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Track 1-

If Love Should Go

Track 2-

Jet Airliner

Track 3-

Working For The Weekend

Track 4-

Wig Wam Bam

Track 5-

Slow Down

Track 6-

Need A Little Loving

Track 7-

I'll Bring The Whole World to Your Door

Track 8-

Just One More Time

Track 9-

When I Kissed The Teacher

Track 10-

All The Way

Track 11-

Hey You

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- In Disguise

Release date: 20th January 2017
Catalogue Number: ESM299
Barcode Number: 5031281002990

Coming soon on Escape Music, Last Autumns Dream "In Disguise", their 13th album. An album showcasing
the band's favourite songs and influences of all time!

Last Autumn’s Dream is

Mikael Erlandsson: Lead vocals, backing vocals, keyboards & guitar
Peter Pac Söderström:
Lead and rhythm guitars
Jamie Borger:
Drums, percussion and backing vocals
Nalle Påhlsson:
Electric bass guitar, lead and backing vocals
Ulf Wahlberg:
Keyboards, backing vocals and “The Big Knob” as usual

Track listing:

1 If Love Should Go  4:33
Original Artist - Album/Year: Streets - 1St/1983                          
Peter: This is another favorite with Mike Slamer on guitar. When City Boy broke up he started Streets with Steve Walsh from Kansas. This is just a wonderful -80´s rock track with a great chorus and the kind of guitar work I enjoy! A perfect album starter!

2 Jet Airliner  4:10
Original Artist – Album/Year: Steve Miller Band - Book Of Dreams/1977
Jamie: It´s just a great song that I always wanted to record! When we tried it out with LAD, it was a keeper right away...So simple - so damn good!

3 Working For The Weekend  3:48
Original Artist – Album/Year: Loverboy - Get Lucky/1981
Mikael: Loved this song from the first time I ever heard it. This song has been a kind of a guide for me when I´m writing songs. All the dramatic chords and big harmonies are just there - Brilliant song. Always wanted to perform it.

4 Wig Wam Bam  3:16
Original Artist – Album/Year: The Sweet - The Sweet/1972
Jamie: The first record (single) I got was Ballroom Blitz (1974) with The Sweet. I was totally blown away - I knew from that very moment what I´d do in my life. Wig Wam Bam was also a favorite and an easy pic for this album.

5 Slow Down  3:32
Original Artist – Album/Year: John Miles - Stranger In The City/1977
Jamie: I borrowed a friend’s vinyl with J M (Rebel from -76) and loved many of those songs. «Music» was a big hit back then, and I got all his albums from that day on. «Slow Down» is a killer song from the follow up album, great groove and just perfect for Mikael to sing.

6 Need A Little Loving  4:06
Original Artist – Album/Year: City Boy - Heads Are Rolling/1980
Peter: I still remember when Jamie came to my house with this album! «I just had to check out this guitar player», so I did, and Mike Slamer´s been one of my heroes from that day on. Back then I was just 14 years old, Jamie 16, but I played that album over and over till I nailed it. Me and Jamie jammed quite a bit in our younger years, played in the same bands - and here we are - still doin´ it!
Mikael: Just have to say that the verses in this song sound a little bit different from the original song - in my opinion – We do them better!!! :)

7 I´ll Bring The Whole World To Your Door  3:23
Original Artist – Album/Year: Angel - Sinful/1979
Jamie: Me and Nalle always loved Angel, though he was in to the earlier albums a little more and I liked the later ones - the pop stuff! This one is from their last studio album, and I just love the mix of pop-rock-Motown-Abba-Phil Spector-all n´everything-in-one-song! A great band with a bunch of cool songs!

8 Just One More Time  5:11
Original Artist – Album/Year: Headpins - Line Of Fire/1983
Jamie: One of my favorite bands! From Canada, never really hit it off, but man, they got a lot of cool tunes! They opened up for Whitesnake at Isstadium here in Stockholm 1984, and this song´s been with me ever since! Great songwriter & guitar player (the late) Brian MacLeod and singer Darby Mills.

9 When I Kissed The Teacher    3:21
Original Artist - Album/Year: Abba - Arrival/1976
Ulf: A tribute to ABBA, the most exported Swedish sound ever. Of course we had to give it a new dress of our own.
Mikael: All of us always liked Abba, tricky pop songs with lots of harmonies.
It was hard to pick one song from this Swedish band, because they had so many hits with the girls singing. So we just picked one of our favorites and did it in a much pleasant style and I think we did a great job with this one.  

10 All The Way   3:22
Original Artist – Album/Year: Kiss - Hotter Than Hell/1974
Nalle: A friend of mine showed med the riff of this song on his guitar when we were about 12 years old - and I just thought “Wow - That´s Fantastic” ! I´m gonna love that band”
Since that day I´ve been a huge KISS fan ! We thought this song could be suitable for this album with its cool riff and popish chorus. I got the opportunity to sing it - and I became 12 once again for a while :-)

11 Hey You    4:07
Original Artist – Album/Year: Bachman Turner Overdrive - Four Wheel Drive/1975
Nalle: My memories from this song are from the discos at school that were arranged for us young students between the ages of 10-12. Bachman Turner Overdrive had become a big name in Sweden and had a few hits. As far as I can remember this was their second one after “You ain´t seen nothing yet”. This song brings us back to the good old times when life was pretty easy ! :-)