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Release Date: 26th May 2023
Catalogue No: ESM376
Bar Code: 5 03128100376 8

Track List:
1. In My Lovin’ Arms 5:28
2.The Ice Age Cometh  6:57
3. Here We Are Again 4:53
4. Secrets In The Sand 7:33
5. Circus Life  5:04
6. My Lonely Heart  6:19
7. The Universal Dance  6:44
8. J.S. Rock 4:06
9. A Song Of Hope 7:31
10. The Author Of Mystery  5:06
11. Long Live Rock And Roll  5:08

Produced and Composer by Keyboards Gregg Fox
Mastered by Steve Mann
Artwork Design by Nello Dell'Omo

Musicians are:
Gregg Foxx (Miley Cyrus/Beggars & Thieves / King Kobra / Vargas/ Bogert & Appice / Quiet Riot/ Paul Shortino / and legendary drummer Carmine Appice)
Robin McAuley (Survivor / Michael Schenker Group) vocal
Mark Boals ( Yngwie Malmsteen / Ted Nugent Dokken) vocals
Alan White (Yes) Drums,
Brian Tichy (Whitesnake / Foreigner / Billy Idol / Dead Daisies) Drums
Michael James Romeo (Symphony X) guitar,
George Lynch (Dokken / Lynch Mob) guitar
Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (Guns n Rose’s) guitar.
Tony Franklin (Blue Murder / The Firm / Kate Bush / Whitesnake) Bass
Greg Smith (Ted Nugent / Billy Idol / Blue Oyster Cult / Alan Parsons /Alice Cooper / Glen Fry) Bass


Gregg Fox comes from a very talented and musical background. He started playing piano at just 5 years old and then into his teens he discovered rock music. Gregg has always loved classical music and the sound of symphonies / orchestras and, indeed, played violin in his high school years.

The influence of Deep Purple, ELP, Jethro Tull and Yes guided Gregg to his niche in the world of music and these bands along with Led Zeppelin became his inspiration. Gregg was originally in a Seattle based Prog rock group called Icarus and they recorded music in the vein of Kansas, Styx and Yes, where he met guitarist Howard Leese and worked with him for some time.

After taking a break from music at the start of 2000 he started writing music in 2007 that would form the basis of the RRO and after playing with huge rock musicians like Carmine Appice, Paul Shortino, Chris Slade and Doug Aldrich he was inspired to form the RRO and write two records with Mikey Bones, who has sadly passed since.

“The Ice Age Cometh” is the latest recording from RRO and it is a fantastic symphonic / rock orchestral recording that fans of the Trans Siberian Orchestra would relate to. This really is a tremendous opus full of grand moments and excellent compositions.










Escape Music is delighted to announce the release date for the new album from much loved British Melodic Rock band Bite The Bullet, titled ‘Rocky Road'!

Limited edition of 1000 CD copies only, all will be individually numbered 1-1000
The first 300 copies will be hand signed by the band!




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Released Date - 21 April 2023
Catalogue NO: ESM375
Barcode No: 5031281003751

1 Dead Man Walking       3:59
2 Not Today                    3:50
3 Digging That Hole       4:10  
4 Call Of The Wild          3:59
5 My Frankenstein           3:36
6 Atlantic Highway         4:09
7 Dancing Eyes               4:05
8 Waiting For You           4:16
9 Sleeping Dogs              4:06
10 Rock Road                  3:22
11 Ironstone                     4:16

Recorded at Toucan Studio Northampton and Rock Hard Music Milton Keynes.
Produced by Mick Benton.

The Musicians:
Mick Benton - lead vocals, guitars, bass and keyboards
Graham Cowling - drums
Malcolm Jones - guitar
Ant King - bass, backing vocals
Steve Hill - keyboards, backing vocals

Rocky Road is the new album from Bite The Bullet who’s previous offerings include ‘Bite The Bullet’ 1989 and 2019 (Jet Records/CBS and Rock Candy Records), ’Black and White’ 2021 (Escape Music) and ’End of the Line’ 2022 (Escape Music).

Originally formed in 1986 by Mick Benton, who had previously released a solo EP on Atlantic Records, and Graham Cowling along with Malcolm Jones the bands first album was widely acclaimed at the time on both sides of the Atlantic and received air play on major radio stations. However with demise of Jet Records and lack of publicity from CBS, coupled with the loss of worldwide support tour with the supergroup ELO, the band went into a 30 year hiatus.

Mick, Graham and Malcolm carried on in cover bands playing hundreds of gigs in the UK and the BTB project was put on hold. In 2019 Mick was approached by Rock Candy Records and the original album was re-released. This rekindled Mick and Graham to write new Bite The Bullet songs and they released ‘Black & White’ in 2021 on Escape Music, followed by ‘End of the Line’ also on Escape Music in 2022, this time with original guitarist Malcolm Jones rejoining the band.

Over the last few months the band has recruited new members Ant King on bass and Steve Hill on keyboards in order to play BTB’s music ‘live’ again and to record their latest album ‘Rocky Road’ .

The bands music is melodic rock in the genre of Mr Mister, Toto, Foreigner and Asia with British rock guitar overtones. The new album is loaded with 11 brand new tracks ranging from the  dark hypnotic rocker Dead Man Walking to the beautifully melodic ballad Waiting For You.










Escape Music is pleased to announce the release date for the long awaited The Flood album title “Hear Us Out”
The Flood is: Chris Ousey / Jim Kirkpatrick / Billy Sheehan / Nigel Glockler / Didge Digital

First 500 CDs will include postcard signed by The Band!

Limited edition "Sunset Boulevard" coloured vinyl of 300 copies only



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Release Date: 24th March 2023
Catalogue No CD: ESM374
Catalogue No Vinyl: ESMV1010
Bar Code: 5031281003744


Track List:

1- Dangerous Dawn 3:57
2- The devil he don’t care 4:19
3- Fight or Flight 4:00
4- Can I call it home 5:18
5- Overdrive 3:25
6- My kind of heaven 3:39
7- The Flood 4:21
8- Stand up 3:44
9- I can’t stop 6:42
10- A reason to change 4:22
11- Til dawn us do part 3:38
12-  A taste of what’s to come 4:24

All songs by Chris Ousey and Jim Kirkpatrick

The Flood is:
Chris Ousey – Vocals (Heartland / Solo / Virginia Wolf / Snakecharmer)
Jim Kirkpatrick – Guitars (FM / Diesel)
Billy Sheehan – Bass (Mr. Big / Winery dogs)
Nigel Glockler – Drums (Saxon / Six by Six / Toyah)
Didge Digital -  Keyboards:(ex FM)

Produced by Jim Kirkpatrick and Chris Ousey
Mixed and Mastered by Fredrik Folkare
Executive Producer Khalil Turk for Escape Music Ltd.
Artwork design by Eric Philippe

Chris Ousey has had an excellent singing career that goes way back to the times of “Monroe” and “Virginia Wolf” and along the way we have had “The Distance”, “Ozone” and “Snakecharmer” but he will always be known for the much loved “Heartland”. He is nicknamed “The man with the golden tonsils” and that is a fine accolade indeed for he has earned it. His effortless vocal range has gained him a top spot in the world of classic UK hard rock. Chris has also recorded two fine solo albums “Rhyme and Reason” and “Dream Machine”.

Jim Kirkpatrick is a well respected guitar player, best known for playing with rock band FM and completing the line-up are Billy Sheehan and Nigel Glockler who, again, have a fine pedigree in rock / metal circles.

“The Flood” have recorded their debut album “Hear us out” and in doing so have given us 12 tracks of fine heavy rock music. Incidentally, this is proper hard driving old school rock with a real meaty vibe to it. Songs Like “Overdrive”, “I can’t stop” and “Til dawn us do part” are fine examples of the quality shown here, but there are simply just no fillers as they move from one song to the next. It’s also a bonus to have the great Didge Digital (ex FM) playing keyboards.

It's about time we had a good original heavy rock album that is worth talking about, so, in their own words, just “Hear us Out” !!









Escape Music is delighted to announce the release date for the debut album by the much loved female artist Gabrielle De Val, titled 'Kiss In A Dragon Night'! The first pressing will include a hand-signed 5x7 inch full colour photo, limited to 500 only!

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Released Date - 17th February 2023
Catalogue NO: ESM373
Barcode No: 5031281003737

The Musicians:
Gabrielle de Val: Lead Vocals
Guest Lead vocalists: Robin McAuley/Mark Boals/Mick Devine/Terry Brock/Steve Overland
Backing vocals: Steve Overland/Mick Devine/Lee Small
Guitars: Fredrik Folkare/Steve Morris/Gary Pihl/Keith Atack/Tommy Denander
Keyboards: Eric Ragno/Steve Mann/Nick Foley/Tommy Denander
Bass: Fredrik Folkare
Drums: Johan Kullberg

Track list:

1. Take on the World  (3:39)
2. When Midnight Comes (with Mark Boals)  (4:16)
3. Moonlight Shadow  (3:45)
4. Kiss in a Dragon Night (with Robin McAuley)  (4:13)
5. Pay For the Lonely Nights  (3:46)
6. Fight For Love (with Mick Devine)  (4:06)
7. Candle in the Window  (4:11)
8. Stayin’ Alive (with Terry Brock)  (3:38
9. Fuel to the Fire  (3:48)
10. Natural High (with Steve Overland)  (3:38)
11. Let’s Get Something Started  (3:35)
12. Hold On (with Mick Devine & Gary Pihl)  (3:26)

Produced By Khalil Turk for Turkish Delight Productions
Mixed and Mastered by Fredrik Folkare
Executive Producer Bruce Mee

Gabrielle de Val started to get involved in the Rock scene when in 1987 she created the band Yin-Yang, which would later be called D'Val, together with several musicians who suggested to her to take part in the 'Villa de Madrid' contest, the most relevant of the Spanish music scene for decades. To the band's surprise, they ranked second in the final, achieving great media coverage, as well as financial aid that they invested in upgrading their equipment and the recording of a vinyl single, which would be distributed nationally.

Gabrielle composed, wrote lyrics, sang, did interviews... and that's how she turned music into her life.  The band recorded several demos that today are part of the treasure trove for the nostalgic Spanish Rock-lovers.  After that, the band remained inactive... for almost 20 years! Until in 2010 Alfonso Samos, David Erick, Alex Morell and Gabrielle reappeared, to everyone's surprise, under the name of The Val and recorded, at last, their debut album 'Back'. And as Gabrielle says, “Good things sometimes come to those who wait... a long wait!” But the world had changed and borders had disappeared for music thanks to social networks and the countless possibilities they offered to go one step further; and that´s how an album that had been conceived to close a stage of the past became the key to open a new and fascinating future. The album was widely distributed and supported by important media such as Classic Rock Magazine and Fireworks Magazine, which made possible the recording of a second album, 'Heading for the Surface' (2015) and a third one, 'King Ocelot'(2020), all of them with extraordinary reviews from the specialised media.

With The Val, Gabrielle gave major concerts, participated in festivals, toured England and had the opportunity to sing live alongside big names in international Rock such as David Saylor and Robert Tepper (Rockingham Fest, 2015) as well as with Spanish artists, such as Rafa Martín, José Carlos Molina and Miguel Oñate.

'Kiss in a Dragon Night', Gabrielle's first solo album, was conceived when Bruce Mee, editor of Fireworks Magazine, received the album 'Back' to write a review for the mag. Somehow the song, over time, led him to want to record a full album with this title, and together with producer Khalil Turk (Escape Music), he shaped the idea and created an album involving vocalists such as Steve Overland (FM/Lonerider/solo), Mick Devine (The Roads/Seven), Robin McAuley (Black Swan/Michael Schenker Band), Mark Boals (Yngwie Malmsteen) and Terry Brock (Strangeways) as well as musicians such as Gary Pihl (Boston/Sammy Hagar), Eric Ragno (Joe Lynn Turner/Babys), Johan Kullberg (HammerFall) and Fredrik Folkare (Nordic Union/Unleashed). Shortly before starting to work on this album and also under the guidance of Bruce Mee and Khalil Turk, Gabrielle appeared on the Circle of Friends album ‘The Garden’ (Escape Music) with the solo track 'When He's Gone'.

For Gabrielle, 'Kiss in a Dragon Night is a mind-blowing adventure, with fellow artists who have “given me more than I could have ever imagined and with songs that I have put all my soul and dedication into.” Already with the suggestive cover of the album, by Gaetano di Falco, a surprising journey begins, with songs by The Val transformed into duets, very powerful original songs by other writers, as well as versions of fascinating tracks such as Stayin' Alive (Magnum), and Moonlight Shadow (Mike Oldfield), the latter of which she had been wanting to record since she heard it for the first time years ago. All of Gabrielle's vocals have been recorded in Stockholm, at Fredrik Folkare's studio, who has done a great job recording the guitars and bass, and also mixing all the tracks on the album. In Gabrielle's words, "Working with Fredrik has been awesome and I can't think of a better place in the world than Stockholm to start a journey like this."










Limited edition numbered cd of 1000 units only 0001 to 1000!
Remastered at 24 bits by Graig Wadell at Armoury Studio, Vancouver, Canada, November 2022

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Release date: 20 January 2023
Catalogue No: ESM372
Bar Code: 5 031281 00372 0

Track List:  Take the time (5:54) / You don’t care 4:54 / Crying again tonight 4:16 / Landing in love 5:11 / Please please me 3:48 / New set of changes 5:11 / Come and see me 3:21 / All by myself 3:51 / Here comes the rain 5:06 / Midnight angel 5:23 Bonus track: Back on the bottom line 4:21

The Band:
Ray Roper: Guitar, lead & backing vocals / David J Wills: Lead & backing vocals /
John Webster: Keyboards / Brian Lousley: Drums & percussion / Danny Atchison: Bass

Stonebolt were a Canadian band based in the Vancouver area and recorded 4 albums between 1978 and 1982. They released their debut album in 1978 on Parachute records and it put them on the map, especially the song “I will still love you” which attracted some chart recognition.

When the label “Parachute” folded the band signed with RCA and recorded “Keep it alive” in 1979, the music was quite poppy during this early era. However, things changed for what is regarded as their best album “New set of changes” which had strong elements of Pomp rock and comparisons could be made to bands such as Styx and Prism. This was released right at the start of the 80’s when the Melodic rock era was beginning to come alive. This third album is up there with many other classics though it never really got the attention it deserved.

“New Set of Changes” had some really strong tunes and is a pleasure to the ears, opening track “Take the Time” is one of those songs that will be going round in your head even after the first spin. There are many other strong songs on the album and also a bonus track “Back on the bottom line” which was a song that missed a deadline for an album but was a firm favourite in their live shows. Here it is for the very first time as a bonus track.

Stonebolt did record a fourth album “Juvenile American Princess” in 1982 and was a worthy addition to the band’s roster but “New set of changes” will always sit high above the other releases as their golden moment.

This limited edition release will be a great way to remember this Canadian quintet and with more up-to-date production techniques the sound is as fresh as it was in the 1980’s.









Escape Music is delighted to announce the release date for The Roads Featuring Gary Pihl (Boston/Sammy Hagar Band) and Mick Devine (Seven/solo artist)  title of the album “Simple Man”   

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Release Date: 18th November 2022
Catalogue No: ESM371
Barcode: 5 031281003713

The Roads are:
Mick Devine - Vocals  (Seven/solo artist)
Gary Pihl - Guitars (Boston/Sammy Hagar)
With special guests:
Josh Devine - Drums (One Direction/Levara)
Tracy Ferrie - Bass guitar (Stryper/Boston)
Paul Taylor - Keyboards (Alice Cooper/Winger)
Lawrence Gowan - Keyboards (Styx)
Neil Miller - Keyboards
Lin Devine - Background vocals
Ben Devine - Additional vocals
Scott Pihl - Additional guitar

Produced by Gary Pihl and Mick Devine
Mixed and Mastered by Dario Mollo
Executive Producer Khalil Turk for Escape Music Ltd
Artwork Design by Eric Phillippe

Track list:
1 - Let’s not let it end like this  3:38
2 - Promise me    4:34
3 - Simple man   5:18
4 - How long?   3:47
5 - It will be alright  3:46
6 - No way   4:09
7 - Avalanche   3:35
8 - Love so strange  5:01
9 - Just not the same  3:44
10 - Love lives in promises  3:25
11 - Will you believe in me?   3:34
12 - Save you from your yesterdays  4:20

If the definition of a road is a pathway from somewhere - to somewhere, then The Roads is the perfect name for the collaboration of Mick Devine and Gary Pihl. Each musician has had a long journey from humble beginnings to incredible heights. Mick with the band Seven and his solo career and Gary as former Sammy Hagar Band and current guitarist with the band Boston have focussed their talents toward a new destination. Their intersection at this moment for their debut, Simple Man, promises to be the culmination of their experience and desire to go farther than they’ve ever been

The seeds for this musical endeavour were first sown when Escape Music Khalil Turk sent the Turkish Delight song, ‘Get Out Of Here’, to Gary Pihl so that he could add guitars to it. “I was flattered that he wanted me to participate with the rest of those excellent musicians, but I had some ideas about how to change the groove of the song,” reveals Pihl. “That required changing the drum parts and Khalil gave me free reign to try it. He put me in touch with the drummer, Josh Devine. I’d always admired Josh’s terrific work with One Direction and Levara and as I told him my groove ideas, he knew exactly was I was talking about and of course, made the drum track even better than what I imagined.”

In turn Pihl wanted to know the identity of the singer, which Josh Devine revealed was his Father, Mick Devine of Escape Music artists, Seven. Never one to miss an opportunity, Khalil Turk could see the chemistry developing and suggested they work together. “After about two minutes on the phone with Mick, I could tell he was a smart and talented guy with a great singing voice and eager to write some thoughtful lyrics and rocking songs,” says Pihl. “That’s what was most appealing to me.”

The song writing throughout was an equal affair between Pihl and Devine. With Pihl adamant that he did not want it to sound like Boston, he certainly acknowledges that they have been inspired by every other band that’s come before them, but that they strived to be unique. “We never set to write with any direction in mind,” reveals Mick Devine. “The songs naturally formed as we worked making it by far the most collaborative writing partnership, I have been involved in. We very quickly realised that we had something special and the songs we were writing would really stand up and we are both so proud of this work.”

But great songs require great musicians and joining both Pihl and Devine in this exciting new adventure are a myriad of experienced recording artists. According to Pihl, “using Mick’s son, Josh for drums, was the easiest choice.” Having worked with One Direction and Levara, his ideas set the stage for the rest of the musicians to lock into. With Pihl’s Boston partner of over ten years, Tracy Ferrie, joining on bass, the keyboard parts were deftly handled by session player Neil Miller and Winger’s Paul Taylor, an old band alumnus of Pihl’s from years ago. With Lawrence Gowan graciously agreeing to play keys on three songs, Pihl had always admired his work with Styx and of course his own band, Gowan. Even though he was so busy with Styx, through the magic of remote recording, he was able to send his fantastic ideas. “I told him I didn’t want listeners to say, “that sounds like Styx keyboards” I want listeners to say, “that sounds like Lawrence Gowan!”. With Pihl’s son, Scott, adding guitar and Mick’s wife, Lin and son Ben adding vocals, The Roads – a name created by Khalil Turk - were ready to roll.

With Escape having been instrumental in quality releases from both Pihl’s outfit, Alliance, and Devine’s band, Seven, you can guarantee that this album is going to uphold that fine tradition. The album’s sound comes from a time when North American AOR behemoths ruled the airwaves and if you look closely, you’ll detect traces of Styx, Kansas, Foreigner and bands of that ilk in its DNA, but it’s armed with an identity all its own. From the lush, expressive vocals of Devine, through to Pihl’s subtle and understated guitar playing, The Roads is far from a conclusion or end and have created a journey that’s got plenty of miles left on the clock, one that you’ll want to take time after time.












Escape Music are pleased to announce the release date for the long awaited Turkish Delight studio album titled “Volume 1" with 500 limited edition double Vinyl “Side A+B Snowy White colour and side C+D Skull Gold colour” all will be numbered 1-500!






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Release Date: 21st October 2022
Catalogue Number: ESM370
Bar Code 5031281003706
Vinyl Catalogue Number: ESMV1009
Barcode: 5 031281010094

The Musicians are:

Ronnie Platt: Lead vocals   (Kansas)
Billy Greer: Lead vocals (Kansas/Seventh Keys/Streets)
Jeff Scott Soto: Lead and backing vocals  (Talisman/Yngwie Malmsteen/Trans Siberian Orchestra)
Robin McAuley: Lead and backing vocals  (Michael Schenker Group/Grand Prix/solo artist)
Chris Ousey: Lead vocals and Backing vocals  (Heartland/Ousey-Mann/Virginia Wolf))
Jerome Mazza: vocals (Pinnacle Point/Steve Walsh)
James Christian: Lead and backing vocals (House Of Lords)
Terry Brock: Lead vocals (Strangeways/Kansas)
Lee Small: Lead and backing vocals (Phenomena/Lioneheart/Shy)
Mick Devine: Lead and Backing vocals  (Devine Intervention/7/solo artist)
Ronnie Romero: Lead and backing vocals (Rainbow/Michael Schenker Group)
Tony Harnell: Lead vocals and backing vocals (TNT/Westworld/Starbreaker/Morning Wood)
Steve Overland: Lead and backing vocals (Lonerider/FM/solo artist)
Robin Beck: Backing vocals (solo artist)
Matt Sinner: Bass  (Primal Fear/Sinner)
Joel Hoekstra: Guitars (Whitesnake/ Trans Siberian Orchestra/13)
Mike Slamer: Guitars  (City Boy/Streets/Seventh Key/Steelhouse Lane)
Jeff Pilson: Bass (Foreigner)
Gary Pihl: Guitars  (Sammy Hagar/Boston)
Steve Morris: Guitars and Keyboards (Heartland/Lonerider)
Gene Black: Lead Guitars (Tina Turner/Rod Stewart/Device)
Billy Sheehan: Bass (Mr Big/The Flood/Talas)
Tracy Ferrie: Bass  (Stryper/Boston)
Ricky Phillips: Bass  (Baby’s/Styx/Bad English)
Rocky Newton: Bass  (Michael Schenker Group/Lionheart)
Josh Devine: Drums (One Direction/Levara/Devine Intervention)
Takeaki Itoh: Bass (Pinnacle Point)
Jim Kirkpatrick: Slide guitar  (FM/The Flood/Bernie Marsden Band)
Chris Childs: Bass  (Thunder/Lonerider)
Steve Mann: Keyboards (Michael Schenker Group/Lionheart/Ousey/Mann)
Vince DiCola: Keyboards (Rocky4/Staying Alive/Transformers/Storming Heaven)
Mark Mangold: Keyboards (Touch/American Tears/Drive She Said)
Alessandro Del Vecchio: Keyboards  (Revolution Saints/Edge Of Forever/Hardline)
Stevie D: Lead guitar
Marco Mendoza: Bass (Whitesnake/Thin Lizzy/Journey)
Jimmy Nicholas: B3 (Faith Hill/Kenny Loggins/Van Zant/Jim Peterik/Juice Newton)
Tommy Denander: Guitars and keyboards (Radioactive/Steve Walsh/Robert Hart))
Brain J Anthony: Bass (Steve Walsh/Lonerider/Robert Heart/ Robbie LeBlanc)
Brian Tichy: Drums (Whitesnake/Dead Daisies/ Foreigner)
Mark Stanway: Keyboards (Magnum/Grand Slam)
Robin Beck: Backing vocals (solo artist)
Nikolo Kotzev: Lead guitars (Brazen Abbot/Robin Gibb)
Fredrik Folkare: Guitars (Unleashed/Heartwind)
Mikael Rosengren: Keyboards  (Heartwind)
Steve Newman: Guitars/keys/backing vocals (Newman/Compass)
Eric Ragno: Keyboards (Baby’s/Joe LynnTurner)
Fredrik Bergh: Keyboards (Talk Of Town/Bloodbound)
Michael Lange: Drums



Side A
1. INTRO   1:49
Music arrangement: Vince DiCola

2. Live Again   4:46
Steve Newman)
Ronnie Platt: Lead vocals   
Chris Ousey: Backing vocals
Steve Newman: Guitars/keys/backing vocals
Steve Mann: Keyboards
Stevie D: Lead guitar
Rocky Newton: Bass
Josh Devine: Drums

3. Crazy Days  3:27
(Dean London/Tommy Denander)
Jerome Mazza: vocals
Vince DiCola: Keyboards
Joel Hoekstra: Guitars
Takeaki Itoh: Bass
Josh Devine: Drums

4. Bad Enough    4:45  
(Steve Newman)
Billy Greer: Lead vocals
Joel Hoekstra: Guitars
Matt Sinner: Bass
Steve Newman: Keyboards
Eric Ragno: Keyboards
Josh Devine: Drums

(Steve Morris / Mick Devine)
Mick Devine: Lead and Backing vocals
Steve Morris: Guitars and keyboards
Jim Kirkpatrick: Slide guitar  
Chris Childs: Bass
Josh Devine: Drums  

Side B
1. Harder They Fall   3:54
(Steve Overland / Tommy Denander)
Jeff Scott Soto: Lead and backing vocals  
Joel Hoekstra: Guitars
Tommy Denander: Guitars  
Billy Sheehan: Bass
Alessandro Del Vecchio: Keyboards  
Josh Devine: Drums

2. Get Out Of Here    3:57
(Mick Devine / Steve Morris)
Terry Brock: Lead vocals
Mick Devine: Backing Vocals
Gary Pihl: Guitars  
Steve Morris: Keyboards
Tracy Ferrie: Bass  
Josh Devine: Drums

3. Believe   5:29
(Steve Overland / Fredrik Bergh)
Robin McAuley: Lead and backing vocals  
Mike Slamer: Guitars
Fredrik Bergh: Keyboards
Jeff Pilson: Bass
Josh Devine: Drums

4. Hangman Blues    3:20
(Lee Smal /Tommy Denander)
Lee Small: Lead and backing
Joel Hoekstra: Lead Guitars
Tommy Denander: Guitars and keyboards
Rocky Newton: Bass
Josh Devine: Drums

Side C
1. State of Mind    4:40
(Mick Devine / Tommy Denander)
Jerome Mazza: Lead and backing vocals
Mick Devine: Backing vocals
Gene Black: Lead Guitars
Tommy Denander: Guitars and keyboards
Ricky Phillips: Bass  
Mark Stanway: Keyboards
Josh Devine: Drums

2. Belly Of The Beast*  5:24
(Steve Morris/Chris Ousey)
Chris Ousey: Lead and backing vocals  
Steve Morris: Guitars
Mark Mangold: Keyboards
Chris Childs: Bass
Josh Devine: Drums

3. Holy Water    5:13
(Mike Slamer /Lee Small
Ronnie Romero: Lead and backing vocals
Lee Small: Backing vocals
Mike Slamer: Guitars
Marco Mendoza: Bass
Jimmy Nicholas: B3 Hammond
Josh Devine: Drums

4. Sweet Serenity    3:34
(Mikael Rosengren/James Christian)
James Christian: Lead and backing vocals
Robin Beck: Backing vocals
Nikolo Kotzev: Lead guitars
Fredrik Folkare: Guitars
Mikael Rosengren: Keyboards
Takeaki Itoh: Bass
Josh Devine: Drums

Side D
1. Take It Away    3:30
(Steve Overland/Tommy Denander/Michael Landau)
Tony Harnell: Lead vocals and backing vocals
Steve Overland: Backing vocals
Tommy Denander: Guitars and keyboards
Marco Mendoza: Bas
Josh Devine: Drums

2. BAD TO GOOD    4:27
(Steve Overland/Tommy Denander)
Steve Overland: Lead and backing vocals
Tommy Denander: Guitars and keyboards
Brain J Anthony: Bass
Brian Tichy: Drums

3. The Year 2000**    6:04   (Vinyl Only)
(Dariush/Chris Ousey/Mariam Mohammed)
Chris Ousey: Lead and backing vocals
Tommy Denander: Guitars and keyboards
Brian Anthony: Bass
Michael Lange: Drums

4. FROZEN ROSE**   4:57  (Vinyl Only)
(Kouroush/Chris Ousey/Mariam Mohammed)
Chris Ousey: Lead and backing vocals
Tommy Denander: Guitars and keyboards   
Brian Anthony: Bass
Michael Lange: Drums


CD Version:

1. Intro  1:49
2. Live Again  4:46
3. Crazy Days  3:27
4. Bad Enough  4:45
5. Never Will Forget  3:42
6. Harder They Fall  3:54
7. Get Out Of Here  3:57
8. Believe  5:29
9. Hangman Blues  3:20
10. State Of Mind  4:40
11. Belly Of The Beast  5:24
12. Holy Water  5:13
13. Sweet Serenity  3:34
14. Take It Away  3:30
15. Bad To Good  4:27


Produced by Khalil Turk for Turkish Delight Productions
Mixed and Mastered by Stephen DeAcutis at Sound Spa Studio, New Jersey, USA
*Mixed by Andy Zukerman
*Mastered by Fredrik Folkare
**Mixed and Mastered by Brian J Anthony  (Vinyl Only)
Artwork Design by Hugh Syme (Rush/Bad English/Elton John)

Turkish Delight:Khalil Turk & Friends

‘Turkish Delight Volume One’ celebrates the absolute joy that Escape Music co-owner Khalil Turk has for the kind of music he loves so much and has spent the last thirty and then some years championing. Indeed, his enthusiasm for a new band or a new song today is no different from when I first met him in the mid ‘80’s. I lost count of the number of phone calls he made to me when I was working for ‘Kerrang!’ magazine, where he would excitedly tell me ‘Dave, you just have to listen to this! It’s brilliant! You’ll love it!’ before playing me something over the phone – new and often obscure - he had picked up on his international record buying trips. Nine and a half times out of ten he’d be right!!

Khalil’s quality control has been such that the record label he co-founded with fellow melodic rock enthusiast Barrie Kirtley in 1995 remains reliably and solidly in place all these years later. Escape continues to deliver monthly doses of quality hard rock, melodic rock and AOR to a very devoted following.  

Khalil had first entered the music business in the early ‘90’s, effectively as a talent scout for the German owned Long Island label. However, after the company folded, Turk felt  that, rather than look at opportunities with other labels, he had the enthusiasm and now had rather more knowledge of the inner workings of the music business to put something together himself alongside the equally enthusiastic and astute Kirtley. We’ve seen hundreds of solid album releases from a huge variety of acts (including AXE, Steve Walsh (Kansas), John Elefante (Kansas), Lonerider, Shadowman, Alliance, Pinnacle Point, Mass, Heartland, Grand Illusion, Overland, Last Autumn’s Dream, Punky Meadows, ColdSpell, Chris Ousey, Ozone and Touch, to name just a few) as well as reissues (from Aviator, Sugarcreek, Jon Butcher Axis, Franke And The Knockouts, FM, Tantrum and Surrender, Zon, Hanover Fist etc) ever since.

So here we are, over twenty five years since that first Escape Music album appeared hot off the presses (Heartland’s ‘III’ album in November 1995, if you’re asking) and this collection of songs, personally chosen by Khalil, reiterates that pure joy he still possesses for the music he is utterly immersed by.

With material from the pens of Steve Overland (FM), Chris Ousey (Heartland), Steve Morris (Export/Ian Gillan/Heartland), Mick Devine (Seven), Steve Newman (Newman/Compass) and Tommy Denander (Radioactive) there’s also a list of musicians culled from Khalil’s contact book that, quite frankly, is VERY impressive. Just a few names appearing on ‘Turkish Delights’ to throw at you include Ronnie Platt (Kansas), Billy Greer (Streets/Kansas), Billy Sheehan (Talas/David Lee Roth/Mr Big), Gary Pihl (Sammy Hagar/Boston/Alliance), Gene Black (Device), Jeff Pilson (Dokken), Jeff Scott Soto, Chris Childs (Thunder), Mike Slamer (City Boy/ Streets/Seventh Keys/Steelhouse Lane) Joel Hoekstra (Whitesnake/Joel Hoekstra’s 13), Mark Mangold (American Tears/Touch/ Drive, She Said), Mark Stanway (Magnum), Mat Sinner (Sinner), Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy/Whitesnake/Journey), Ricky Phillips (The Babys/Bad English/Styx), Robin Beck, Robin Mc Auley (Grand Prix/MSG), James Christian (House Of Lords) Steve Overland (FM), Jerome Mazza (Pinnacle Point/solo), Terry Brock (Strangeways) and Vince DiCola (‘Transformers’/Thread/Storming Heaven). This is a cast of thousands. Well, it at least appears that way!

It’s a very interesting package and, as Khalil would surely say, you’ll love it!

Dave Reynolds

August 2022










Escape Music has great pleasure to announce the release of the third
Streetlight Circus album titled “Super Fine Sugar"

 £10.99 + Shipping

Out now

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Release Date: 23 September 2022
Catalogue Number: ESM369
Bar Code: 5 031281003690

1. Super Fine Sugar  2:48
2. Drive It Like I Stole It (featuring Berton Averre of The Knack)  4:25
3. Cherry Cola (featuring Jon Auer of The Posies)  3:50
4. Ex Machina (featuring Jesper and Jacob Binzer of D-A-D)  3:40
5. Pay My Rent  4:25
6. Dirty Earth (featuring Tony Harnell)  4:16
7. Take Me To The River  2:47
8. This Means War  4:36
9. Trouble (featuring Brian Forsythe of Kix)  5:00
10. Clown Parade (featuring Jon Auer of The Posies)  3:36
11. Zero At The Bone    4:46
12. Rattle The Cage  4:42

Band members:
David Shaw - lead vocals, bass
George Giannoulis - lead guitar, vocals
Alex Rude - guitar, vocals
Erik Fehrenbach - drums, vocals

Produced by Streetlight Circus
Recorded at Snake Mountain Studios - Monroe, New York
Mixed and Mastered by Bob St. John for PDQ Productions


Born in New York City, raised on rock ‘n’ roll, Streetlight Circus has become a fist-raising juggernaut.  With two independently-released full-length albums and one EP, consistent touring in the United States and overseas, invites to major American rock festivals, and bills shared with countless venerated artists, Streetlight Circus has become a name synonymous with the new wave of hard rock. The band's new album, Super Fine Sugar, represents a huge leap forward for the hard-hitting quartet.

Streetlight Circus showcases the urgent songwriting and soaring vocals of David Shaw, the fiery and passionate guitar work of George Giannoulis, the thunderous drumming of Erik Fehrenbach, and the smooth rhythm guitar work of Alex Rude.

What’s more, Streetlight Circus has captured the attention of industry stalwarts who have eagerly participated in the creation of the new album. The songs were mixed and mastered by Grammy-winning producer and engineer Bob St. John. Guest appearances are made by Berton Averre (The Knack), Tony Harnell (TNT), Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow (The Posies), Brian Forsythe (Kix), and Jesper and Jacob Binzer (D-A-D).

Streetlight Circus has been invited to rock thousands at festivals such as Rock Fest (Wisconsin), Rocklahoma (Oklahoma), Rock N’ Derby (New York), Wolf Fest (Colorado), and the M3 Rock Festival (Maryland) among many others. The band has managed to comfortably fit on bills featuring bands as heavy as Avatar, Anthrax, and Megadeth and as accessible as The Doobie Brothers, Buckcherry, and Night Ranger. In 2018, Streetlight Circus embarked on a successful headlining tour of the United Kingdom taking them from Wales to Scotland and many British points in between.

Supercharged and ready to roll with Super Fine Sugar, Streetlight Circus is prepared to rock stages around the globe. Don’t miss your chance to rock under the band’s big top. It’s a show you won’t want to miss.









Escape Music is thrilled to announce the release date of the long overdue second Steelover  album title “Stainless"
The first 500 copies will be hand signed by the band!

 £10.99 + Shipping

Out now

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Release Date: 19th August 2022
Catalogue No: ESM368
Bar Code: 5 031281003683

Track list:
1. Dealer  3:47
2. Give It Up  3:53
3. Get Out  5:07
4. Remember  4:43
5. Hold Tight  3:53
6. Lady of Rock  4:15
7. Want Your Love  4:08
8. Don't Know Why  4:27
9. Never Before  4:48
10. Need the Heat  3:58
11. Struck Down  5:09
12. Forever  4:09

SteeLover is:
Vince Cardillo: Vocals
Pat Freson: Guitars & backing vocals
Calin Uram: Guitars
Nick Gardi: Bass & backing vocals
Nikko Konikiewicz: Drums
Produced by Steelover
Mixed by Fredrik Folkare

STEELOVER is a Belgian Melodic Rock band. The band was formed in the early 80's by three friends living in Liege, Belgium, the guitarists Pat Freson & Mel Presti and the bassist Nick Gardi. In search of a drummer, they threw their sights on Rudy Lenners (Scorpions) upon his return from Germany, having left the famous German band Scorpions.

Rudy proposed to contact Vince Cardillo, a singer who had already on the one hand experience and on the other hand already recorded an album in London, it will fit perfectly explained Rudy.

They all felt the magic during the first rehearsal. In no time, Steelover recorded their first album "Glove Me” which was released under the label Mausoleum.

To date, this album was sold for over more than 400.000 copies of which more than 76,000 in Poland.

They followed with a tour across different countries like The Netherlands, Germany, France and Belgium including Forest National opening for Bon Jovi and KISS.

Vince decided to leave the band. Replaced by Dani Klein, the second album was recorded but never released. Dani left the band after a short time with Mel Presti to start a new band under the name Vaya Con Dios.

The band came back in 2017 with a new E.P. (including single "Wild and Free" mixed by the legendary producer and and mixing engineer Tommy Hansen but without Vince and Nel.

In 2019, Rudy Lenners greeted the audience one last time before retiring from his musical career at the Golden Age festival with Vince as special guest. After the show Vince, Pat & Nick decided to continue the Steelover’s adventure and started to look for another drummer and another guitarist. After a few weeks of auditions,  Calin (guitars) and Nikko (drums) joined the Steelover family. The newcomers are bringing a modern and more powerful touch to both old and new songs.

Since October 2020 the band has been working hard on the new album which is scheduled on Escape Music on 19th August 2022…...We will rock you !!!










The first 300 copies will be hand signed by the band!

 £10.99 + Shipping

Out now

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Release Date 22nd July 2022
Catalogue No: ESM367
Bar Code: 5 031281003676

The band is:
Ben Green - Vocals
Steve Newman - Guitar, Keyboards
Dave Bartlett - Bass
Toni Lakush - Drums

1. Mountains On The Moon  10:59
2. Searching For Answers     6:35
3. The Assayer                       8:08
4. Once In A Lifetime            5:17
5. Laws Of Nature Dialogue I : Fly To The Sun   7:36
6. Laws Of Nature Dialogue II : God Only Knows  5:25
7. Laws Of Nature Dialogue III : This Pendulum Swings  6:48
8. Theory Of Tides  6:31

Recorded at Chrome Dome Studios, London, England between July 2020 and February 2022
Produced and Mixes by Steve Newman
Mastered by Dave Draper
Executive Producer Khalil Turk for Escape Music Ltd.


The Compass story began back in December 2017 when singer songwriter Steve Newman decided to write a few songs that musically would step outside the barriers imposed by many years writing for his own band Newman. This was to be something very different, liberating, both musically and lyrically, from anything he had created before, with the freedom to move across genres and not be pigeon holed within any particular musical style.


Part of this removal from Steve’s previous work would involve looking for a singer to bring these ideas to life. After a few auditions and a few calls in the latter part of 2018 Steve started talking with singer Ben Green about the songs and through these conversations the nucleus of the band started to take shape. David Bartlett joined the band in early 2019 and was a very natural choice, Dave being a member of the Newman touring band for the passed 9 years. with the addition of Toni Lakush filling the drum position the Compass band was complete.


A very eclectic mix pulling in influences from Dream Theater, Rush, Saga, through It Bites, and Pink Floyd. the band set about recording their debut album "Our Time On Earth" which was subsequently released through Escape Music (ESM 342) in 2020 to great acclaim by the music press and fans of both the Melodic Rock and Metal genres. Gathering multiple 10's and 100% reviews, Steve's vision, and indeed the rest of the band's was successfully realised in creating a bridge between these two genres of music. One of the greatest compliments being that the songs could not be placed into one specific category. High on the momentum from the first album, and also restricted to only studio work due to the pandemic Steve set about constructing songs within a concept for the second album. Compass are very proud to introduce you to the "Theory Of Tides" a concept album based on the life, works, and inner turmoil of the famous astronomer and scientist Galileo Galilei. It follows in the Compass tradition of creating mindscapes both musically and lyrically taking the listener through a journey that encompasses Galileo's life. "Theory Of Tides" shows that Compass are a developing band and becoming even more in tune with each other as writers and performers. The musical arrangements and production also reflect this natural evolution.






New Vinyl Version Available

Due to high demand we have had to re-press a new limited edition of 200 copies only
in "Ash Grey” colour 180gr vinyl. All will be individually numbered 1-200
and will also include an exclusive hand signed postcard from Steve Overland himself.

Vinyl £16.99 + Shipping
Available to order now

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Overland  “Scandalous” LP with the 300 limited edition Vinyl “Dracula” colour Now Sold out!!


Release Date: Now Available
Vinyl ESMV1006
Bar Code: 5 031281 01006 3

Steve Overland - Lead Vocals / Backing Vocals
Tommy Denander - All Guitars / Keyboards (Alice Cooper / Robert Hart)
Brian Tichy - Drums (Billy Idol / Foreigner / Ozzy Osborne / Dead Daisies / Whitesnake)
Brian Anthony - Bass / Hammond / Percussions (Steve Walsh)

Produced by Steve Overland / Tommy Denander / Khalil Turk
Executive producer Khalil Turk
Mixed and Mastered by Brian J Anthony
All vocals recorded at Tremolo Recording Studio, UK
All songs written by Tommy Denander and Steve Overland









 £10.99 + Shipping

Out now

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Release Date 24th June 2022
Catalogue No: ESM366
Bar Code: 5 031281003669


The Musicians are:
Chris Ousey - Lead / backing vocals
Steve Mann - Guitars / Keyboards
Angela Mann - Bass
Clive Edwards - Drums
Jason Mann - Backing vocals on “I’ll Tell You When To Stop”

Produced, mixed and mastered by Steve Mann
Executive Producer Khalil Turk for Escape Music Ltd.
Artwork by Eric Phillippe  

Track List:
1.The Flag 4:44
2. And So It Begins 4:51
3. Brave New World 4:36
4. I’ll Tell You When To Stop 4:11
5. Broken 4:43
6. Cruising At Altitude 4:19
7. Built For The Fight 4:12
8. The Fall 4:47
9. Is Anybody Listening 4:48
10. Before You Leap 5:06
11. I Know Who I Am With You 4:42
12.  No Second Chances 4:30
13. Number One 4:45

When the first lockdown began in 2020 Khalil Turk of Escape Music Ltd introduced Steve Mann to Chris Ousey with an idea of working together. The pair set to work and quickly realised that there was a great synergy between the two of them. The resulting work “Is Anybody Listening” is a dynamic work of classic hard rock at its best and certainly stands as some of the best work that either of them have been involved with.

Chris Ousey has had an excellent singing career that goes way back to the times of “Monroe” , “Virginia Wolf”, and along the way we have had “The Distance”, “Ozone” and “Snakecharmer” but he will always be known for the much loved “Heartland”. He is nicknamed “The man with the golden tonsils” and that is a fine accolade indeed for he has earned it. His effortless vocal range has gained him a top spot in the world of classic UK hard rock. Chris has also recorded two fine solo albums “Rhyme and Reason” and “Dream Machine” and has most recently shone in the latest Heartland recording “Into the future” with Mike Slamer.

Steve Mann is a guitarist, keyboards player, composer and producer born in London, England into a musical family with nearly every family member playing an instrument of some sort. Steve joined his first professional band “Liar” in the 1970’s and two albums were released with an excellent 3rd recording in LA which ended up on the shelf. That is, until it was released in 2021 as “Sunset Plaza Drive” on Escape Music Ltd. After Liar Steve formed the NWOBHM band “Lionheart” with Dennis Stratton (Iron Maiden guitarist) and Rocky newton (later MSG). In 1986 Steve was invited by Michael Schenker to join his new project “McAuley Schenker Group” with Robin McAuley on Vocals and Rocky Newton on bass. Steve later went on to join 70’s glam rockers “The Sweet” and also recorded and toured with prog legends “Eloy”

This is a very exciting collaboration between two well-seasoned musicians and the 13 tracks on offer here are all excellent classic melodic hard rock which fans will just love from start to finish.









Escape Music are pleased to announce the release date for the second Lonerider studio album titled “Sundown" with 500 limited edition Vinyl “Smokey” colour all will be numbered 1-500, and will include an exclusive hand signed postcard from all members of the band!.

The same hand signed postcard will also be available to first 500 CD's






 £10.99 + Shipping

Available now

VINYL VERSION ('Smoky colour vinyl')

 £19.99 + Shipping

Available now




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Release Date: 20th May 2022
Catalogue Number: ESM362
Bar Code 503128100361

Vinyl ESMV1008
Barcode: 5 031281010087
(limited edition 500 units in “smokey” colour)

The Band is:
Steve Overland: Vocals
Simon Kirke: Drums
Steve Morris: Guitars, Keyboards and Hammond
Chris Childs: Bass

Produced by Lonerider
Executive Producer: Khalil Turk
Mixed and Mastered by Stephen DeAcutis at Sound Spa Studio, New Jersey, USA

1- Fantasyland 3:41
2- Cross the Border 4:12
3- Undefeatable 3:48
4- Harder Love 4:25
5- When You Got Nothing 3:41
6- Any way the wind blows 4:56
7- Yesterday’s News 3:38
8- Badlands 3:26
9- Wild River 3:46
10- Criminal Mind 3:43
11- Prayer for the Lonely 5:04
12- Devil Road 3:44

1- Fantasyland 3:41
2- Cross the Border 4:12
3- Undefeatable 3:48
4- Harder Love 4:25
5- When You Got Nothing 3:41
6- Any way the wind blows 4:56
7- Yesterday’s News 3:38
8- Badlands 3:26
9- Wild River 3:46
10- Criminal Mind 3:43
11- Love to Love 3:41*  Vinyl only
12- Long Time Gone 4:23* Vinyl only


In 2019 the debut album “Attitude” by Lonerider was released, a band that not only features Steve Overland (FM, Solo, Shadowman), Steve Morris (Heartland, Shadowman) and Chris Childs (Thunder) but legendary drummer Simon Kirke of Free and Bad Company fame. The band come across like Bad Company mixed with Shadowman and their debut “Attitude” was loved by many. Lonerider have the feel of that classic Bad Company that we know and love, yet the songs are modern, fresh and vibrant.

Since 2019 the band have been working on a new release and it will be available in May 2022, entitled “Sundown”. This new album boasts 12 new tracks of classic rock in the same vein as “Attitude”, well why change a winning formula?

The vinyl version is a numbered edition of 500 and to make it special it has two different tracks to the CD, namely “Love to Love” and “Long Time Gone”.

A great start to 2022









Escape Music is delighted to announce the release date for John Elefante (ex Kansas / Mastedon) brand new studio album titled “The Amazing Grace”

The first 1000 copies will be a limited edition will include hand signed postcard from John Elefante !  

 £10.99 + Shipping

Buy now

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Release Date: 22nd April 2022
Catalogue No: ESM365
Barcode: 5 031281003652

Track List:
01 City Of Grace 4:13
02 Stronger Now 4:40
03 The Amazing Grace 5:19
04 Time Machine 4:50
05 Won’t Fade Away 5:15
06 Not Alone 6:39
07 Falling Into Place 5:24
08 We Will Be Fine 4:22
09 Little Brown Book 5:02
10 And When I’m Gone 4:20
11 City Of Grace (Long Version) 6:16

Produced and engineered By…John Elefante for Kingheir Music
Executive Producer…Frank Boxberger

 Drums - Dan Needham / Guitars - Dave Cleveland, John Elefante, Frank Boxberger
Acoustic guitars - Dave Cleveland, Dustin Blatnik (Not Alone)
Bass - Anthony Sallee / Keyboards - John Elefante
Piano on “And When I’m Gone” Jimmy Nichols
Strings and string arrangements…Chris Carmichael
Lead and Background vocals - John Elefante / stand out vocal “City Of Grace” Jonell Mosser
Percussion - Eric Darken

Mixed by James Joseph / Mastered by Brian J Anthony.

John Elefante was born in New York and moved to Long Beach, California at an early age. He sang and performed drums for his family band “The Brotherhood” in his youth and has always maintained a close working relationship with his brother Dino.

His career really took off in 1981 when he auditioned for lead vocals and keyboards for Kansas in 1981. He got the job despite stiff competition and went on to feature on “vinyl confessions” and “Drastic Measures” writing such songs as “Chasing shadows”, “Fight Fire with Fire” and “Right Away”. He also took lead vocals on the huge mainstream hit song “Play the Game Tonight”. In the mid to late eighties he was involved with some Christian artists such as “Sweet Comfort Band” and “Petra” as a producer, etc.

John took a heavier direction in the late eighties / early nineties when he formed a record label with Dino called “Pakaderm” and went on to create the band “Mastedon” who enjoyed much success during the nineties. If that wasn’t enough he continued at breakneck speed as a label owner and producer and turned his hand to a couple of solo releases “Windows of Heaven” in 1995 and “Corridors” in 1997. In 1999 he released “Defying Gravity” which was his most rewarding solo album to date, and Revolution of Mind. John also 3 time Grammy award winner and has been nominated seven times, he and his brother Dino also wrote and coproduced the song “young and innocent” which appeared on the multi platinum album soundtrack St Elmo‘s fire

By the year 2010 John had been involved with 100 or so major albums in one way or another. His songwriting abilities shone through again in the 2013 release “On my way to the sun” which featured Kansas members David Ragsdale and Rich Williams.

It's now 2022 and John is still very much at the forefront of the music scene and here we have “The Amazing Grace”, 11 tracks of the highest quality rock. The song “Stronger Now” has already had an airing on “youtube” and has had received many positive reviews. If you haven’t already done so, it’s well worth checking out.









Escape Music is delighted to announce the release date for the much anticipated album
from Circle Of Friends title - The Garden Featuring Robin Beck, Jeff Scott Soto, Robin McAuley, Darby Mills, Joel Hoekstra, Steve Mann, Steve Morris and many more!

 £10.99 + Shipping

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Release Date: 25th March, 2022
Catalogue no: ESM364
Bar Code: 5031281003645

Track List:
02 TAKE MY LOVE TO HEART (Jaime Kyle)  3:22
03 NEVER GONNA MAKE ME CRY (James Christian)  4:16
04 BAD BLOOD (Jeff Scott Soto)  4:42
05 KNOWING ME, KNOWING YOU (Robin Beck)  4:33
06 TRUTH OR DARE (Karen Fell)  3:33
07 ALONE (Robin McAuley)  3:50
08 TRICK OF THE LIGHT (Darby Mills)  3:59
09 11:59 (Ellinor Asp)  3:19
10 TIME HAS COME (Cheri Lyn)  3:36
11 WHEN HE’S GONE (Gabrielle De Val)  3:04
12 LOVE IS TOUGH (Tanya Rizkala)  3:29
13 DON’T FEAR THE REAPER (Robin McAuley)  5:33

Vocalists are:
Robin Beck
Darby Mills (solo/xHeadpins)
Jaime Kyle
Robin McAuley (MSG/Black Swan)
Jeff Scott Soto (solo/Trans-Siberian Orchestra/Wet/Sons of Apolo/Talisman/Yngwie Malmsteen)
James Christian (House Of Lords)
Tanya Rizkala (Epic)
Karen Fell (Tao)
Ellinor Asp (Hellinor)
Cheri Lyn
Gabrielle De Val (The Val)

Also on backing vocals:
Mick Devine (Seven)
Gary Hughes (Ten)
Kevin Chalfant (Storm)

Musicians are:
Joel Hoekstra : Guitars  (Whitesnake/Trans Siberian Orchestra)
Steve Mann: Keys/Lead guitar (MSG/Lionheart)  
Steve Morris: Guitars/Keys (Lonerider/Ian Gillan Band/Shadowman/Heartland)
Fredrik Folkare: Guitars  (Nordic Union/x Eclipse)
Martin Hall: Guitars (Heartwind)
Göran Engvall: Guitars (Heartwind)
Peter Östros: Guitars (Jaded Heart)
Tommy Denander: Guitars/Keys (Radioactive)
Mikael Rosengren:: Keyboards (Heartwind)
Josh Devine: Drums (One Direction/Levara)
Wayne Banks: Bass (Brazen Abbot/Saxon/Robin Gibb)  
Eric Ragno: Keys/B3

Produced by Khalil Turk for Turkish Delight Production
Mixed and Mastered By Fredrik Folkare
Executive Producer Bruce (HeyUP) Mee

The Garden is the album put together by Bruce Mee as a tribute to his late mother, who died of cancer in 2020.

Called Circle of Friends because the majority of the singers appearing on the album are personal friends of Bruce and Khalil, and were all willing to help bring this wonderful concept to life.

Growing up in the 70s/80s, Bruce developed a love for Melodic Rock, his first ever live show being when his mother took him and his brother, Chris, to see Alvin Stardust in 1974.  But it was in 1978 when Chris bought Rainbow ‘Rising’ that Bruce’s musical taste began to turn away from ABBA to the more hard rocking strains of the likes of Blackmore, Dio, Magnum, Survivor, Dare, Bonfire, Night Ranger and many others. Of course, a strong love for ABBA still remains, explaining the gorgeous cover of ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’ by Robin Beck on ‘The Garden’.

Over the years, certain other songs appealed to Bruce,  almost demanding to be updated to a more modern sound.  Tracks like Blondie’s ‘11:59’, BOC’s classic ‘Don’t Fear the Reaper’ and the little known Fierce Heart song ‘Never Gonna Make Me Cry’, which should be revered in the same company as Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ and is given a phenomenal work-out here by House of Lords’ James Christian.

Of the 13 tracks, 4 are covers. The remaining 9 are originals, most written by Sweden’s Mikael Rosengren and his co-writers. Jaime Kyle brings her own song ‘Take My Love To Heart’ to the CD, with backing vocals supplied by the likes of Kevin Chalfant (The Storm, Two Fires).

Elsewhere we have the Queen of Metal, Doro Pesch, blasting out the opener ‘Little Piece of Heaven’, followed by the likes of Jeff Scott Soto, Robin Beck, Darby Mills, Karen Fell (with Ten’s Gary Hughes on bvox), Robin McAuley (MSG), Tanya Rizkala, Gabrielle De Val, Cheri Lyn and Ellinor Asp.

On guitar we have special guest Joel Hoekstra of Whitesnake, along with Steve Mann, Tommy Denander and more.

The rhythm section is supplied by drummer Josh Devine (One Direction) and bassist Wayne Banks (Saxon etc)

All this has been meticulously put together by producer Khalil Turk of Escape Music with a phenomenal mix by Fredrik Folkare (Nordic Union /  ex Eclipse)









 £10.99 + Shipping

Available now

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Release Date: 18 Feb, 2022
Catalogue no: ESM363
Bar Code: 5031281003621

Track List:
1 I Want   3:58
2 Carry On  3:41
3 Can’t Get Over You  3:57
4 Grooving’ For You   3:43
5 Crazy  3:51
6 My Way Or The Highway  4:17
7 Stars   4:00
8 Face The Storm  4:04
9 Hold On   3:22
10 Invincible   3:57
11 Starlight   4:09
12 Mais Lui  4:32

The band is:
Tanya Rizkala - Vocals
Mario Agostine - Guitars / Keyboard
Chris Childs - Bass Guitar
Souheil "Sous" Moukaddem - Drums

Produced by: Mario Agostine
Co-Produced Khalil Turk
Mixed and mastered by Fredrik Folkare

EPIC is a labor of love by the band's three core members that have come together for over a decade of Rock' n Roll.  The band is known for their contemporary heavy Melodic Rock genre, their lead singer's powerhouse vocals, their blazing edgy guitar riffs and their hard-hitting drum grooves which define their Rock sound.

After years of international experience, songwriting, touring and sharing the stage with some of the biggest international acts, lead vocalist Tanya Rizkala, guitarist Mario Agostine, and drummer Souheil "Sous" Moukaddem were recently joined by renowned soulful bass player Chris Childs (Thunder,Tyketto). Together, they pour their passion for music into EPIC's latest album "Starlight", on the heels of their successful "Like a Phoenix” album, both releases under the leading international Rock label "Escape Music"









 £10.99 + Shipping

Available now

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Release Date: 21 Jan, 2022
Catalogue no: ESM361
Bar Code: 50381 003614

1 Quicksand 4:20
2 Over You 4:26
3 End of the line 3:49
4 Cold Wind 3:45
5 Roundabout 4:20
6 Lost for Words 4:12
7 September Sun 4:03
8 Band of Brothers 4:35
9 Let it Go 3:56
10 Camaraderie 5:02
11 Base Jumping 4:11
12 Sunflowers and Roses 4:08

Line up
Mick Benton – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
Graham Cowling – Drums
Malcolm Jones – Guitar

Produced by Mick Benton.

Bite The Bullet were originally formed in 1986 by singer songwriter Mick Benton and drummer Graham Cowling. They met in 1984 when they both joined West London rock band “Mother’s Ruin”. Thanks to the legendary Greg Lake, Benton managed to secure a solo deal with Atlantic Records and he asked Cowling to play drums. Its good to see that their collaboration is still strong to this very day.

In 1986 “Bite the Bullet” were formed and the music played was in the style of Foreigner, Toto and Mr. Mister, an album was released in 1989 to some quiet success. The music was warmly received and the band earned themselves some radio airplay. However, britpop was coming into the forefront and a cancelled support slot with the mighty ELO saw the band disheartened and whilst they never really disbanded there was a long period of inactivity.

Benton and Cowling always remained friends and they still played in pubs and clubs over the years which brings is up to 2019 when their debut was reissued on CD. It ignited a flame in the two men and brought the original recording back to the forefront again and old fans reappraised the album whilst new fans joined in. In January 2021 the year started with “Black and White” (ESM349) and the band have gone from strength to strength. They combine Mr Mister with Asia to produce a nice smooth rock pop sound.

Mick and Graham Have continued writing new material and here we are with an exciting new third release “End of the Line” and the result is amazing; the new songs have given the band a new fresh sound, bringing us into 2022. What a way to start the new year!









Escape Music is delighted to announce the release date for the second unreleased Life By Night album “Glass Walls”! It will be a limited edition of 1000 copies only individually numbered from 1-1000

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Available now

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Release date: 10th December 2021
Catalogue No: ESM360
Barcode Number: 5031281003607

Track List:
01 Anything can happen 4:28
02 Give me one more night  4:00
03 Catch you in my dreams 4:40
04 Fade to Blue 3:58
05 Can’t get her out of my head  4:15
06 Glass Walls 3:46
07 I was that man  3:51
08 Say it   3:36
09 Living On The Edge  4:06
10 Bridge Of Love  4:08
11 I fall in love with you 3:51
12 This house is not a home  4:30

Life by Night is:
Tom Croucier – Lead Vocals and Bass (Vic Vergat / Scorpions)
Pat Regan - Keyboards  (Harlow / Kiss / Doro / Quite Riot / Deep Purple and more)
Gene Black -  Guitars (Device / Rod Stewart / Tina Turner /  Holly Knight / Berlin / Gowan / Robert Tepper)
Mark Nelson - Drums (Device / Phil Cristian / Randy Hansen)

Produced By Pat Regan, Tom Croucier and Gene Black
Mastered By Steve Mann

In the mid-eighties Life by Night recorded their debut album with Richie Zito behind the production desk. The songs were melodic AOR with poppy overtones and it was all set to be released when the label at the time just dropped them. It happened so quickly, and as a result this fine album from 1985 never saw the light of day.

Thankfully the debut album was eventually released earlier this year by Escape Music in the form of a numbered limited release (Life by Night ESM355). The band were originally formed by lead vocalist and bassist Tom Croucier, the brother of Ratt bassist Juan Croucier.

Having played in a variety of different groups through years, Tom has been a part of Roger Romeo’s group “Romeo” as well as A&M record’s Bobby Dazzler and Santana.

In 1981 Tom Played on the excellent “Down to the Bone” album in 1981 by Vic Vergat. Tom also played bass on the Scorpions “Blackout” album.

After Life by Night had originally disbanded in the late 80’s Tom Croucier and Gene Black partnered up and began writing new songs. Pat Regan joined and with the addition of Mark Nelson on drums the second Life by Night album “Glass Walls” started to take shape. This is a yet another beautiful example of song-writing and musicianship and worthy of your attention. A great way to end 2021.









Escape Music is pleased to announce the release date for the long awaited Soma “Headed For Zeros”
the first time to see the light of day!!


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Available now

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Release date: 19th November 2021
Catalogue No: ESM359
Bar Code: 5031281003591

Track list:
Headed For The Zeros  4:34
Overrated  3:44
Pain Duplex  5:05
40 Pages Run  3:46
Freight Train  4:34
Bad Sky  4:19
London Fog Quartet  3:32
Roger’s Theme  4:07
Thinking  4:36
Cylicyben Trixhead 4:16
Sync  3:51


Soma is:
James Collins: Drums, Lead Vocals
Doug Henthorn: Guitar, Lead Vocals
Stephen DeAcutis: Guitar
Mark Mathews: Bass
Produced by Kevin Shirley.
Mixed by Kevin “Caveman” Shirley at
Rumbo Recorders, LA.
Assisted by Mark Agostino
Mastered by George Marino at Stirling Sound, NY
Art Director by Hugh Syme
A&R John Kalodner

Soma started out as the brain child of Ed Collins, a multi-instrumental musical machine. Being an undeniable world class drummer, Ed also stands beside the best as a lead vocalist and song writer!

Back in the early 1990’s, Ed was managed by his uncle Al. Al was determined to find opportunities needed for Ed’s success in the music industry. At the time, Ed was living in a small Midwestern town and found it difficult finding anyone he could work with at a high musical level. Luckily, Uncle Al found himself in touch with music industry giant and producer of the Motown Classic “Midnight Train To Georgia” Tony Camillo! Tony had a studio in Hillsborough NJ and his head Engineer happened to be Stephen DeAcutis, a world class guitar player and songwriter himself! Tony suggested to Al that they pair up Ed and Stephen to see if there might be some chemistry. Ed made the trip to NJ to meet up with DeAcutis and they immediately connected on a personal and musical level. DeAcutis was a perfect fit for Ed’s challenging and progressive musical ideas. The two recorded in NJ with bassist Dan Holeva and the album HUNG was born!

Ed ultimately returned home to Indianapolis where he met up with what would become the Lennon to his McCartney, Guitarist/Singer/Writer Doug Henthorn. These two started writing and harmonizing together in a way you don’t often hear. Their voices blended together perfectly. This was the magical union! Ed and Doug would continue to write and perform together in the Midwest and amassed the songs that eventually became the record “Headed For The Zero’s”

There was one show in particular that would require them to travel from Indy to Connecticut in the snow to open for national act Cinderella. Being that it was a long drive and the weather was bad the guys were reluctant, but Uncle Al insisted! As fate would have it, that show would lead to Eric the bass player from Cinderella passing along the CD Hung to industry A&R giant John Kalodner. Kalodner instantly fell in love with the record and insisted on seeing the band live! After lining up an opener in Indy for the band Tesla, Kalodner heard one song and was sold. He wanted to take the band on and make a record!

At that point bassist Mark Mathews was brought in and once things were solidified, Ed brought DeAcutis back into the fold and told him to head west! DeAcutis packed his Chevy to the gills, and with a 4X12 in the back seat he drove directly to Indianapolis to start rehearsing for the record! Stevie D would be the glue contributing the final touches to the Soma sound!

The band ultimately recorded “Headed For The Zero’s” with Kalodner bringing in producer Kevin “Caveman” Shirley. Rumbo Recorders in LA was the studio chosen, home of “Appetite For Destruction”. “Headed for the Zeros” was tracked and finished by spring of ’96.

Unfortunately, the record was never released and has been patiently waiting for an opportunity to see the light of day. Luckily, Khalil Turk has graciously decided to give it the release it deserves on Escape Music Ltd along with its original artwork by Hugh Syme (Rush, Aerosmith).

Finally, the world will have the opportunity to enjoy and experience this rock masterpiece!