Sound Clips   
Track 1 - Learn to live without you
Track 2 - Take me Home
Track 3 - Cry Wolf
Track 4 - When its gone
Track 5 - The way of the world
Track 6 - In the shadows
Track 7 - Did it for love
Track 8 - Chains
Track 9 - Dreams die hard
Track 10 - Runaway Girl
Track 11 - Satellite
Track 12 - Shine on

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Different Angles


It is some two years since the debut album by Shadowman was released (“Land of the Living” ESM098). The album was warmly received by all who had a penchant for good old British melodic hard rock. As you would expect Shadowman had elements of both Heartland and FM deeply embedded in its grooves, yet it was highly original and was often touted as the best British melodic release of 2004.

Two years later and we have an eagerly awaited follow up called “Different Angles”, an important album for this quartet that also includes both Harry James and Chris Childs of Thunder. A few chords into the song “Learn to live without you” and it is fairly obvious that we are in for a real treat. That unmistakable guitar trademark sound of Steve Morris and the vocals of Steve Overland shine through at a very early stage. Somehow they make their music sound effortless; the driving riff throughout “In the Shadows” is testament to this making it such a classic song.

As we all very well know Steve Overland has a remarkable vocal range, not only does it suit the classic melodic rock genre but he has a very bluesy side to his talent. Try listening to such songs like “Cry Wolf” and “Did it for love”; the latter being a perfect ballad in every sense of the word. Shadowman certainly know how to captivate their audience, make no mistake. Hard rocking songs like “Chains” and “Shine on” are solid melodic rock tunes that will delight any audience, whilst “Runaway Girl” has a chorus that will have you singing along to in a very short space of time.

Shadowman is all about great rock music that will win you over with its charm. Quality rock music is so hard to find these days and it is reassuring to know that it hasn’t lost its way. It is always hard to follow on from a near perfect album like “Land of the Living”, but these guys have done just that, this is an essential piece of British melodic rock music.