Sound Clips


Track 1-

Midnight Flight

Track 2-

Can't You See I'm a Star

Track 3-

Moon Rider

Track 4-

Out of the Darkness

Track 5-

Another Time, Another Place

Track 6-

Young Legs

Track 7-

Time to Move On  

Track 8-

Nothing Comes Easy

Track 9-

Rock Baby

Track 10-

Through The Storm

Track 11-

Trouble (previously unreleased)

Track 12-

Sail on Sail Away

Track 13-

Still I Wonder

Track 14-


Track 15-

Riding High

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- 40 Years And Still Riding High

Release date: 22nd May 2015
Catalogue No: ESM276
Bar Code: 5 031281 00276 1

Studio album all tracks newly recorded:

Track List:

Midnight Flight / Canít you see Iím A star / Moon Rider / Out of the darkness / Another time, another place / Young Legs / Time to move on / Nothing comes easy / Rock baby / Through the storm / Trouble * / Sail on sail away / Still I wonder / Fantasy / Riding High               * previously unreleased

Live CD / DVD Ė recorded in Toronto 2013

Midnight Flight / Canít you see Iím a star / Time to move on / Out of the darkness / Another time / Moon Rider / O Fortuna (drum solo) / nothing comes easy / fantasy / sail on sail away / riding high

Earl Johnson (Lead Guitar) / Nick Walsh (Lead Vocals) - Slik Toxik, Famous Underground  / Alexis Von Kraven (Drums) Ė ex-Heavens Fire, Mothers Green  / Rob Robbins (Guitar, Background Vocals) Ė Steel Lily, Rhett Forrester / Oscar Anesetti  (Bass, Background Vocals) Ė Rabid Hole

When MOXY first exploded onto the scene in 1974 with their hit song ĎCanít You See Iím a Starí they were destined to become part of the alumni of heavy hitting Canadians making a mark in the U.S.A. The promising sound of the single received heavy radio support from CHUM (AM) in Toronto and led to the band's signing of a contract with Polydor Records of Canada in December 1974. The Polydor Records contract was mainly due to the popularity and reputation of lead vocalist Buzz Shearman.

After a few years of touring, MOXY went from a bar band to headline concert attraction in Canada. MOXY II was recorded in the band's hometown of Toronto at Sound Stage studio with famed Aerosmith producer Jack Douglas.

Just a year after the first album for Canadian fans, but three short months after the reissued copy of MOXY I was released in the U.S. MOXY II received international press coverage for the band. Most reviews predicted success for the band and comparisons were made to Aerosmith, Rush and Deep Purple. MOXY II was also highly acclaimed on its release by Geoff Barton of the UK music publication Sounds (magazine), who made the album available to its readers for the special price of only £1.50. Geoff Barton would later refer to MOXY as the Canadian Led Zeppelin.

MOXY saw success touring the U.S. with the likes of such artists as Boston, Styx, AC/DC, Black Sabbath and Rainbow.  In March 1980, Buzz was a candidate to replace the deceased Bon Scott in AC/DC but because his recurring vocal cord problems would not allow him to tour extensively, AC/DC band members ultimately decided on ex-Geordie singer Brian Johnson. In 1982, Buzz, Earl and Bill helped fellow Canadian singer/songwriter Lee Aaron on her debut album called "The Lee Aaron Project". By 1983, Buzz was working a day job at Shaw Industries, just barely holding MOXY together while shopping around for a new record deal. Then tragedy struck when Buzz died in a motorcycle accident, on June 16, 1983, at the age of 33, just north of Toronto.

FAST FORWARD!!!!!!! After writing and recording new material over the years with different versions of MOXY, the time had come to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the legacy and do it right! So a new band was assembled for just an occasion. So along with founding member Earl Johnson an international cast of musicians were brought on board, including Juno award winning vocalist Nick Walsh all materials are newly recorded.

Moxy are an institution and this package will be eagerly received by fans old and new.