  4:33
06 TRUTH OR DARE (Karen Fell)  3:33
07 ALONE (Robin McAuley)  3:50
08 TRICK OF THE LIGHT (Darby Mills)  3:59
09 11:59 (Ellinor Asp)  3:19
10 TIME HAS COME (Cheri Lyn)  3:36
11 WHEN HE’S GONE (Gabrielle De Val)  3:04
12 LOVE IS TOUGH (Tanya Rizkala)  3:29
13 DON’T FEAR THE REAPER (Robin McAuley)  5:33

Vocalists are:
Robin Beck
Darby Mills (solo/xHeadpins)
Jaime Kyle
Robin McAuley (MSG/Black Swan)
Jeff Scott Soto (solo/Trans-Siberian Orchestra/Wet/Sons of Apolo/Talisman/Yngwie Malmsteen)
James Christian (House Of Lords)
Tanya Rizkala (Epic)
Karen Fell (Tao)
Ellinor Asp (Hellinor)
Cheri Lyn
Gabrielle De Val (The Val)

Also on backing vocals:
Mick Devine (Seven)
Gary Hughes (Ten)
Kevin Chalfant (Storm)

Musicians are:
Joel Hoekstra : Guitars  (Whitesnake/Trans Siberian Orchestra)
Steve Mann: Keys/Lead guitar (MSG/Lionheart)  
Steve Morris: Guitars/Keys (Lonerider/Ian Gillan Band/Shadowman/Heartland)
Fredrik Folkare: Guitars  (Nordic Union/x Eclipse)
Martin Hall: Guitars (Heartwind)
Göran Engvall: Guitars (Heartwind)
Peter Östros: Guitars (Jaded Heart)
Tommy Denander: Guitars/Keys (Radioactive)
Mikael Rosengren:: Keyboards (Heartwind)
Josh Devine: Drums (One Direction/Levara)
Wayne Banks: Bass (Brazen Abbot/Saxon/Robin Gibb)  
Eric Ragno: Keys/B3

Produced by Khalil Turk for Turkish Delight Production
Mixed and Mastered By Fredrik Folkare
Executive Producer Bruce (HeyUP) Mee

The Garden is the album put together by Bruce Mee as a tribute to his late mother, who died of cancer in 2020.

Called Circle of Friends because the majority of the singers appearing on the album are personal friends of Bruce and Khalil, and were all willing to help bring this wonderful concept to life.

Growing up in the 70s/80s, Bruce developed a love for Melodic Rock, his first ever live show being when his mother took him and his brother, Chris, to see Alvin Stardust in 1974.  But it was in 1978 when Chris bought Rainbow ‘Rising’ that Bruce’s musical taste began to turn away from ABBA to the more hard rocking strains of the likes of Blackmore, Dio, Magnum, Survivor, Dare, Bonfire, Night Ranger and many others. Of course, a strong love for ABBA still remains, explaining the gorgeous cover of ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’ by Robin Beck on ‘The Garden’.

Over the years, certain other songs appealed to Bruce,  almost demanding to be updated to a more modern sound.  Tracks like Blondie’s ‘11:59’, BOC’s classic ‘Don’t Fear the Reaper’ and the little known Fierce Heart song ‘Never Gonna Make Me Cry’, which should be revered in the same company as Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ and is given a phenomenal work-out here by House of Lords’ James Christian.

Of the 13 tracks, 4 are covers. The remaining 9 are originals, most written by Sweden’s Mikael Rosengren and his co-writers. Jaime Kyle brings her own song ‘Take My Love To Heart’ to the CD, with backing vocals supplied by the likes of Kevin Chalfant (The Storm, Two Fires).

Elsewhere we have the Queen of Metal, Doro Pesch, blasting out the opener ‘Little Piece of Heaven’, followed by the likes of Jeff Scott Soto, Robin Beck, Darby Mills, Karen Fell (with Ten’s Gary Hughes on bvox), Robin McAuley (MSG), Tanya Rizkala, Gabrielle De Val, Cheri Lyn and Ellinor Asp.

On guitar we have special guest Joel Hoekstra of Whitesnake, along with Steve Mann, Tommy Denander and more.

The rhythm section is supplied by drummer Josh Devine (One Direction) and bassist Wayne Banks (Saxon etc)

All this has been meticulously put together by producer Khalil Turk of Escape Music with a phenomenal mix by Fredrik Folkare (Nordic Union /  ex Eclipse)









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Release Date: 18 Feb, 2022
Catalogue no: ESM363
Bar Code: 5031281003621

Track List:
1 I Want   3:58
2 Carry On  3:41
3 Can’t Get Over You  3:57
4 Grooving’ For You   3:43
5 Crazy  3:51
6 My Way Or The Highway  4:17
7 Stars   4:00
8 Face The Storm  4:04
9 Hold On   3:22
10 Invincible   3:57
11 Starlight   4:09
12 Mais Lui  4:32

The band is:
Tanya Rizkala - Vocals
Mario Agostine - Guitars / Keyboard
Chris Childs - Bass Guitar
Souheil "Sous" Moukaddem - Drums

Produced by: Mario Agostine
Co-Produced Khalil Turk
Mixed and mastered by Fredrik Folkare

EPIC is a labor of love by the band's three core members that have come together for over a decade of Rock' n Roll.  The band is known for their contemporary heavy Melodic Rock genre, their lead singer's powerhouse vocals, their blazing edgy guitar riffs and their hard-hitting drum grooves which define their Rock sound.

After years of international experience, songwriting, touring and sharing the stage with some of the biggest international acts, lead vocalist Tanya Rizkala, guitarist Mario Agostine, and drummer Souheil "Sous" Moukaddem were recently joined by renowned soulful bass player Chris Childs (Thunder,Tyketto). Together, they pour their passion for music into EPIC's latest album "Starlight", on the heels of their successful "Like a Phoenix” album, both releases under the leading international Rock label "Escape Music"









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Release Date: 21 Jan, 2022
Catalogue no: ESM361
Bar Code: 50381 003614

1 Quicksand 4:20
2 Over You 4:26
3 End of the line 3:49
4 Cold Wind 3:45
5 Roundabout 4:20
6 Lost for Words 4:12
7 September Sun 4:03
8 Band of Brothers 4:35
9 Let it Go 3:56
10 Camaraderie 5:02
11 Base Jumping 4:11
12 Sunflowers and Roses 4:08

Line up
Mick Benton – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
Graham Cowling – Drums
Malcolm Jones – Guitar

Produced by Mick Benton.

Bite The Bullet were originally formed in 1986 by singer songwriter Mick Benton and drummer Graham Cowling. They met in 1984 when they both joined West London rock band “Mother’s Ruin”. Thanks to the legendary Greg Lake, Benton managed to secure a solo deal with Atlantic Records and he asked Cowling to play drums. Its good to see that their collaboration is still strong to this very day.

In 1986 “Bite the Bullet” were formed and the music played was in the style of Foreigner, Toto and Mr. Mister, an album was released in 1989 to some quiet success. The music was warmly received and the band earned themselves some radio airplay. However, britpop was coming into the forefront and a cancelled support slot with the mighty ELO saw the band disheartened and whilst they never really disbanded there was a long period of inactivity.

Benton and Cowling always remained friends and they still played in pubs and clubs over the years which brings is up to 2019 when their debut was reissued on CD. It ignited a flame in the two men and brought the original recording back to the forefront again and old fans reappraised the album whilst new fans joined in. In January 2021 the year started with “Black and White” (ESM349) and the band have gone from strength to strength. They combine Mr Mister with Asia to produce a nice smooth rock pop sound.

Mick and Graham Have continued writing new material and here we are with an exciting new third release “End of the Line” and the result is amazing; the new songs have given the band a new fresh sound, bringing us into 2022. What a way to start the new year!









Escape Music is delighted to announce the release date for the second unreleased Life By Night album “Glass Walls”! It will be a limited edition of 1000 copies only individually numbered from 1-1000

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Release date: 10th December 2021
Catalogue No: ESM360
Barcode Number: 5031281003607

Track List:
01 Anything can happen 4:28
02 Give me one more night  4:00
03 Catch you in my dreams 4:40
04 Fade to Blue 3:58
05 Can’t get her out of my head  4:15
06 Glass Walls 3:46
07 I was that man  3:51
08 Say it   3:36
09 Living On The Edge  4:06
10 Bridge Of Love  4:08
11 I fall in love with you 3:51
12 This house is not a home  4:30

Life by Night is:
Tom Croucier – Lead Vocals and Bass (Vic Vergat / Scorpions)
Pat Regan - Keyboards  (Harlow / Kiss / Doro / Quite Riot / Deep Purple and more)
Gene Black -  Guitars (Device / Rod Stewart / Tina Turner /  Holly Knight / Berlin / Gowan / Robert Tepper)
Mark Nelson - Drums (Device / Phil Cristian / Randy Hansen)

Produced By Pat Regan, Tom Croucier and Gene Black
Mastered By Steve Mann

In the mid-eighties Life by Night recorded their debut album with Richie Zito behind the production desk. The songs were melodic AOR with poppy overtones and it was all set to be released when the label at the time just dropped them. It happened so quickly, and as a result this fine album from 1985 never saw the light of day.

Thankfully the debut album was eventually released earlier this year by Escape Music in the form of a numbered limited release (Life by Night ESM355). The band were originally formed by lead vocalist and bassist Tom Croucier, the brother of Ratt bassist Juan Croucier.

Having played in a variety of different groups through years, Tom has been a part of Roger Romeo’s group “Romeo” as well as A&M record’s Bobby Dazzler and Santana.

In 1981 Tom Played on the excellent “Down to the Bone” album in 1981 by Vic Vergat. Tom also played bass on the Scorpions “Blackout” album.

After Life by Night had originally disbanded in the late 80’s Tom Croucier and Gene Black partnered up and began writing new songs. Pat Regan joined and with the addition of Mark Nelson on drums the second Life by Night album “Glass Walls” started to take shape. This is a yet another beautiful example of song-writing and musicianship and worthy of your attention. A great way to end 2021.









Escape Music is pleased to announce the release date for the long awaited Soma “Headed For Zeros”
the first time to see the light of day!!


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Release date: 19th November 2021
Catalogue No: ESM359
Bar Code: 5031281003591

Track list:
Headed For The Zeros  4:34
Overrated  3:44
Pain Duplex  5:05
40 Pages Run  3:46
Freight Train  4:34
Bad Sky  4:19
London Fog Quartet  3:32
Roger’s Theme  4:07
Thinking  4:36
Cylicyben Trixhead 4:16
Sync  3:51


Soma is:
James Collins: Drums, Lead Vocals
Doug Henthorn: Guitar, Lead Vocals
Stephen DeAcutis: Guitar
Mark Mathews: Bass
Produced by Kevin Shirley.
Mixed by Kevin “Caveman” Shirley at
Rumbo Recorders, LA.
Assisted by Mark Agostino
Mastered by George Marino at Stirling Sound, NY
Art Director by Hugh Syme
A&R John Kalodner

Soma started out as the brain child of Ed Collins, a multi-instrumental musical machine. Being an undeniable world class drummer, Ed also stands beside the best as a lead vocalist and song writer!

Back in the early 1990’s, Ed was managed by his uncle Al. Al was determined to find opportunities needed for Ed’s success in the music industry. At the time, Ed was living in a small Midwestern town and found it difficult finding anyone he could work with at a high musical level. Luckily, Uncle Al found himself in touch with music industry giant and producer of the Motown Classic “Midnight Train To Georgia” Tony Camillo! Tony had a studio in Hillsborough NJ and his head Engineer happened to be Stephen DeAcutis, a world class guitar player and songwriter himself! Tony suggested to Al that they pair up Ed and Stephen to see if there might be some chemistry. Ed made the trip to NJ to meet up with DeAcutis and they immediately connected on a personal and musical level. DeAcutis was a perfect fit for Ed’s challenging and progressive musical ideas. The two recorded in NJ with bassist Dan Holeva and the album HUNG was born!

Ed ultimately returned home to Indianapolis where he met up with what would become the Lennon to his McCartney, Guitarist/Singer/Writer Doug Henthorn. These two started writing and harmonizing together in a way you don’t often hear. Their voices blended together perfectly. This was the magical union! Ed and Doug would continue to write and perform together in the Midwest and amassed the songs that eventually became the record “Headed For The Zero’s”

There was one show in particular that would require them to travel from Indy to Connecticut in the snow to open for national act Cinderella. Being that it was a long drive and the weather was bad the guys were reluctant, but Uncle Al insisted! As fate would have it, that show would lead to Eric the bass player from Cinderella passing along the CD Hung to industry A&R giant John Kalodner. Kalodner instantly fell in love with the record and insisted on seeing the band live! After lining up an opener in Indy for the band Tesla, Kalodner heard one song and was sold. He wanted to take the band on and make a record!

At that point bassist Mark Mathews was brought in and once things were solidified, Ed brought DeAcutis back into the fold and told him to head west! DeAcutis packed his Chevy to the gills, and with a 4X12 in the back seat he drove directly to Indianapolis to start rehearsing for the record! Stevie D would be the glue contributing the final touches to the Soma sound!

The band ultimately recorded “Headed For The Zero’s” with Kalodner bringing in producer Kevin “Caveman” Shirley. Rumbo Recorders in LA was the studio chosen, home of “Appetite For Destruction”. “Headed for the Zeros” was tracked and finished by spring of ’96.

Unfortunately, the record was never released and has been patiently waiting for an opportunity to see the light of day. Luckily, Khalil Turk has graciously decided to give it the release it deserves on Escape Music Ltd along with its original artwork by Hugh Syme (Rush, Aerosmith).

Finally, the world will have the opportunity to enjoy and experience this rock masterpiece!









First time on Vinyl!
Escape Music is delighted to announce the release of the much loved and missed Millenium album titled “Hourglass” !  Limited edition of 300 copies only on Transparent Blue Vinyl, individually numbered 1-300


£19.99 + Shipping

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Release Date: 10 September 2021
Catalogue No: ESMV1007

Track List:
1 The Power to Love       4:29
2 Wheels are turning      4:10
3 Hourglass                   6:42
4 No more Miracles        3:49
5 Superstar                    3:10
6 Rocket Ride                3:23
7 I will Follow                 5:36
8 I Still Believe               5:09
9 Masquerade                4:13
10 Chasing Time            5:16

Millenium is:
ORN LANDE: Lead and Background Vocals
RALPH SANTOLLA: Lead Guitar  and Keyboards
SHANE FRENCH: Lead and Rhythm Guitar
OLIVER HANSON: Drums and Percussion

Additional Musicians: DON AIREY: Keyboards on Hourglass and Chasing Time, DAG STOKKE: Keyboards and Grand Piano on Masquerade, I Will Follow, No More Miracles, The Power of Love, HOWARD HELM: Keyboards on Wheels Are Turning and Rain, TRACY LABARBERA: Additional Vocals, Tambourine and Keyboards



Back in 1997, Now & Then Records released a debut album consisting of a bunch of demos by a small Florida band named Millenium, lead by guitar virtuoso Ralph Santolla.  For the band’s first proper album ‘Angelfire’ they were put into the famous Morrisound studio and mixed by Tom Morris.  The album was a resounding success and garnered rave reviews world-wide. But for the follow-up, the band wanted to step things up a bit. Vocalist Todd Plant was really great, but Ralph wanted to add something a little bit more special into the mixture.

Enter one Jorn Lande, long before he was a well known name and well before he was recognised as one of Metal’s great vocalists.  The chemistry between Ralph and Jorn was immediate, and the magic was happening.  In 2000 ‘Hourglass’ was released, and to this day is still revered as one of the best Melodic Hard Rock albums ever recorded.  Of course, Jorne has since gone on from strength to strength, and Ralph sadly passed away a few years ago, but this album stands as a true testimony to both their brilliance.

There was never a follow up recorded, but several cover tracks were recorded for an EP a few years later. Not only were there exceptional covers of classics like Sweet’s ‘Love Is Like Oxygen’ and MSG’s ‘On And On’ but original keyboard player Don Airey leant his talents to an exceptional cover of Rainbow’s ‘I Surrender’ which is arguably better than the original – all included here on CD.

Millenium ‘Hourglass’ – a true Melodic Hard Rock classic!!









Escape Music is delighted to announce the the brand new CD from HEARTLAND titled
“Into The Future".
Pre-order and the First 500 copies will include a hand signed postcard from Chris Ousey!


   £9.99 + Shipping

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Release date: 15th October 2021
Catalogue No: ESM358
Bar Code: 5031281003584

Track List:
1- A Foreign Land 5:21
2- Caught up 4:14
3- A Living thing 5:08
4- Giving it all away 4:41
5- A Dangerous Game 4:42
6- Climbing your wall 4:00
7- Mouth to mouth 3:48
8- Not Guilty 5:26
9- Bolt from the blue 4:18
10- White Lies 4:39
11- Working for the man 4:45
12- When the band plays 4:17 /

The Musicians:
Chris Ousey - Lead Vocals
Mike Slamer – Guitars and Keyboards  (Seventh Keys / Streets / Steve Walsh / City Boys / Steakhouse Lae))
Barish Kepic – Guitar and keyboards  (Jaded Heart
Ged Rylands – keyboards  (Tyketto  / Rage Of Angels / ten )
Wayne Banks – Bass  (Brazen Abbots / Saxon / Robin Gibbs)
David Anthony – Drums  (Dennis De Young)
Produced by Chris Ousey, Khalil Turk
Co-Produced by Mike Slamer
Mixed by Mike Slamer
Mastered by Steve Mann
Artworks by Eric Philipe

Chris Ousey has had an excellent singing career that goes way back to the times of “Monroe” and “Virginia Wolf” and along the way we have had “The Distance”, “Ozone” and “Snakecharmer” but he will always be known for the much loved “Heartland”. He is nicknamed “The man with the golden tonsils” and that is a fine accolade indeed for he has earned it. His effortless vocal range has gained him a top spot in the world of classic UK hard rock.

Heartland was formed in 1990 by Chris Ousey and Gary Sharpe and Steve Morris joined in 1995 when Heartland III was released (the first release for Escape Music). Steve has been in the band since then right up the 2007 release “Mind Your head”.

“Into the Future” marks a new era for Heartland, their brand-new release and a fantastic new line up with Chris’s vocals still showing no signs of tiring! This marks their 10th Studio album, a milestone indeed

Here we have an album that reflects the prowess of all the musicians involved on this album, featuring the fantastic Mike Slamer (City Boy / Streets / Seventh Key / Steelhouse Lane) and Ged Rylands (Ten / Rage of Angels / Tyketto) along with the seasoned Barish Kepic, Wayne Banks and David Anthony.

“Into the Future” is typically Heartland, the style is immediately recognised yet there is a fresh, vibrant feel that gives the fans something new. The song “Foreign Land” has already had an airing (Escape-Music.com) and is a typical song from the album, this is what melodic rock is all about!









Escape Music is pleased to announce the release date for Danny Danzi brand new album Tribulations!!
First 1000 copies will include hand signed postcard from Danny  


Out now

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Release date: 24th September 2021
Catalogue No: ESM357
Bar Code: 5031281003577

Track list: 1. Accountable (4:51) / 2. Don’t (4:57) / 3. Frozen in Time (6:46) / 4. Carry me Back (4:36) / 5. It is what it is (3:32) / 6. American Dream / 7. Cold, Hard & Dangerous (4:40) / 8. Broken (5:18) / 9. Hangin’ On (5:41) / 10. Restitution (5:18) / Where do we go (4:18) / 12. Shameless (4:36) / 13. Help me out (4:18) / Arms wide open (7:01) /15. Forever (5:53)

Danny Danzi is an American musician, who is also well known as a producer, recording and mastering engineer.

Danny gained a good following in the late 1990’s when he released “Somewhere lost in time” and appearances at shows like “The Gods” in the UK help cement that following where Danny excelled at engaging the audience. He followed up with a second release in 2003 entitled “Danziland” (appropriately named after his company). This was a much-loved release and it brought to light the immense talent this man has.

Some 18 years later and Danny is back with a new recording “Tribulations” which is his best work to date. This particular recording has been 10 years in the making and is a concept album based on the life and challenges of Danny, drummer Guy DeFalco and bassist Joe DeFalco. The new material blends the music of today with groove orientated riffs, catchy melodies and intense guitar work.

These new recordings showcase a wider variety of style and raise the bar in relation to the performance, composition and overall musicianship. The songs are written and arranged by Danny, Joe and Guy. Vocals and instruments are by Danny as well as the recording, mixing, producing and mastering.

This is one album to look forward to in 2021










Escape Music is pleased to announce the signing of the West-coast artist Doug Brons with his brand new album titled PULL

The first 500 copies will include a post card hand signed by Doug Brons,
a limited edition of 500 copies only!


   Out now

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Release date: 13th August 2021
Catalogue No: ESM356
Bar Code: 5031281003560

Video: https://youtu.be/mDqE56ipsQg
Video: https://youtu.be/c1bsVq8r1NM

Doug Brons – Keyboards & Vocals
Tom Hemby – Drum Programming & Guitars
Mark Dowdy – Drum and Guitar Programming
Graham Dowdy - Guitar
Dan Needham – Drums
Pat Coil – B3, Keyboards

Mastered by Bill Compeau / All songs written by Doug Brons

Track List:
Father Show Us
For Love
Tell Me Everything
Look Up
Not The Only One
Coming Home
Don’t Let Go
We Are The Patriots
Talk Too Much
Faith Hope Love

Doug Brons was born into a musical family in Santa Rosa CA in 1963. He first started learning the piano with the help of his grandfather and it was from there where he blossomed into a great singer / songwriter.

In High school Doug formed a band with his brother that drew influences from Toto, EWF, Chicago, Michael McDonald, Christopher Cross and Roby Duke and then later in his teens opened for such acts as Steve Archer, The Call, John Fischer and Denny Correll.

Through the mid eighties into the nineties Doug Was caught up in family life but came back in 2016 and recorded “Soulscripted” which was produced by Tom Hemby in 2017 and features Amy Grant, Bill Champlin, Michael Omartian and John Schlitt. “Timepiece” was released in 2019 which features Bill Champlin, Pat Coil, Michael Whittaker and Tom Hemby.

This brings us to “Pull” where Doug draws on his original influences and we are presented with 11 beautifully written tracks that have a West Coast vibe mixed in with a great AOR feel. This is so easy to listen to, just sit back and enjoy the music..









Escape Music is pleased to announce the release date for one of the most sought after albums, fully remastered,
and first time on CD!

The first pressing will be a limited edition of 1000 copies only and will include two unreleased bonus tracks and features the original front cover!  All will be numbered 1-1000 , with extensive liner notes by rock guru Dave Reynolds.


 Out now

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Release Date: 16 July 2021
Catalogue No: ESM355
Bar Code: 5031281003553

Track List:
1- Phone to Phone (4:02)
2- I Believe in You (3:58)
3-  Angel (4:17)
4- Non Stop World (4:06)
5- No One Knows (3:49)
6- Automatic (4:34)
7- Trouble (3:32)
8- For no reason (4:20)
9- Situation (3:47)
10- Life by Night (4:36)
11- Fade to Blue (3:49) un-released bonus track
12 You and I (3:58) un-released bonus track

Band is:
Tom Croucier – Lead Vocals & Bass (Scorpions / Dokken / Vic Vergat Group)
Stuart Mathis – Guitars & Vocals
Bryan Hitt – Drums  (REO Speedwagon)
Jeff Naideau – Keyboards & Guitar
Kevin Anderson – Keyboards / Vocals

Produced By Richie Zito (Heart, Cher, Poison, Bad English, Tyketto, Cheap Trick, Ratt, Mr Big)
Mastered by Steve Mann (Lioneheart, MSG, Liar)

One of the long lost records of the ‘80’s, L.A. based Life By Night’s self-titled debut album is finally getting some way overdue recognition! Formed by lead vocalist and bassist Tom Croucier, the brother of Ratt bassist Juan Croucier, Life By Night had the songs and the look, but sadly not the traction, thanks to the usual story of music business politics to take things any further than they did.

Having played in a variety of different groups through years, Tom has been a part of Roger Romeo’s group “Romeo” as well as A&M record’s Bobby Dazzler and Santana.

In 1981 Tom Played on the excellent “Down to the Bone” album in 1981 by Vic Vergat. The band played all over Europe before they went to the States to open for Nazareth. Tom also played bass on the Scorpions “Blackout” album.

After returning to the States following the break-up of the Vic Vergat Group, Tom began writing songs and would eventually put together a new band project with drummer Bryan Hitt (REO Speedwagon), and it was then that a band called “Life by Night” was formed.

In the mid-eighties Life by Night recorded their debut album with Richie Zito behind the production desk. The songs were melodic AOR with poppy overtones and it was all set to be released when the label at the time just dropped them. It happened so quickly, and as a result this fine album from 1985 never saw the light of day.

Here it is though, fully remastered on CD for the very first time.

“I was blown away when I heard it,” says Tom. “I love the way it sounds. I’m really happy with it. The way ‘Angel’ sounds especially is just great. I always felt that should’ve been the first single when it was originally released back in 1985. It just had so much crossover potential.”

The CD is a limited numbered release of 1000 only.









Escape Music is pleased to announce the release date for one of the most talented musician’s Vince DiCola, he is well-known for film scores such as “Staying Alive”, “Rocky IV” and “Transformers:The Movie”

The CD will be a limited edition of 1000 copies only! All will be numbered 1-1000 and will include a post card hand signed by Vince


 Out now

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Release Date: 11 JUNE 2021
Catalogue No: ESM353
Bar Code: 5 031281 00353 9

Track list:
1- Bound & Gagged 3:49  (Lead Vocal: Rick Livingston x Thread / Agent)
2- Karla 4:42   (Lead Vocal: Vince DiCola)
3- Miracles 4:06   (Lead Vocal: Jason Scheff of Chicago)
4- Just Hanging On 4:13   (Lead Vocal: Ellis Hall x Tower Power)
5- She’s My Last Mistake 4:24   (Lead Vocal: Stan Bush)
6- You’re Not Alone Tonight 4:41  (Lead Vocal: Vince DiCola)
7- Stay/Exit Wound 5:27   (Lead Vocal: Bobby Kimball x TOTO)
8- Only Time Will Tell 4:32 (Lead Vocal: Steve Walsh x Kansas / Street)
9- Broken Glass 4:41 (Lead Vocal: Steve Walsh x Kansas / Street)
10- Living in a Daydream 4:11  (Lead Vocal: Mark Boals x Yngwie Malmsteen)
11- No Risk, No Glory 4:19  (Lead Vocal: Bob Reynolds)
12- I’m Not in Love for Nothing 6:29 (Lead Vocal: Vince DiCola)
13- Suffer the Children 8:34 (Lead Vocal: Steve Walsh x Kansas / Street)

Produced by Vince DiCola
Mastered by
Steve Mann
Executive Producer:
Khalil Turk for Escape Music Ltd
Extensive liner note by Rock Guru Dave Reynolds 

Vince DiCola is a musician / songwriter from Pennsylvania and relocated to LA in 1981 to advance his career. This proved to be a wise move (see a partial list of credits below). Vince grew up listening to bands such as Genesis, Yes and ELP so progressive rock was high on his list of influences.

In the early to mid-eighties Vince was involved in some well-known film scores such as “Staying Alive”, “Rocky IV” and “The Transformers:The Movie” and his song writing abilities shone through at a very early stage. Fans may also remember Vince’s collaboration in the 1990’s with Doane Perry (Jethro Tull) and Rick Livingstone (Agent) on the highly regarded “Storming Heaven” release.

Vince has been involved with some of the best musicians in the business over the years and the 13 songs listed here have been co-written and feature artists such as Bobby Kimball, Jason Scheff, Steve Walsh, Rick Livingstone, Roger Voudouris, Stan Bush, Mark Boals and Ellis Hall.

The songs are just fantastic and the progressive element is particularly highlighted in the epic “Suffer the Children” featuring Steve Walsh. Comparisons to Toto, Chicago, Kansas and many other melodic rock bands can be heard throughout.

“Only Time Will Tell” is indeed a great album. Any one of these songs could easily be part of a big movie soundtrack and each song has its own individuality. And of course this album features some outstanding vocalists and musicians.

A highlight of 2021!









Escape Music has the pleasure to announce the signing of Bulgarian band KIKIMORA, featuring the multi talented musician, Maestro Nikolo Kotzev (Brazen Abbot)!!


 Out now

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Release Date: 14th May 2021
Catalogue No: ESM354
Bar Code: 5031281003546

Band is:
Nikolo Kotzev – Guitars (Brazen Abbot)
Nikola Zdravkov - vocals
Nikolay Todorov - drums and vocals
Nikolay Tsvetkov - bass
Alexander Antov - Hammond, keyboards and vocal

Track listing:
01  BOGEYMAN   5:36
03 FREE  5:59
04 THE HUSTLER  4:23
05 LOVE AND PRAY   5:57
08 CRY, BABY, CRY!   4:40
09 LOST SOUL   4:56
10 PRISONER   4:33
11  LIAR   4:51

KIKIMORA was founded back in 2011 by Nikolo Kotzev ( Brazen Abbot, Nostradamus the rock opera, Robin Gibb), immediately after moving back to his home country Bulgaria.

The name of the band comes from an ancient evil spirit in the Slavic mythology.

Nikolo’s idea was to write new songs in Bulgarian language, focusing on live performances on local ground. Soon the band took a leading position on the Bulgarian rock scene, started playing large outdoor shows and headlining festivals in the country. The band started enjoying quite a large media attention and made many appearances on TV and radio shows.

Along with Nikolo’s own material, the band performed many legendary rock anthems from great bands like Deep Purple, Rainbow, AC/DC among others. During the years KIKIMORA backed up guest singers like Joe Lynn Turner, Doogie White and Jörn Lande and made quite a few shows with them in Bulgaria.

Along with the live work, Nikolo created original material, which was released in 2015 with the album called “KIKIMORA”

Around 2016 the band participated in a spectacle with a symphonic orchestra, performing opera classics in rock arrangements with opera singers, plus the bands own singer Nikola Zdravkov. After a few showcases, the band carried on with three of the country’s Opera houses, performing a similar show called “One Night In The Opera” drawing large crowds around the country.

After quite a few successful concerts, the band made another crossover - “Children In Time” -  a tribute to Deep Purple and Rainbow, performed again with a symphonic orchestra.

They followed that up with another one, called ”Here We Go Again” - a Whitesnake tribute.

The next one was called “They Say Rock Is Dead ?” a tribute to the rock music of the 70s and the 80s.

In late 2019 Nikolo began building a recording studio. Shortly after the studio was completed, a decision was made to record a new album in English language. Work began in July 2020 and the album was finished in February 2021. The end result is explosive!









Escape Music is delighted to announce the release date for the much loved vocalist Robbie LaBlanc with his brand new solo album titled “Double Trouble” !!!.


Out now

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Release date: 16th April 2021
Catalogue No: ESM352
Bar Code 5031281003522

Robbie LaBlanc: Lead Vocals / Backing Vocals  (Blanc Faces / Find Me)
Tommy Denander: All Guitars / Keyboards (Alice Cooper / Steve Walsh / Jimi Jamison)
Brian Anthony: Bass / Percussion (Steve Walsh / Lonerider / Overland)
Michael Lange: Drums
Steve Overland: Backing Vocals (FM / Lonerider / Shadowman)
Produced by: Tommy Denander / Khalil Turk / Steve Overland
Mixed and Mastered by: Brian J Anthony
Executive Producer: Khalil Turk for Escape Music Ltd

Artwork by Richard J Jones @ WEBspaghetti

Track list:
1- Only Human (3:52)
2- Start the motor running (3:26)
3- Good Time (3:24)
4- Voodoo Woman (3:33)
5- Pure (4:33)
6- Temptation (3:41)
7- Lips are sealed (3:39)
8- Better Man (3:49)
9- Sound of the city (3:49)
10- Play the game (3:30)
11- Just say the word (3:21)
12- Here Today, gone tomorrow (3:47)
13- Don’t do love (3:38)

Robbie (and his brother Brian) have been singing and playing instruments since age 3. Robbie’s first influences (besides his dad always singing and playing the guitar) were Trini Lopez and the Beatles. Shortly after, the influences were bands like Creedence Clearwater Revival and Grand Funk Railroad.

Robbie’s first break in the music business came when he met Rock and Roll Hall Of Famer Felix Cavaliere of The Rascals in CT. Felix produced the album “FURY” with a slew of great musicians in a CT studio.

After the album disappeared from the charts, Robbie signed with a management company that had Michael Bolton ties and the duo recorded at least four albums worth of material at Michael’s CT studio. It still failed to generate a record deal. When that deal ended about three years later Robbie dropped a DAT tape in Arif Mardin’s mailbox in CT. Arif called the next day and a deal with Atlantic Records was on the table. One hurdle to go, a showcase with the new Atlantic regime. Again, it proved disappointing, no deal.

At the suggestion of a friend, a CD was sent to Frontiers Records and the two “Blanc Faces” records were done in 2005 and 2009.

Robbie then signed on to sing with the “Find Me” project which has received some great reviews on all three releases.

Robbie also sings lead vocals in a band called East Temple Avenue which will have it’s first release in 2020 as well. ETA is comprised of members from various bands like “Work of Art” and “Cruzh” along with Darren Philips (founder) and Phil Lindstrand.

In 2019 Robbie hooked up with Escape Music to do a “70’s and 80’s vibe” record and Robbie loved the idea. The result is that a solo record will be coming in 2021, written and produced by Steve Overland and Tommy Denander. The songs are fresh and vibrant, just what we need in these troubling times and with Robbie’s powerhouse vocals leading the way then we are all in for a real treat.









Escape Music pleased and delighted to announce the signing of the band TOUCH with their brand new
reunion album “Tomorrow Never Comes".


     CD £9.99 + Shipping

Out now

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Release Date: 26th March 2021
Catalogue No: ESM351
Bar Code: 5031281003515

Touch is:
Craig Brooks: Guitars / Vocals
Mark Mangold: Keyboards / Vocals
Glenn Kithcart: Drums / Vocals
Doug Howard: Bass / Vocals

Produced and engineered by Touch
Mixed by Mark except "Tomorrow Never Comes" by Simon Jovanovich
and "Fire and Ice" by Tommy Denander (additional mixing by Mark)
Craig played additional keys on Scream At The Sky
Mastered by Jacob Hansen
Cover art by Stan Decker from concept by Touch

Track lists:
2   LET IT COME  4:16
3   SWAN SONG  7:44
4   TRY TO LET GO  4:49
5   FIRE AND ICE   4:37
7   FROZEN GROUND   6:07
9   GLASS   4:16

TOUCH is an American band from New York City formed in 1978 with Mark Mangold (keyboards and vocals), Glenn Kithcart (drums), Craig Brooks (guitars and vocals)  and Doug Howard (bass and vocals).

All previously had been in the last version of the band American Tears (releasing three albums on Columbia Records).

Touch's first album was released on Atco in the U.S. and Ariola in Europe and their first singles, "Don't You Know What Love Is" and "When The Spirit Moves You" charted on the Billboard Hot 100.  "Don't You Know What Love Is" was played heavily on AOR stations in the USA at the end of the 1970s and early '80's, and also did well in the Melody Maker chart in Great Britain.

Touch was the first band to play at the inaugural Monsters of Rock Festival at Castle Donington in 1980.  A live version of "Don't You Know What Love Is" appeared on the compilation LP Monsters of Rock, documenting performances at the festival.

Known for their memorable and diverse songs, stellar musicianship, lush vocal harmonies and dynamic stage performance, Touch is invariably on the list of TOP AOR Bands and their album is considered by many to be among the best AOR Melodic Rock albums of all time.

The band have now reformed to create the new album "Tomorrow Never Comes", which is being hailed as their best work to date.

 Sound Clips to follow

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Escape Music pleased to announce the release date for RADAR - Lost In The Atlantic. The CD will be limited edition to 1000 copies only! All will be numbered 1-1000 and will include a post card hand signed by the band! First time On CD!!!


   CD £9.99 + Shipping

Out now

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Release Date: 19 February 2021
Catalogue number: ESM350
Bar Code: 50381003508

Track Listing:
1. A Trick Of The Light   4:29
2. Goodbye Mr. President  4:34       
3. Laena 3:14        
4. Going Overboard  4:06        
5. Love Wars  3:47
6. The Calling Time  2:49
7. Lost In The City 3:56  
8. Someone’s Crying 6:00  
9. Look But Don't Touch  4:48  
10. Olympic Runner  4:25
11 My radio wan’t tune to you  3:36 (Demo)  
12 I contact You 3:38  (Demo)
13 Nightmare Casualty  5:05  (Demo)
14 I walk The Wire  4:05 (Demo)

Radar Is:
Rod Jordan – Vocals & Bass.
David West - Keyboards & Drum Programming (Go West / Robert Hart / Wild Blue / Tony Hadley) / ABC)
Gary Stevenson - Guitars (Go West / Robert Hart / Wild Blue / Tony Hadley) / ABC, Snakecharmer)
Mel Collins - Saxophone
Joy Martin – Backing Vocals (A La Carte)
Peter Cox – Backing Vocals - Olympic Runner (Go West)

Recorded by Gary Stevenson & Rod Jordan.
Produced and Mixed by Gary Stevenson
All songs by Jordan, Stevenson, West.
Additional recording ~ Andy Macpherson & John Gallen.
Mastered by Jonathan (Rock Steady) Morbin.


Radar was formed in 1981 when David West, Rod Jordan & Gary Stevenson met at the ABC Music Store in Surrey England, where David & Gary were working as guitar & keyboard demonstrators. They set up an 8 track-recording studio ‘Secret Studios’ in West London where they composed their first recordings. In 1983 Radar was signed to Warner Bros Publishing UK and their journey began.

During this time guitar player Gary Stevenson also produced ‘outside’ bands at Secret studios, one of them being an unknown duo called ‘Go West’. Gary also used David West on this project and after a few demos the Manager of the band ‘John Glover’ was impressed enough with the work that he commissioned Gary to produce 2 tracks ‘We Close Our Eyes’ & ‘Call Me’ at Chipping Norton Studios in Oxfordshire. These songs & productions caused a stir in the music business at the time and Go West had many record deal offers from major record companies. The band wanted to stay with Gary as producer so signed with Chrysalis Records who were happy to do this, and the rest is history. Go West went on to become the ‘Best Newcomers’ at the 1985 Brit Awards.

Radar began recording their album at the famous ‘Trident Studios’ on Wardour Street, London early 1985. In late December 1985 Radar left these shores to reside in the Isle Of Man at ‘The Old Schoolhouse’ in Port Erin, which they converted into a residential recording studio and continued to finish the album. In fact most of the initial London recordings were scrapped and the album was re-started from scratch.

Gary continued producing while using David West as his right hand man while Rod Jordan worked on writing for the album and made a few guest appearances on some of Gary’s productions. The band was happy to hold back the release of the Radar album and use the success of Gary’s production works with various bands to promote an upcoming release. In retrospect this had a negative effect on Radar, the momentum was lost and the Radar album was never released.


 Sound Clips to follow

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Escape Music is pleased to announce the release date for for the brand new album from Bite The Bullet
 titled Black & White. The CD will be limited edition to 1000 copies only! All will be numbered 1-1000 plus one bonus track with the first pressing only!




Release Date: 22 January 2021
Catalogue number: ESM349
Bar Code: 50381003492

Track Listing:

1 Rocks To Stones 3:49
2 Black & White 3:26
3 Falling 4:35
4 I’ll Go
5 Starlight 3:47
6 You Never Knew 4:04
7 The Lonely Road  4:38
8 Dark Energy   4;50
9 More Than This  3:00
10 Bring It On  4:31
11 Under The Veil 5:00
12 Unconditional or Last Chance Radio (Bonus)  4:06

Line up
Mick Benton – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
Graham Cowling – Drums
Produced by Mick Benton.

Members over the years include:
Malcolm Jones: guitar / Phil Longden: keyboards / Dave Foster: bass
Graham Foy: guitar / John Haynes: bass

Bite The Bullet were originally formed in 1986 by singer songwriter Mick Benton and drummer Graham Cowling. They met in 1984 when they both joined West London rock band “Mother’s Ruin”. Thanks to the legendary Greg Lake, Benton managed to secure a solo deal with Atlantic Records and he asked Cowling to play drums. Its good to see that their collaboration is still strong to this very day.

In 1986 “Bite the Bullet” were formed and the music played was in the style of Foreigner, Toto and Mr. Mister, an album was released in 1989 to some quiet success. The music was warmly received and the band earned themselves some radio airplay. However, britpop was coming into the forefront and a cancelled support slot with the mighty ELO saw the band disheartened and whilst they never really disbanded there was a long period of inactivity.

Benton and Cowling always remained friends and they still played in pubs and clubs over the years which brings is up to 2019 when their debut was reissued on CD. It ignited a flame in the two men and brought the original recording back to the forefront again and old fans reappraised the album whilst new fans joined in.

Mick and Graham decided to get writing new material for a second “Bite the Bullet” album and the result is outstanding, coming across like Mr Mister meets Asia. The new songs are a natural continuation of the original BTB sound and have a great feel to them, opener “Rock to Stones” is a killer. A great start to 2021!.


 Sound Clips to follow

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Escape Music pleased to announce the release date for this all time classic album Liar - Set The world On Fire. The CD will be limited edition to 1000 copies only! All will be numbered 1-1000 and will include post card hand signed by the band! First time On CD, Fully remastered from the original quarter inch tape.




Release Date:2nd December 2020
Catalogue No: ESM348
Barcode: Bar Code: 50381003485

Track Listing:
1- Set The World On Fire 3:54
2- Town Of Evil People 5:51
3- I’m Calling 4:31
4- Midnight Promises 4:56
5- Five Knuckle Shuffle 3:02
6- High Life 3:30
7- Frustration  4:57
8- Who Cares  7:28

Line up
Clive Brooks (RIP) - Drums
Dave Burton – Lead Vocals / Guitars
Dave Taylor – Bass / Vocals
Paul Travis (RIP) – Guitars / Vocals
Steve Mann – Guitars / Keyboards

Produced by John Alcock
Mastered by Steve Mann

LIAR originally formed in 1975 and recorded their first album "Straight From The Hip" for Decca Records. The band toured extensively in the UK and throughout Europe before recording the critically acclaimed follow up album "Set The World On Fire" in 1977, one of the first colour picture-disc records in the UK.

Liar were very much a British rock band, with foundations based on the likes of Bad Company, Queen and Led Zeppelin. The band was warmly received in Europe at the time but not so well in the UK where punk was at its height.. They toured with Slade and gained some success but the band was best suited to the American market and so they were whisked off to LA to write new material ready for a third album. For inspiration, they were ensconced in a house at the top of the Hollywood Hills (next door to Mick Fleetwood) on Sunset Plaza Drive, from which the name of the third release was taken. Sunset Plaza Drive eventually saw the light of day this year on Escape Music (ESM341), 42 years after it was recorded!

It was “Set the World on Fire” that really stood out as the band’s finest moment and it was chock full of memorable songs that have stood the test of time admirably. This reissue sounds magnificent and the songs have benefited from the latest technology. Each CD is numbered and has a hand signed card from the then four remaining members of the band (all are signed, not copies). Sadly, Paul Travis died very soon after his signing session.

Set the World on Fire is a fabulous reminder of late 70’s British Rock at its finest and is a “must have” release for anyone who loved that era. A Classic of its time.


 Sound Clips to follow

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Escape Music is pleased to announce the release date for Heartwind second album title “Stranger”,
this is truly a magnificent album!




Release date: 20 November 2020
Catalogue No: ESM347
Bar Code 5 031281003478

The Band:
Nina Soderquist – Lead Vocals
Stefan Nykvist – Lead Vocals
Peter “Trumpeter” Svensson – Drums
Mikael Rosengren – Keyboards
Goran Engvall – Guitars, Bass, Backing Vocals & additional Keyboards.

Track listing:
1- Strangers in the night  3:41
2- Line of Fire  3:32
3- Amanda  3:47
4- Angels Cry Again  4:11
5- One Love  3:54
6- I’m Alive    3:39
7- Trial  4:24
8- One of us is Crying  3:42
9- Catcher in the Rye   3:16
10- Searching is over Now  4:45

Heartwind is the love child of progressive keyboard player Mikael Rosengren and guitar player Goran Engvall. The two friends came together in 2017 to write a true melodic rock album, inspired by all their heroes from the 70’s and 80’s, but with a fresh and updated sound. Fast guitars, heavy drums and great songs were their target, aiming for the likes of Whitesnake, Def Leppard and Van Halen.

Their 2018 debut “Higher and Higher” was such a breath of fresh air it gave the band strong recognition in a very competitive genre. The songs they had written were so powerful and full of melody that it left fans wanting more.

So here we have the follow up recording “Strangers” which sees the band escalate to new heights and features 10 tracks of superb melodic rock with outstanding vocal performances from Nina Soderquist and Stefan Nykvist. Songs filled with hooks, interesting arrangements and melodies to die for.

The song writing of Mikael and Goran is a match made in heaven and with a line up filled with high quality band members and superb guest performances from the likes of Mike Lavér (Dynazty), Eirikur Hauksson (Artch), Erik Mårtensson (Eclipse/WET) and Mats Leven (Malmsteen) “Strangers” can’t go wrong!

The album is produced, mixed and mastered by Fredrik Folkare (Eclipse / Unleashed), a guarantee itself for high quality and no compromises attitude, when it comes to groove, feel and power.

“Strangers” is one of those releases that have you hooked after just one play. Swedish melodic rock as it should be!


 Sound Clips to follow

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Escape Music is pleased to announce the release date for Signal Red second album title Alien Nation!
here will be limited copies signed by the band for the first 200 CDs ordered. Pre-order your copy now!! 




Release Date: 16th October 2020
Catalogue No: ESM346
Barcode: 5 031281003461

Signal Red is:
Lee Small: Lead vocals and All Backing vocals   (Phenomena / Shy / Lionheart)
Steve Grocott: All guitars Keyboards Strings  (Ten)

With Special Guests:
Steve Newman: Bass and Backing vocals (Newman / Compass)
Daniel Zaman: Drums

Track Lists:
2. EMAIL TO GOD  4:52
3. INSOMNIA  4:30
6. GHOSTS  4:51
7. ROCKET FUEL  4:36
9. TIDE OF LIFE  5:11
10. PURE SHORES  4:32

Produced by: Steve Grocott / Steve Newman
Mixed by: Steve Newman
Mastered: Steve Mann  (MSG / Lionheart / Liar)
Executive Producer: Khalil Turk for Escape Music Ltd.

Signal Red made their mark in 2018 with the release of “Under the Radar”. The band is made up of outstanding musicians principally Guitarist Steve Grocott and Vocalist Lee Small. The collaboration first came together in February, 2013 when Steve was at a loose end. He had been in a band previously called “Sevendayz” which had recently folded and he contacted Lee as he had heard so much about him, mainly from the self-titled SHY album that appeared in 2011. The two hit it off straight away and it seemed inevitable that an album would follow.

Steve got caught up working with the UK band “Ten” as Gary Hughes asked him to be in the bands line-up for some shows and to feature on the new album, so the debut Signal Red release was halted for a while. Eventually Steve’s time freed up so he could once again concentrate on new material for the album and the whole thing has just progressed into a fantastic recording.

The collaboration with Lee is clearly a good match as Lee has already proved his worth with “Shy” more recently “Lionheart” as well as solo albums, the Phenomena project and rock band “Snowfall”.

Lee is a very soulful, melodic vocalist and his voice suits Signal Red perfectly. The debut caused quite a stir with its strong melodic rock roots and this new album “Alien Nation” is an extension of that robust rock sound that they have already proved themselves worthy of. We have here 11 tracks of sheer quality and Steve’s playing shines through on all tracks.

A one to watch out for!!!


Track 1-

Wide Awake In Dreamland

Track 2-

Email To God

Track 3-


Track 4-

Dance Macabre

Track 5-

Invisible Scars

Track 6-


Track 7-

Rocket Fuel

Track 8-


Track 9-

Tide Of Life

Track 10-

Pure Shores

Track 11-

Alien Nation

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To celebrate Steve Overland's birthday today, Escape Music are pleased to announce the release date of the 5th Overland studio album titled “Scandalous"

Limited edition “Ash Grey” colour vinyl individually numbered 1-200, including an exclusive hand signed postcard from Steve Overland himself.


The first 200 CD's sold through our website will receive a hand signed postcard from Steve.

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Release Date: 18th September 2020
Catalogue no: CD ESM345
Bar Code: 5 031281 00345 4
Vinyl ESMV1006 / Bar Code: 5 031281 01006 3

Steve Overland - Lead Vocals / Backing Vocals
Tommy Denander - All Guitars / Keyboards
Brian Tichy - Drums (Billy Idol / Foreigner / Ozzy Osborne / Dead Daisies / Whitesnake)
Brian Anthony - Bass / Hammond / Percussions (Steve Walsh)

Produced by Steve Overland / Tommy Denander / Khalil Turk
Executive producer Khalil Turk
Mixed and Mastered by Brian J Anthony
All vocals recorded at Tremolo Recording Studio, UK
All songs written by Tommy Denander and Steve Overland

ESM 345 CD Track listing:
1- Don’t Give Up 3:28 / 2-Never Say Die 3:51 / 3-Lost In The City 3:20 / 4 Closest Thing To Heaven 4:50 / 5- Black Heart 3:24 / 6- Changing Times 5:17 / 7- The Trouble with Love 3:54 / 8- Diamond In The Dust 4:20 / 9- Testify 3:48 / 10- Unchained 3:42 / 11-God Made An Angel 4:31 / 12- Hole In My Heart* 4:02

ESMV1006 Vinyl Track listing:
Side A:
1- Don’t Give Up 3:28 / 2- Never Say Die 3:51 / 3- Lost In The City 3:20 / 4- Closest Thing To Heaven 4:50 / 5- Black Heart 3:24 / 6- Changing Times 5:17

Side B:  
1- The Trouble with Love 3:54 / 2- Diamond In The Dust 4:20 / 3- Testify 3:48 / 4- God Made An Angel 4:31 / 5- Blaze Of Glory* 3:55 / 6- Long Road To Heaven* 3:23

* only available on LP

Steve Overland is a legend in his own lifetime. Is there anyone out there who is not familiar with his name? He has a history that goes way back into the late seventies, his first major recording was with the band “Wildlife” in 1980. After the demise of “Wildlife” Steve went on to form the cult British melodic rock band “FM”, a band that released many great albums throughout the years and they are still going strong to this very day.

Steve originally teamed up with Escape Music to provide lead vocals for the Boston Tribute album (ESM 081), singing 'Amanda', one of the album highlights. Steve also joined forces with Steve Morris of “Heartland” fame to record four “Shadowman” albums, all of which are well respected in the rock community. He has written, recorded and sung so many great songs over the years.

However, let’s get back to Steve’s solo work with Escape Music which began with Break Away” (ESM170), then “Diamond Dealer” (ESM198), “Epic” (ESM262) and “Contagious” (ESM297). So, that means “Scandalous” (ESM343) is Steve’s fifth solo album and what a belter it is too! This man can just seemingly continue to give us breathtakingly good songs with great song writing (Let’s not forget the input of the talented Tommy Denander). This new release for 2020 is also being released on vinyl (limited edition of 300 in “Dracula” colour) and a slightly different track listing from the CD. Exciting news indeed!

Steve Overland just gets better and let’s hope he gives us much more in years to come.


Track 1-

Don't Give Up

Track 2-

Never Say Die

Track 3-

Lost In The City

Track 4-

Closest Thing To Heaven

Track 5-

Black Heart

Track 6-

Changing Times

Track 7-

The Trouble With Love

Track 8-

Diamond In The Dust

Track 9-


Track 10-


Track 11-

God Made An Angel

Track 12-

Hole In My Heart

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Release Date: 17th July 2020
Catalogue no: ESM343
Bar Code: 5 031281003430

Pinnacle Point is:
Jerome Mazza: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Keyboards
Torben Enevoldsen: Guitars, Keyboards
Rich Ayala: Guitars, Background Vocals
Valeria Pozharitskaya: Violin
Mark Prator: Drums
Takeaki Itoh: Bass
Howard Helm: Keyboards, Organ, synthesizer
John F Rodgers: Piano, Strings

Track list: 1. ASCENT TO THE POINT 3:17 2. SO ALIVE 6:53 3. WEIGHT OF THE WORLD 4:09 4. HERO 6:26 5. NEVER SURRENDER 4:37 6. IN THE WAKE OF HOPE 6:00 7. SHADOWS OF PEACE 6:06 8. BEYOND 5:20 9. NOTHING AT ALL 5:25 10. PRODIGAL 5:44 11. SYMPHONY OF MIND 7:06

Produced by Jerome Mazza, Maz Music Productions in association with Escape Music Executive Producers: Khalil Turk For Escape Music Ltd. Mixed by Jim Morris and Jerome Mazza Mastered by Tom Morris and Jerome Mazza Mixed & mastered at Morrisound Recording Studio, Florida, USA Logo and cover design by Eric Philippe

Pinnacle Point is a rock band whose music blends the sounds of Melodic Rock and Epic, Progressive, Symphonic Rock. The band’s 2017 debut album Winds Of Change climbed the album oriented rock charts and was voted top melodic rock album of the year for many rock music reviewers. The founding members are American lead singer, Jerome Mazza (Angelica, Outlaw Son solo album, and also featured as guest singer on Steve Walsh’s (x-Kansas) last album "Black Butterfly", and Danish guitarist Torben Enevoldsen (Fate, Acacia Avenue, Section A).

Their first hit from the Winds Of Change album titled “Damage Is Done” caught the attention of Escape Music boss, Khalil Turk Khalil had a few ideas and one of which was to involve Jerome Mazza to sing duet on “Born In Fire” with Steve Walsh. Khalil had discovered Jerome on you tube singing for the band “Pinnacle Point”. Jerome is also the voice behind the second album by Angelica and was honoured to be asked to sing a duet on the album with Steve and asked if he could contribute more. As Jerome has such a fantastic voice it was an easy decision to make and the result is explosive!

The second Pinnacle Point album Symphony Of Mind blends the writing styles of Jerome Mazza, Torben Enevoldsen and American composer, Rich Ayala. Mazza went around the globe in search for the perfect violinist for their second album and after auditioning 16 players, found just the perfect fit in Valeria Pozharitskaya. A huge Neil Peart fan, the excellent prog drummer, Mark Prator on drums. On bass is the extraordinary Takeaki Itoh, beautiful piano playing by American pianist, John F. Rodgers as well as the sensational Howard Helm (Zon) on B3 and synth.


Track 1-

Ascent To The Point

Track 2-

So Alive

Track 3-

Weight Of The World

Track 4-


Track 5-

Never Surrender

Track 6-

In The Wake Of Hope

Track 7-

Shadows Of Peace

Track 8-


Track 9-

Nothing At All

Track 10-


Track 11-

Symphony Of Mind

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Escape Music so pleased to announce the release date for Simon Says - Spin This. The CD will be limited edition to 1000 copies only! with 6 bonus tracks and the original front cover with a new front cover all will be numbered 1-1000




Release Date: 14 August 2020
Catalogue no: ESM344
Bar Code:  5031281003447

Johnny Zatylny – Lead Vocals
Wayne Higgins – Bass
Tim Higgins – Rhythm Guitar
Darryl Stevens – Lead Guitar
Al Knight – Drums
Matt Coull - Keyboards

Produced by Gary Moffet (April Wine)
Mastered by Steve Mann  (Michael Schenker / Lionheart)

Track list: Intro (0:12) / Love Thing (3:59) / Let me know (3:48) / When I see you standing there (5:30) / Why in the world (2:55) / Love don’t come easy (3:35) / The Promise (5:09)

Bonus tracks: Simon Says (3:03) / The One (4:14) / Dreaming (3:52) / Falling (4:16) / Miles Away (3:20) / New Year’s Resolution (4:16)

Simon Says hail from Greenfield Park, Quebec, Canada and were formed from the ashes of Spectrum and Rawx. This energetic six piece originally had a following in the early 90’s when “spin this” was first released with just seven tracks. It has since become a collector’s item in its original form (attracting a high price!) but here is new package on Escape music with another 6 bonus tracks! All songs have the full remastering treatment with both new and old artwork!

Simon Says’ calling card is a distinctive high-energy Pop-Rock sound that grabbed you upon first listen. It was that sound that easily ignited a devoted following back in the day, garnering them national interest, and leading them to become a top draw across their home province, country and even as far away as Puerto Rico and St Thomas, VI.  Simon Says’ debut release, ‘Spin This,’ and most notably the single, “The Promise,” enjoyed extensive airplay on Montreal’s premier rock station, CHOM-FM. The rest of the music on the cd showcased the band’s musical diversity, proving on tunes such as “Love Thing,” “When I See You Standing There,” and “Love Don’t Come Easy,” Simon Says were ready, willing and able to be a force in the music world.   

Escape Music with its wide array of artists, and its desire to bring back a classic rock sound, is the perfect resting place for Simon Says as they chart their way toward greater public awareness. At the same time with Rock radio stations now reaching back to program a sound forgotten by time, the driving rhythms, and addictive melodies of Simon Says are a launching pad to growing a listening audience.  

So ‘who is Simon Says’? The answer lies within the notes, chords and lyrics. Whether you’ve heard them before or you’re hearing them for the first time, you will be more than ready to spin these songs repeatedly.


 Sound Clips to follow

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Escape Music is delighted and thrilled to announce the new signing of the band Compass and the title of the album "Our Time On Earth". The concept album written and produced by the multi talented musician
Steve Newman !!




Release Date: 24th April 2020
Catalogue no: ESM342
Bar Code: 5 031281003423

The Band is:
Ben Green - Vocals
Steve Newman - Guitar, Keyboards
Dave Bartlett - Bass
Toni Lakush - Drums

1. Skies OF Fire  8:44
2. Our Time On Earth Pt I  9:23
3. Caught In A Frame  5:26
4. Neon   7:19
5. The Preacher And The Pigeon Feeder  6:12
6. Another Life Suicide  5:38
7. A Warning from History  10:38
8. Our Time On Earth Pt II  4:13

Produced by: Steve Newman
Recorded and Mixed at Chrome Dome Studios, London, England

The Compass story began back in December 2017 when singer songwriter Steve Newman decided to write a few songs that musically would step outside the barriers imposed by many years writing for his own band Newman. This was to be something very different, liberating, both musically and lyrically, from anything he had created before, with the freedom to move across genres and not be pigeon holed within any particular musical style.

Part of this removal from Steve’s previous work would involve looking for a singer to bring these ideas to life. After a few auditions and a few calls in the latter part of 2018 Steve started talking with singer Ben Green about the songs and through these conversations the nucleus of the band started to take shape.

Ben “When Steve called to ask if I wanted be part of this band, I had to pinch myself. Learning from such an accomplished and talented musician and vocalist has been such a joy. I had such a great time putting these vocals down and feel privileged to be a part of this immense catalogue of songs. I think we have created something very special with this band and songs and I can't wait to get it out there!”

Steve “There is something very unique about Ben’s voice and I knew after hearing him sing for the first time he could convey the sentiment behind these songs and carry these ideas forward to a different level. I have always been inspired by great singers with the ability to communicate in a very honest and believable way and to reach out to the listener, Ben has been born with this gift”

David Bartlett joined the band in early 2019 and was a very natural choice, Dave being a member of the Newman touring band for the passed 9 years. With the addition of Toni Lakush filling the drum position most of the recordings were then completed between January and April in London UK.

A very eclectic mix pulling in influences from Dream Theater, Rush, Saga, through It Bites, and Pink Floyd. We hope that “Our Time On Earth” will take the listener on a musical and lyrical journey through emotions and the highs and lows of what essentially this collection of songs is about. Our lives, and the path that each individual takes and how their actions affect themselves and people around them

“From our first breath to our death, this is our time on earth”.


Track 1-

Skies Of Fire

Track 2-

Our Time On Earth Pt1

Track 3-

Caught In A Frame

Track 4-


Track 5-

The Preacher And The Pigeon Feeder

Track 6-

Another Life Suicide

Track 7-

A Warning From History

Track 8-

Our Time On Earth Pt2

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Release Date: 20th March 2020
Catalogue no: ESM341
Bar Code: 5 031281003416

Line up
Clive Brooks (RIP) -
Drums   (x EGG)
Dave Burton –
Lead Vocals / Guitars
Dave Taylor –
Bass / Vocals
Paul Travis –
Guitars / Vocals
Steve Mann –
Guitars / Keyboards / Vocals  (Michael Schenker Fest, Lionheart)

Track list:
1- Judy Teens  5:17
2- Delaney   3:44
3- Fighting Man  4:20
4- Do you ever   2:35
5- Brand New World   3:20
6- I've got a feeling  4:31
7- Too Rich   3:04
8- Tired of Waiting  2:57
9- Midnight Lady  3:14
10- Blame it on the Kids  5:03
11- Woman 3:44

Produced by: John Alcock
Engineered: Will Reid-Dick
Mastered by: Alan Douches
Booklet design: Richard Jones (WEBspaghetti)

After 42 years, the long-lost LIAR album from 1978 will finally see its debut appearance on Escape Music ! The album is entitled "Sunset Plaza Drive" and was originally recorded in Stevie Wonder's Crystal Sound Studios in LA. The album was recorded and mixed but never released, until now. Original members Steve Mann (Michael Schenker Fest, Lionheart), Paul Travis, Dave Taylor and Dave Burton also reunited late last year to record the track "Woman" which will appear as a bonus track on the new release. Written by guitarist Paul Travis just after the band broke up 41 years ago, Steve Mann suggested recording a new up-to-date version of the song. "I was so happy when we got the original guys back together again to record what I consider to be one of the best AOR tracks ever" enthused Mann.

Dedicated to late LIAR drummer Clive Brooks RIP, the album was carefully restored and remastered by Escape Music as A & R director, and co-owner Khalil Turk, who has been a LIAR fan for 41 years. "I've loved the band since I first saw them supporting UFO way back in 1979" said Turk "and it's always been my ambition to bring the unreleased album to the market, so I'm extremely happy to have now realised that aim” This is a Dream Come True!!

LIAR originally formed in 1975 and recorded their first album "Straight From The Hip" for Decca Records. The band toured extensively in the UK and throughout Europe before recording the critically acclaimed "Set The World On Fire" in 1977, one of the first colour picture-disc records in the UK. A year later the band were whisked off to LA to write new material ready for the new album. For inspiration, they were ensconced in a house at the top of the Hollywood Hills (next door to Mick Fleetwood) on Sunset Plaza Drive, from which the name of this new release was taken.

The material on the album comprises a collection of wonderful UK-inspired songs which epitomise late 70's West Coast classic rock but which have also well and truly survived the test of time.

I pesonally would like to thank Steve Mann, Paul Travis, Dave Taylor, Dave Burton, and very special thank you to Jan Brooks for keeping the analogue recordings safe for the past 41 years!


Track 1-

Judy Teens

Track 2-


Track 3-

You Ain't No Fighting Man

Track 4-

Do You Ever

Track 5-

Brand New World

Track 6-

I Got A Feeling

Track 7-

Too Rich

Track 8-

Tired Of Waiting

Track 9-

Midnight Lady

Track 10-

Blame It On The Kids

Track 11-


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Escape Music is also pleased to announce that we will be releasing the new Robert Hart (Manfred Man Earth Band, The Jones Gang, x Bad Company / x The Distance with Nile Rodgers, Bernard Edward, Tony Thompson (Chic) album
“Pure” on Solid Red Vinyl limited edition to 300 copies only, all will be individually numbered 1-300 in GOLD !!






Release Date: 21 February 2020
Catalogue No: ESM340
Bar Code: 5 03128100340 9

Robert Hart: Lead Vocals / Backing Vocals
Tommy Denander:
All Guitars / Keyboards (Alice Cooper / Steve Walsh / Jimi Jamison)
Brian Anthony:
Bass / Percussion  (Steve Walsh  / Lonerider / Overland)
Michael Lange:
Steve Overland:
Backing Vocals  (FM / Lonerider / Shadowman)

Produced by: Steve Overland / Tommy Denander
Mixed and Mastered by: Brian J Anthony
Executive Producer: Khalil Turk for Escape Music Ltd.

Artwork by: Eric Phillipe

Track List:  

1- Making Magic (3.15) / 2-Little Miracle (4:18) / 3- Sensational (3:36) / 4- Go Crazy (3:28) / 5- This is the Night (3:45) / 6- Different People (4:06) / 7-Double Trouble (2:56) / 8- Chemistry (3:26) / 9- Mysterious (4:10) / 10- Don’t Make promises (3:30) / 11- Scene of the crime (3:41) / 12- Colour of Love (3:40)

Robert Hart is a British Rock Vocalist and songwriter. His career has seen him play with the likes of The Distance, Company of Snakes and Bad Company, as well as the Jones gang and more recently Manfred Mann’s Earth Band. His recording styles have varied and he can range from Pop to West Coast to Blues Rock to Hard Rock, such is his ability.

In 1989 Robert recorded a solo album “Cries and Whispers” which can be described as prime time AOR and has been a highly sought after recording ever since. The album was originally released on Atlantic Records with Stewart Levine at the production desk.

Three years later Robert was the first recording artist to be signed by Hollywood Records which was owned by Disney and had the pleasure of working with the great Russ Ballard. The resulting album “Robert Hart” charted in more than 18 countries and it was a great AOR Rock Album that got him noticed By Bad Company’s Mick Ralphs who then asked him to front Bad Company following the departures of Paul Rodgers and Brian Howe. In 1995 Robert Co-wrote the album “Company of Strangers” and he has since become a household name in Rock Circles.

The two solo albums “Robert Hart” & “Cries and Whispers” were re-released together in digipack form by Escape Music in 2013 and this package reminded fans just how good Robert is. Robert also worked with Jim Kirkpatrick (FM guitarist) on the DIESEL album “into the fire” in the same year and this has further cemented Roberts reputation as a top notch vocalist.

Fast forward to 2020 and Robert is back with a brand new album called “Pure” – and this is something else as Robert has given us 12 fresh sounding songs that have a unique pop rock sound. Names like Robert Plant and Go West come to mind, these are really catchy songs and are instantly remembered after just one listen.

Robert Hart will be touring Rock Meets Classic with Alice Cooper, Thunder and Mother Finest March 2020!

One to watch out for in 2020!.


Track 1-

Making Magic

Track 2-

Little Miracel

Track 3-


Track 4-

Go Crazy

Track 5-

This Is The Night

Track 6-

Different People

Track 7-

Double Trouble

Track 8-


Track 9-


Track 10-

Don't Make Promises

Track 11-

Scene Of The Crime

Track 12-

Colour Of Love

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Release Date: 25th January 2020
Catalogue Number: ESM339
Barcode: 503128100339 3


Lead Vocals: Patrick Gagliardi
Lead Guitar & Vocals: Greg Fraser
(Brighton Rock)
Drums & Vocals: Brian Hamilton
Bass & Vocals: Mike Beradelli


2. AGE OF FEAR    4:08
3. BREATHE    4:48
4. EMBER RAIN   4:03
5. RIDE LIKE HELL   4:09
6. DIRTY VEGAS  3:35
10. RINGSIDE   4:56

Produced by
Darius Szczepaniak (The Black Crowes)

Recording Engineer
Brian Hamilton

Mixed by
Darius Szczepaniak

Recorded at : Hamster Cage Studios - St.Catharines
Mixed at: Phase One Studios - Toronto
Edits - Brian Hamilton
Guest Keyboards - Rein Knol
Guest vocals on 'Breathe' & 'Age Of Fear' - Serena Pryne
String arrangement on 'Different Roads' - Darius Szczepaniak

Artwork by: Richard Jones at webspaghetti design

Storm Force is the explosive new band that fans of classic hard melodic rock have all been waiting for.

Led by Canadian rock legends Brighton Rock founder and lead guitarist Greg Fraser and featuring one of today’s most powerful and versatile lead vocalists in Patrick Gagliardi (formerly of Surface Tension), their debut record produced by Darius Szczepaniak (Black Crowes, Sum 41, Big Sugar) combines colossal, crushing melodic rock with hook-laden ballads and massive choruses reminiscent of vintage Cinderella, balanced by classic rock sensibilities of acts like The Who and Van Halen.

The group hails from Niagara Falls, Canada and is rounded out by the blistering one-two punch rhythm section of ex-Panik and Step Echo drummer Brian Hamilton and sought-after session musician and touring bassist Mike Beradelli.

Storm Force’s groundbreaking new record is the result of a rich blend of rock influences spanning Triumph, UFO, Thin Lizzy, Foreigner, and so many more, and will be available on Escape Music worldwide


Track 1-

Because Of You

Track 2-

Age Of Fear

Track 3-


Track 4-

Ember Rain

Track 5-

Ride Like Hell

Track 6-

Dirty Vegas

Track 7-

More Than You Know

Track 8-

Marshall Law

Track 9-

Different Roads

Track 10-


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Escape Music is pleased to announce the release date for Carl Sentance Persian Risk double album




Release Date: 22nd November 2019
Catalogue Number: ESM338
Barcode: 5031281003386


VOCALS: CARL SENTANCE (Nazareth and Krokus)
GUITARS: CARL SENTANCE / PHIL CAMPBELL (Motorhead) / MANY MAURER (Krokus / Killer) / JASON BANKS (Kee Marcello) / DANNY WILLSON (Martin Turner Wishbone Ash)
KEYS: DON AIREY (Deep Purple / Ozzy Osborne etc)
BASS: WAYNE BANKS (Brazen Abbot / Chris Ousey Heartland / Kee Marcello)
DRUMS: TIM BROWN (Martin Turner Wishbone Ash)



Track Listing

2. WHO AM I? 3.45
4. IN MY LIFE 4.31
6. I FEEL FREE 3.44
7. DARK TOWER 4.08  
11. DON’T WALK AWAY 4.52 Bonus Track
12. LIFE GOES ON 3.38   Bonus track

“CD 2"



Track listing:

3. KILLER 4.44
4. ONCE A KING 5.30
9. FIST OF FURY 3.57
10. WOMAN AND ROCK 4.00  
11. WASTELAND 4.26
12. MIND DOCTOR 4.28  Bonus track  
13. GIRLS GOT FIRE 4.04 Bonus track

Carl Sentance was born 28th June 1961 in Loughborough Leicestershire, UK and started his first band Leading Star playing guitar and singing in 1977.

After participating in several local bands, he replaced John Deverill as a vocalist in the NWoBHM band Persian Risk.
In 1981 he recorded his first single “Calling for You”, the band then recorded “Ridin High” in 1983. In 1984 Persian Risk toured with Motörhead throughout the UK and appeared on The Tube prime time TV on Ch4. In 1985 Carl recorded his first Persian Risk album "Rise up".

At this point he received an offer from manager Smallwood Taylor to join Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath) as lead singer in his solo project. The collaboration lasted from 1986 to 1988 and created demo songs, videos and various bootlegs. Carl left the Geezer Butler Band in 1988 to join the Welsh band "Monroe".

In 1988 Carl decided to return to Cardiff and joined the band Tok-io Rose. In 1990 he decided to move to Florida to form the band "Ghost" with Welsh ex- UFO and WASTED guitarist Paul Chapman. In 1995 Carl returned to the UK.

From 1996 to 1999 he sang in various musicals, such as JUDAS in Jesus Christ Super Star and the AMERICAN in Chess. From 1999 to 2002 Carl became the lead singer of the Swiss Hard rock band Krokus, with whom he recorded the album Round 13. In 2004 he then joined the Whole Lotta Metal Theatre Tour for 2 years.

2006 Carl joined up with Deep Purple's keyboardist Don Airey for his solo project "Don Airey and Friends" and has co-writen with Don ever since. Albums include "A Light in the Sky", "All Out", "Keyed Up" and "One of a Kind".

In 2009 Carl recorded his first solo album MIND DOCTOR! That led him to try and reform the original Persian Risk but at the time the members were busy with other projects so Carl put a brand new Persian Risk together and came up with two great albums "Once a King" and "Who am I", which will be released by Escape Records in Summer/Autumn 2019.

In 2015 Carl became the new singer for the band NAZARETH after founding member Dan McCafferty had to retire due to illness. More recently Carl has recorded Nazareth's latest studio album "Tattooed On My Brain" (song credits include "Never Dance With The Devil", "Change", "State Of Emergency", "Silent Symphony" and "Don't Throw Your Love Away"). Carl is currently touring all over the world.


Who Am I?

Track 1-

Don't Look Back

Track 2-

Who Am I?

Track 3-

My Creation

Track 4-

In My Life

Track 5-

The Writing On The Wall

Track 6-

I Feel Free

Track 7-

Dark Tower

Track 8-

Facing Your Demons

Track 9-

Calling For You

Track 10-

I Thought It Was You

Track 11-

Don't Walk Away

Track 12-

Life Goes On


Once A King

Track 1-

Asylum (Child Insane)

Track 2-

Riding High

Track 3-


Track 4-

Once A King

Track 5-

Soul Deceiver

Track 6-


Track 7-

Spirit In My Dreams

Track 8-

Ride The Storm

Track 9-

Fist Of Fury

Track 10-

Woman And Rock

Track 11-


Track 12-

Mind Doctor

Track 13-

Girls Got Fire

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Release Date: 22nd November 2019
Catalogue Number: ESM337
Barcode: 5031281003379

Redline is:

Kez Taylor - vocals
Chris Basener - guitar
Ade Yeomans - guitar
Steve ‘Reg’ - Hill bass
Mark Biddiscombe - drums

1 Gods And Monsters  5:33
2 Empires      4:28
3 Prayer For The Dying  4:33
4 Dark City   4:10
5 Killer    3:34
6 Fields Of Fire  4:46
7 Take It To The Grave  3:43
8 Nowhere Man  4:50
9 Hell Mary   4:13
10 Stand And Fight  3:15
11 332   2:46

REDLINE hail from Birmingham, the ancestral home of metal. Balls to the walls guitars, a locked and loaded rhythm section and a real powerhouse of a vocalist, REDLINE have forged their own distinctive blend of Classic Hard Rock and British Heavy Metal. With influences drawn from a rich heritage, the band have been compared to Judas Priest, Saxon, Dio, Iron Maiden and a host of others from the founding fathers of metal.

REDLINE have played a number of British festivals including Hard Rock Hell, Planet Rockstock, Planet Rock’s Winter’s End, and Europe’s biggest free festival, The Godiva Festival in England. REDLINE have previously toured the UK with the legendary Saxon and the Quireboys

REDLINE's album 'VICE', released on Escape Music (worldwide) and Rubicon Records in Japan met with much critical acclaim. One of the tracks featured is REDLINE'S anthemic "King Of The Mountain", which has become the soundtrack to the Isle Of Man TT Motorcycle Races.

Music from the album is also used exclusively on 'Full Throttle', a challenging motorcycle theme’d Pinball Machine ...and songs will now feature on the new official video game of the IOM TT Races to be released in 2020 on PS4 and all formats by BigBen Interactive.

Since releasing VICE, REDLINE have welcomed Chris Basener, an accomplished and exciting new guitarist, into the band. Chris has released a number of solo albums as well as authoring books on guitar technique and brings fresh impetus to the song writing process. REDLINE have found a great chemistry that sees them writing material that has a darker and heavier feel than before... and from this cauldron Gods And Monsters was born.

REDLINE elected to record the album at ROCKFIELD STUDIOS in Monmouth, England. The world’s first residential recording studio that saw not only Rush, Black Sabbath and Robert Plant record hit albums, but where Queen recorded one of the biggest tracks of all time, Bohemian Rhapsody.

Nick Brine at the console was a natural choice. Having worked at Rockfield and engineered, mixed and produced such diverse talents as The Darkness, Thunder, Tyketto, Brian May, Bruce Springsteen, The Stone Roses .....to name but a few, Nick has a great understanding of capturing that live band feel that REDLINE were seeking. The finished mixes were passed onto Pete Maher, a world class Mastering Engineer for the likes of The Rolling Stones, U2, Linkin Park, Nine Inch Nails, Thunder, Paul Weller... just some of the artists he has mastered award winning albums for; REDLINE naturally had no doubt that Pete’s mastering would unleash the full power of the tracks.

REDLINE’s Rockfield pilgrimage set out to capture the band’s signature classic rock sound, a raw energy that forms the basis of their music. Riff laden rock, power-pipe vocals and hook laden songs telling tales of the good...and the bad, of the darkness that lies within, and of hope that lights the way.

Gods And Monsters...now about to land and blaze a trail for the next chapter of Redline

...torchbearers for a new wave of Classic Rock and Metal.


Track 1-

Gods And Monsters

Track 2-


Track 3-

Prayer For The Dying

Track 4-

Dark City

Track 5-


Track 6-

Fields Of Fire

Track 7-

Take It To The Grave

Track 8-

Nowhere Man

Track 9-

Hell Mary

Track 10-

Stand And Fight

Track 11-


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 After two successful 7 albums self titled and Shattered. Escape Music is pleased to announce the return of talented Mick Devine with brand new solo album title Hear Now,





Release Date: 18th October 2019
Catalogue Number: ESM335
Barcode: 5031281003355

Track Listing:
1.  Strange Voices   3:39
2.  Live Forever  3:38
3.  Home  4:53
4.  So Much Better Now  4:27
5.  Hope Rising   4:38
6.  Standing In The Middle   4:04
7.  Life Goes On   4:02
8.  Another Way  3:57
9.  Life Is An Open Road  3:44
10. Game Over  3:55

Mick Devine - All vocals (7)
Steve Morris - All Guitars and Keyboards (Lonerider / Heartland / Ian Gillan Band / Shadowman)
Brian J Anthony - Drums , Bass, Acoustic Guitars, Mandelion, Keyboards (Steve Walsh / Overland / Jerome Mazza)
Backing Vocals: Stefanie Johnson and Brian J Anthony

Produced by Brian J Anthony
Co Produced by Steve Morris and Mick Devine
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Brian J Anthony
Executive Producer Khalil Turk for Escape Music Ltd.

Back in the year that President Kennedy was assassinated and the Beatles first song entered the UK charts, Mick Devine was born in Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia.
Music was always an important part of the Devine family life with his Dad a semi-professional drummer and frequent late night band rehearsals in the home, proved a source of inspiration to the impressionable Mick.
He always had a good singing voice and from a young age was singled out to perform, with impromptu solo school performances through a number of choirs and school bands, the desire to be a professional musician was growing.

Roll on through the teenage years and Mick has moved from the now Zimbabwe to start a new life in Johannesburg South Africa. He was playing in a local band UC27 as a drummer / singer when he met Keith McFarlane from the award winning South African pop group Face to Face who at the time were planning a move to the UK to further their music careers. Mick was invited to join the band as a drummer and Seven was born.

In the UK as the band developed, it was agreed that Mick was a much better singer than drummer and he needed to come out from behind the drums to be the lead singer.
Mick’s first performance as a frontman was at a showcase for CBS Records in London in front of the A&R guru Muff Winwood. Unfortunately no record deal followed.

Shortly afterwards the band secured a support slot on their first nationwide tour with 90’s pop group Brother Beyond where valuable live experience, and a sizeable fan base were earned. It attracted the attention of Phillip Schofield who at the time was a Radio 1 DJ, and started to play their demo’s on his show.
Whilst on this tour, the wife of the head of Polydor Records came to one of the shows and the story goes that she went home and told her husband that he needed to sign the band. Whether true or not a record deal was offered and signed.

This would prove to be the undoing of Seven, as for many years they had been crafting their sound very much in an AOR rock vein and had a number of really credible recordings and tracks. This was around the time when Soul to Soul burst on the scene and the AOR sound was becoming a little out of fashion in the UK. The band had a real ‘Boy Band’ image and their management and record label pushed them in that direction with the hope that it would break them into a larger market.

John Parr was secured to produce the bands two single EP’s, both of which achieved top 75-chart status and further tours supporting The Monkey’s, Jason Donavan and Richard Marx followed. But as with so many bands without major chart success, the record label dropped them before an album was recorded.

Fast forward through 25 years of bringing up a family and earning a living, to a chance conversation between Khalil Turk (Escape Records) and Pat Davey, the original Seven bass player which led to an offer to finally record the Seven album that should have been released in the 90’s.
Sevens first album ’7’ was released to critical acclaim and was followed two years later with a second album ‘Shattered’ an album of newly written original tracks that was equally well received.

During this period Khalil introduced Mick to Steve Morris (Lonerider / Heartland / Ian Gillan Band) and a song writing partnership developed. Over a number of years they wrote numerous songs in a number of musical styles but all tied together with memorable melodies, lyric’s and killer guitar licks.

Once agin Khalil introduced the awesome American producer & musician Brian J Anthony (Lonerider / Steve Walsh /Overland) into this partnership and the result is the first solo album for Mick Devine called ‘Hear Now’ which is due for release on the 18th October 2019 on the Escape Music label.


Track 1-

Strange Voices

Track 2-

Live Forever

Track 3-


Track 4-

So Much Better Now

Track 5-

Hope Rising

Track 6-

Standing In The Middle

Track 7-

Life Goes On

Track 8-

Another Way

Track 9-

Life Is An Open Road

Track 10-

Game Over

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 Escape Music is pleased to announce the release date for Hanover Fist, remastered by the legendary mastering engineer Alan Douches and extensive liner notes by Melodic Rock Hard Rock Guru Dave Reynolds….
with 2 bonus tracks and the CD will also have both original front covers.




Release Date: 18th October 2019
Catalogue Number: ESM336
Barcode: 5031281003362

Track Listing:

1 THE MAZE 3:40
11 FITS YA GOOD 4:02


Lead Vocal: Frank Zirone
Guitars: George Bernhardt, B. Bartoletti
S. Heydon, K.W.Geer**** and D. Aplin
Background vocals: D. Baynham, S. Heydon, J. Victor
Drums: Kim Hunt, D. Bilan***, P. Armstrong*
Bass: Chris Brockway, D. Woodhead*

Additional Engineers:
J. Primeau, T. Phillips, T. Ballant, R. Brouwers, G. Richardson, E. Stone, N. Golden, H. Cooper

Produced and Engineered by: Stacy Heydon (For P.P.I)
Recorded at Phase One and Metalworks
Mixed at Eel Pie Studio
Remastered by Alan Douches  October 2019

Executive Producer: John Victor
Art direction & Design: Martin Soldat
Photography: Dimo Safari

Hanover Fist’s self-titled debut album might just be one of the greatest ‘80s heavy metal albums you’ll ever hear. If
you’ve never heard it before then prepare to have your head re-arranged by its truly explosive power. Escape Music now proudly re-issues the original Canadian issued version on CD for the first time, correctly reinstating that version’s running order with the added bonus of liner notes by Dave Reynolds and the full involvement of vocalist Frank Zirone.  

The album first appeared in 1985 and became a top selling import in the UK. The Toronto based outfit should’ve gone on to greater heights, but sadly the band’s story is an all too familiar one of outstanding ability and a bright future being all too quickly blighted and ultimately cut short by baffling record label and managerial decisions.

Hanover Fist’s debut LP was released in Canada in early 1985 and featured one of the most imaginative pieces of artwork ever to grace an album sleeve. Take a closer look and you’ll see a vinyl album under construction! It was all the work of Dean Motter (who could count LP covers for Zon, Loverboy, Anvil, Sheriff, Chilliwack, The Nylons, Triumph, Toronto, Lee Aaron and The Arrows on his CV up to that point).

Sadly, Motter’s impressive work wasn’t around long enough to be admired by as many as it should. There were some strange goings on behind the scenes and the album was no longer available for sale domestically after a mere two months. Upon the advice of MCA in the States, Frank signed with a US based management company and the album was released in America a few months after the original Canadian version had disappeared from view; albeit with some pretty sweeping changes being made to it before it hit retail; not least the album’s artwork being changed from Dean Motter’s engineering masterpiece to a depiction of a snarling black panther. Not only was the album re-titled ‘Hungry Eyes’ (so named after one of the songs on the original release) and the running order overhauled with two songs removed and a cover of Bryan Adams’ ‘Fits Ya Good’ added as the revised album’s opening track, but the band name was shortened to Hanover!

“The manager we hooked up with had something of a political conscience,” Frank diplomatically notes. “This was around the time when the PMRC were making noises in the States, so that’s why the cover got changed and we lost the ‘Fist’ part of the band name.”

Dates with Autograph, Heaven, a three month stint with Saxon and selective shows on their own, including gigs in Missouri and Arkansas followed, but the band would ultimately run out of steam. “The original vision had been compromised with the name of the band being shortened, the album cover being changed and especially the running order of the record being vastly different to the original version,” Frank explains. “There was not much drive to continue as the whole thing had been manipulated into something completely different from what we had originally created.”

Yet now the Hanover Fist album can be enjoyed in its original form once more. “It was interrupted mid-stream the first time just as we were on a major trajectory, but we’re back and the re-mastering on this Escape Music reissue is just fantastic!” Zirone enthuses. “It’s so very close to how the original studio sessions were in sound.”

Give in to the Metal of the night!


Track 1-

The Maze

Track 2-

Metal Of The Night

Track 3-

Hungry Eyes

Track 4-

Don't Let It Stop

Track 5-

Standing Six

Track 6-

Fear No Evil

Track 7-

Rock Bottom

Track 8-

High Speed Roller

Track 9-

Looking FOr Love

Track 10-

Should Be Rockin'

Track 11-

Fits Ya Good

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Release date: 20th September, 2019
Catalogue No CD: ESM334
Bar Code CD: 5031281003348
Catalogue No LP: ESMV1004
Barcode LP: 5031281010049

Track Listing:

1. BORN TO LOSE 6:18
3. FIRE & STONE 6:52
6. MONEY 4:18

Band is:
Bobby Barth: Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Vocals, Keys
Bob Harris:  Vocals, Keyboards
Gerald Berger: Bass
Scott Misner: Drums
Brad Banhagel: Guitars
Craig Gysler: Keyboards

Additional players & singers:
David Landes, Ray Patterson, Greg T. Walker,
Billy Kitchens, Thana Harris, Nate Harris

Engineered: Ben Watts, Bobby Barth, Billy Kitchens
Mixed by Mark Pinske
Mastered By Alan Douches
Produced by Bobby Barth for N.E.H. Productions
Executive producer: Khalil Turk

Axe was formed in 1977 out of the ashes of “Babyface”, a Hard Rock band burdened with a top 20 hit... but on the Adult Contemporary Charts. The band was brought together by leader Bobby Barth. Pulling members from all over America to Gainesville Florida, where they lived in one house, wrote music, and practiced.

BobbyBarth, Michael Osborne, Michael Turpin,Teddy Mueller And Edgar J. Riley Jr

Axe was different in that the makeup of the band were all veterans of many years playing clubs and cover music, 4 lead singers, and all writers. Signing a deal before they ever played a gig. The band signed to MCA for 2 records, later on to Atco for 2 records, where they had success with the anthemic song Rock and Roll Party in the Streets” touring with almost every major act on the road. Judas Priest, Ozzy, Deep Purple, Kiss, Motley Crue, Cheap Trick, ZZ Top, and quickly became a touring staple in the arena rock world. The upward momentum ended tragically in the summer of 1984 when Micheal Osborne and Bobby Barth were involved in an automobile accident where Osborne was killed and Barth received a broken neck, but was able to recover. Not having the heart to continue without his best friend Osborne, Axe ended that day and rested Until the 1990’s, Axe once again rose from the ashes to record “Five” their fifth record and then onto the Crown, 20 Years From Home Volume 1 and 2, an Axe Anthology “Axeology” a DVD live from Sweden Rock in 2012, and now finishing their final record…"Axe the Final Offering"


Track 1-

Born To Lose

Track 2-

Bad Romance

Track 3-

Fire & Stone

Track 4-

Land Of Our Fathers

Track 5-

Make A Dream (Last Forever)

Track 6-


Track 7-

Old Scratch

Track 8-

Road To Damascus

Track 9-

Who Will You Run To

Track 10-

T Y Ochen’ Krasi Vaya

Track 11-

Years Slip By

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