Sound Clips
Track 1-

Mother of Invention

Track 2-


Track 3-

To Break a Hear

Track 4-

Bleeding heart

Track 5-

A Chemical high

Track 6-

Give me Shelter

Track 7-

The Reason Why

Track 8-

Any Other day

Track 9-

Don’t Wanna Dance

Track 10-

Watch this space

Track 11-

By any Other name

Track 12-

A Natural Law

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CHRIS OUSEY - Rhyme & Reason


Release date: 11 November, 2011
Catalogue No: ESM233
Bar Code 5 031281 002334

Track List:

1- Mother of Invention
2- Motivation
3- To Break a Heart
4- Bleeding heart
5- A Chemical high
6- Give me Shelter
7- The Reason Why
8- Any Other day
9- Don’t Wanna Dance
10- Watch this space
11- By any Other name
12- A Natural Law

All songs written by Chris Ousey and Tommy Denander

The Band:
Chris Ousey – Vocals (Heartland / Virginia Wolf / The Distance)
Mike Slamer – Guitars and Keyboards (City Boy, Streets, Seventh Key)
Tommy Denander – Guitar and keyboards (Radio Active / Alice Cooper )
Neil Murray – Bass (Whitesnake,  Gary Moore)
Gregg Bisonette – Drums (Dave Lee Roth, Ringo Starr)

On backing vocals: Billy Trudel and Kristoffer Lagerström

Produced and Mixed by: Mike Slamer
Co-Produced by:
Tommy Denander
Mastered by: Christoph Stickel  at MSM-Studios Germany 

Chris Ousey’s career goes from strength to strength. His first main achievement was with Polygram recording artists "Monroe" with guitarist Gary Sharpe, but Chris never made it to the album as he was snatched in the pre-production stages by John Bonham's son, Jason, for his new band of the moment, Virginia Wolf. The band notched up 250,000 album sales between two records in the form of their self titled debut (produced by Queen's Roger Taylor) and "Push" (produced by Keith Olsen).

Most will associate Chris with the band “Heartland” which was actually formed by Chris with Gary Sharpe and their self titled debut on A & M Records in the early nineties was produced by James "Jimbo" Barton. Since then Chris has notched up 10 releases with Heartland, and recently “Best of (ESM221) is a great reminder of the work he has done over the years.

Nicknamed by the press as “The Man with the Golden Tonsils” Chris has always been loved by the rock audience, simply because of his amazing voice and his uncanny vocal range. So, for the first time we have a solo album from the man himself, and are we all in for a treat. Produced by none other than the famous Mike Slamer, “Rhyme and Reason” is a superb slice of melodic hard rock that will have you singing every chorus after the first spin. Songs Like “Mother of Invention” (available as a Digital download on 5th October) and “The Reason Why” are two great examples of songs from the album, but there is not one single weak track here. Chris has a knack of writing great lyrics and with Tommy Denander writing the music then it is a match made in heaven….and just wait till you hear the collaboration of two great guitarists Mike Slamer and Tommy Denander and the combination is just pure magical!!

Rhyme and Reason is a great album and highlights just how Chris has matured over the last two decades.