Sound Clips   
Track 1 - Keep on believing
Track 2 - Solid ground
Track 3 - Raving mad
Track 4 - Eye of the storm
Track 5 - Straight things out
Track 6 - Night falls
Track 7 - Fade away
Track 8 - Greed
Track 9 - Shot down
Track 10 - All I want
Track 11 - Surrounded
Track 12 - Infinite stargaze

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Infinite Stargaze


The Band:
Niclas Swedentorp - Lead Vocals
Michael Larsson - Guitars and Backing Vocals
Tommi Partanen - Bass
Tobbe Brostrom - Drums
Matti Eklund - Keyboards and vocals
Produced By: Michael Larsson
Mixed By: Tommy Hansen at Jail House Studio's

Coldspell are an exciting new band based in the north of Sweden. They were formed in 2005 by guitarist and songwriter Michael Larsson, who was previously with the band R.A.W., a band that recorded two albums in the 90’s with members from Dalton and Kicken (Poodles) on drums. Together with four other experienced musicians the band Coldspell are ready to impress you with their own brand of hard rock. The band draws influences from a mixture of everything they grew up with from the groove of the 70’s to the choruses and melodies of the 80’s, mixed with the raw and naked excitement of the 90’s, not forgetting the production expertise of the millennium.

Coldspell's forthcoming debut CD has already created a stir in rock circles, and they have a nice crisp guitar sound that can be compared to Blue Murder, Gotthard, and Whitesnake but with melodies and a rich rhythm section that smacks of Treat and Dalton. Songs like “Keep on Believin’”, “Eye of the Storm” and “Shot Down” are great examples of Coldspell’s catchy approach to Hard Rock and they are sure to win the fans over with their positive attitude. Their knack of creating melodic and highly appealing rock is a credit to all the band member’s abilities in honing their sound.

Coldspell are masters of their field and will be a force to be reckoned with in 2009.