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Track 2-


Track 3-

The Dark Side

Track 4-

Streets On Fire

Track 5-

The Last Goodbye

Track 6-

Undercover Love

Track 7-

Song For The People

Track 8-

Save The Best Til Last

Track 9-


Track 10-

Calm Before The Storm

Track 11-

Outlaw Son

Track 12-

Unfinished Business

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Release Date: 23 November 2018
Catalogue No: ESM325
Bar Code: 5 031281 00325 6

Track list: Neverland  4:03 / Immortal 3:58 / The Dark Side 3:10 / Streets On Fire 5:03 / The Last Goodbye 4:38 / Undercover Love 4:08 / Song For The People 3:37 / Save The Best Til Last 3:38 / Crossfire 4:12 / Calm Before The Storm 4:00 / Outlaw Son 3:44 / Unfinished Business 3:19

Jerome Mazza – Lead & Background vocals
Tommy Denander – Guitars / Keyboards
Steve Overland – Backing vocals
Brian Anthony – Bass
Chris Metzger  – Drums / percussion

Produced by Khalil Turk & Tommy Denander
Mixed and Mastered by Brian J Anthony
Executive Producer: Khalil Turk for Escape Music Ltd.


Jerome Mazza is a singer / songwriter born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennyslvania.

At the age of 8 he taught himself how to play the guitar and sing after being influenced by guitarist and singer Mark Farner (Grand Funk).

Playing guitar and singing through his teenage years Jerome joined his first band at age 19 and toured the east coast in various rock and pop bands. He started writing songs at age 25 and was very influenced by progressive rock band Kansas.

In 1990 Jerome became the vocalist for Christian metal band Angelica. To this day the album “Walking in Faith” by Angelica remains their most respected release.

Moving on to 2015 Jerome recorded a solo album and then joined forces with Torben Enevoldsen for the band “Pinnacle Point”. It was at this point that Khalil from Escape Music approached Jerome when he discovered him on YouTube singing for the band “Pinnacle Point”. Khalil invited Jerome to sing duet with Steve Walsh on the song “Born In Fire” on the new Steve Walsh CD “Black Butterfly” (Nov 2017 ESM311).  Jerome’s performance was so outstanding that Khalil asked him to be a guest to sing additional songs on the Steve Walsh “Black Butterfly” album.  It was an easy decision for Jerome to make and the result was explosive!

It became obvious that Jerome should record a new solo album and here it is in all its glory! This is a masterpiece of melodic rock featuring Jerome’s incredible vocal range. With backing from musicians that were also featured on the Steve Walsh “Black Butterfly” album, this will be one of the most talked about releases of the year!