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THREAD - Thread

Release Date: 23 June 2023
Catalogue No: ESM377
Bar Code: 5 031281003775

Vince DiCola Keyboards (including keyboard, bass and guitars), background vocals, additional percussion programming.
Ellis Hall Lead and background vocals
Doane Perry Drums and percussion

Additional musicians:
Mark Boals, John De Faria, Rocket Ritchotte, Shem von Schroeck, Rick Livingstone.

Produced and arranged by THREAD
Engineered by Vince DiCola and Ellis Hall.
Remastered by Steve Mann
Executive producer: Khalil Turk for Escape Music Ltd

CD 1
1. Live at the Scene 7:02
2. Hands of Kindness (Short version) 5:00
3. Another Mean Day 4:58
4. Just Out of Reach 5:37
5. Rage 4:41
6. Secrets of the Game 4:43
7. Rainbow Suite 14:50

CD 2 unreleased tracks
1. Live at the Scene (Featuring Shem von Schroeck) 6:06
2. Hands of Kindness (Extended version feat Mark Boals) 14:14
3. Top of the World (R. Livingstone & S. von Schroeck version) 4:57
4. The Last of Her Kind (Featuring Vince DiCola) 5:37
5. Ever Changing World (Featuring Mark Boals) 4:24
6. Rainbow Suite (Featuring Mark Boals) 14:53
7. Jessie‘s Journey - The Suite  18:45 (STORMING HEAVEN featuring Rick Livingstone)


Film composer Vince DiCola and former Jethro Tull drummer Doane Perry have a long musical history together and have been close friends for decades. Thread, featuring DiCola and Perry alongside vocalist Ellis Hall, was a band that proudly offered progressive rock at its finest. Ellis Hall’s contributions are particularly notable amongst such brilliance. An absolutely fantastic singer, Hall had previously recorded as part of the fictional R&B group the California Raisins as well as the very real-life Tower Of Power.

Some exciting bonus material has been added for this Escape Music reissue. These additional songs feature incredible and memorable vocal performances from Mark Boals (Yngwie Malmsteen, Foundry, Dokken), Shem von Schroeck (Ambrosia/Toto) and Vince himself.

Additional personnel included three amazing guitar players… the afore-mentioned Mark Boals, Rocket Ritchotte (Black Rose, Steppenwolf, Stan Bush, Barrage) and John Defaria (Gloria Estefan & the Miami Sound Machine, Kenny Loggins, David Foster). The resulting album is brilliant, at times verging on a West coast version of Kansas.

The album, originally released in 1996 on Laughing Gull Records, is utterly brilliant and one of the greatest unsung prog rock albums of all-time, here it is to be enjoyed with a superb remaster and a bonus disc.