Sound Clips


Track 1-

Love Under Cover

Track 2-

Into The Fire

Track 3-

Starting Over

Track 4-

Fortune Favours The Brave

Track 5-

Brand New Day

Track 6-

Bitter & Twisted

Track 7-

So What Is Love

Track 8-

Let's Take The Long Way Home

Track 9-

Told You So

Track 10-

What You See Ain't What you Get

Track 11-

Skin & Bone

Track 12-

Coming Home

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- Into The Fire

Release date: 23 May 2014
Catalogue no: ESM264
Bar Code: 5 03128100264 8

01 Love Under Cover
02 Into The Fire
03 Starting Over
04 Fortune Favours The Brave
05 Brand New Day
06 Bitter & Twisted
07 So What Is Love
08 Lets Take The Long Way Home
09 Told You So
10 What You See Ain't What You Get
11 Skin & Bone
12 Coming Home

Robert Hart - Vocals.
Jim Kirkpatrick - Guitars, backing vocals, additional keyboards, percussion.
Jimmy Copley - Drums
Pat Davey - Bass.

Adam Wakeman - Keyboards.
Steve Overland - Backing vocals, additional guitars on Coming Home.
Alisdair McKenzie - Horns on Brand New Day.

All songs written by Robert Hart & Jim Kirkpatrick. / Produced by Jim Kirkpatrick & Robert Hart.
Additional vocal production by Steve Overland.Recorded at Tremelo Studios, Stoke-On-Trent October - December 2013.
Engineered by Dan Rowley.
Mixed and Mastered by Tommy Hansen.
Executive producer - Khalil Turk for Escape Music Ltd.

Make way for a brand new British Rock Band that features some of the best musicians in today's rock scene. With lead vocals from the great Robert Hart (Solo / Bad Company / Manfred Mann's Earth Band) and guitars from FM's very own Jim Kirkpatrick, this is a match made in heaven as they combine their song writing skills and musicianship to come up with this fantastic debut by Diesel.

Diesel plays solid traditional rock in the manner of Bad Company, the sort of music that has firm roots in the classic vein of British hard Rock with a blues element. Accompanied by Jim Copley (Manfred Man's  Earth Band, Go West, and Paul Rodgers) and Pat Davey (Seven) who provide the solid rhythm backbone of the band, this quartet can give you great songs and first rate melodies all day long. It is great to see that the guest list includes Adam Wakeman (Black Sabbath and Snakecharmer) and Steve Overland (Solo artist, Shadowman and FM), rounded off with the mixing skills of Tommy Hansen. From "Fortune Favours the Brave" to "Brand New Day" we are presented with delight after delight as they effortlessly give us an array of classic rock tunes.

A breath of fresh air if ever there was one