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Track 1 - Body & Soul
Track 2 - Sacred
Track 3 - Something To Believe In
Track 4 - All Of My Life
Track 5 - Believe In Me
Track 6 - Run To You
Track 7 - Here I am
Track 8 - Sea Of Love
Track 9 - Make A Wish
Track 10 - Mean Streets
Track 11 - Abandonded

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The Ladder


Vocals & Guitars: Steve Overland Vocals (FM, Shadowman)
Pete Jupp – Drums (FM) / Bob Skeat – Bass (Wild Life / Wishbone Ash)
Gerhard Pichler - Guitars

Produced by: Steve Overland and Pete Jupp
Recorded at: Voodoo Lounge Studio's, Harrow, London, UK
Mixed and Mastered by: Markus Teske at Bazement Studio, Strinz-Trinitatis, Germany

The Ladder created a stir at the end of 2004 with their debut “Future Miracles” (ESM109) and continue their domination of classic melodic rock. The band is centred around the massive vocal talents of Steve Overland, the voice behind the greatest British melodic rock band of the eighties; FM. Also in the band are fellow FM musicians Pete Jupp and Bob Skeat. Vinny Burns of Ten has now been replaced by Gerard Pichler, and he can more than fill the gap….

Steve Overland has a history that goes way back into the late seventies, his first major recording was with the band “Wildlife” in 1980, their first album “Burning” was a fine introduction to his vocal prowess. The second album “Wildlife” in 1983 extended his popularity, the album also featured Simon Kirke (Bad Company) on drums. After the demise of “Wildlife” Steve went on to form the cult British melodic rock band “FM”, a band that released many great albums throughout the eighties and nineties. However, in the mid nineties “FM” called it a day after the disappointing album “Dead Man’s Shoes”.

At this point, FM’s members went on to other projects, or participated as guests elsewhere. Steve Overland sang on Alan Parsons 'On Air' album, various Iron Maiden tributes with Paul DiAnno, and released the 'SO' album 'Brass Monkey' during 2000. Still active, he teamed up with Escape Music, to provide lead vocals for the Boston Tribute album (ESM 081), singing 'Amanda', one of the album highlights. With Steve working alongside Escape Music, the 'FM' radio came out of the closet once more, a fine triple album “Long Time No See” (ESM 086) featuring the three albums “Paraphernalia”, “Aphrodisiac” and “Live at the Astoria”. And the double disc “Long Lost Friends” ESM121 (Dead Man’s Shoes and Takin’ it to the Streets) More recently Steve teamed up with Steve Morris of “Heartland” fame to record the much acclaimed “Shadowman” albums “Land of the Living” (ESM 099) and “Different Angles” (ESM127).

The debut by “The Ladder” was a dream come true for all fans of FM as many of the songs were FM songs that never saw the light of day. With this in mind, “Future Miracles” was welcome by fans old and new and it was hailed by many as the best album of 2004. A difficult task for the band lay ahead, recording a follow up to the debut was never going to be easy. However, here we are with “Sacred”, an album that hones the identity of “The Ladder”. What we have here is melodic rock that reflects the times, with the classic Overland vocal prowess. Beautiful melodies and strong song-writing are all present here, this is very strong material and will whisk the band to the grand heights they deserve. A new Era has dawned…