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Track 1-

Heavy Metal Heaven

Track 2-

Black Widow Ladies

Track 3-


Track 4-


Track 5-


Track 6-

Rock N Roll City

Track 7-

Step In

Track 8-


Track 9-


Track 10-

Where Heroes Fall

Track 11-

Metal Time

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- Rock Savage

Release date: 19th July 2013
Catalogue No: ESM255
Barcode: 5 03128100255 6

The Band is:

Paul Hume - Vocals, Guitar (Demon)
Neil Ogden
- Drums (Demon)
Howie G
- Lead Guitars (Persian Risk)
Josh (Tabbie) Williams
- Bass

Track List:

1- Heavy Metal Heaven 5:16
2- Black Widow Ladies 5:05
3- F.O.A.D 4:47
4- Misery 5:05
5- SOS 4:58
6- Rock n Roll City 5:00
7- Step In 4:03
8- Scream 5:26
9- Pretender 4:00
10- Where Heroes Fall 6:24
11- Metal Time 5:05

Produced and Mixed by Hume / Ogden


At the tail end of 2012, current Demon members Neil Ogden and Paul Hume felt a new project was needed to shake up rock music on the European circuit. Joined by Persian Risk guitar maestro Howie G and HeadrusH bassist Josh "Tabbie" Williams, LAWLESS have an 80's anthemic classic rock vibe which has been brought right up to the 21st century with the hooks all rock and metal fans are crying out for. With influences from the likes of Gotthard, Queensryche, Dio, Saxon, Scorpions and many more the band focus on catchy vocal melodies backed by soaring harmonies and meaty riffs which is driven by pounding bass and thumping drum work.

The quartet from North Staffordshire, England plan to take the European rock and metal market by storm with their debut album "Rock Savage" which is due for release mid-summer and there will be a tour to follow.
Exciting news indeed..