Sound Clips


Track 1-

Mind Over Matter

Track 2-

Spinning Wheel

Track 3-

Pleasure Of Pain

Track 4-

Reign Down

Track 5-

Long Live Love

Track 6-

Save Your Lies (We've Had Enough)

Track 7-


Track 8-

Bad Attitude

Track 9-


Track 10-

Big Gun

Track 11-

The Price Of Love

Track 12-

Drag Me Down

Track 13-

Blood Is The Colour (Bonus Track)

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- Mind Over Matter

Release date: 21 April 2017
Catalogue Number: ESM302
Barcode: 503128100302 7

Band is:
Alan King
All vocals
Dave Cairns:
Keyboards and Guitars  
Mike Casswell:
Guitars (ex Brian May)
Trevor Thornton:
Drums  (ex Asia)
Phil Williams:
Bass  (Tony Hadley Band and ex Keith Emerson)
Richard Cottle:
Programming  (David Bowie and Seal)

Produced by: Dave Cairns
Mastered by:
EVO mastering

Track listing:
1. Spinning Wheel
2. Reign Down
3. Pleasure Of Pain
4. Mind Over Matter
5. Long Live Love
6. Save Your Lies (We've had Enough)
7. Wicked
8.Bad Attitude
9. Madhouse
10. Big Gun
11. Price Of Love
12, Drag me Down
13. Colour Of Blood (bonus track with first pressing)

'Mind Over Matter' is the long awaited second album by the classic AOR act 'Walk On Fire'.

This 13 track CD features ex Asia drummer Trevor Thornton, the late Mike Casswell on guitars (ex Brian May band), Phil Williams (Tony Hadley Band and ex Keith Emerson) and Bowie/Seal keyboards and programming legend, Richard Cottle, and was written and produced by Dave Cairns (of 'Secret Affair' fame).

These newly discovered buried treasures of 24 track analogue recordings were put to tape following the worldwide MCA Records release of the 1989 debut album by 'Walk On Fire' entitled 'Blind Faith'.

Their eponymous album, 'Blind Faith' produced by Boston based Walter Turbitt (of The Cars fame) featured the legendary Steve Ferrone on drums, Richard Cottle on keys, guitars by Keith Airey (Nik  Kershaw band) and a host of top session players and a perfect showcase for the incredible Scots vocalist Alan King.

This guitar led follow up is a one stop shop for all AOR fans and well worth the wait too!