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- Red Sky / Heroes, Saints and Fools

Release date: 2009
Catalogue Number: ESM124
Barcode Number: 5031281001245

Back by popular request!!

Two Disc jewel case

Disc 1: Red Sky – We have arrived / Red Sky / Faith / Horseman of the apocalypse / Heroes Saints and Fools / Castles in the sand / Flame of Youth / Jekyll and Hide / Menage a trois / Ride shotgun with the wind / Angel eyes / Follow the piper

Disc 2: Heroes Saints and Fools – Crusader / Rock of ages / No more lonely nights / Horseman of the apocalypse / Heroes Saints and Fools / Dolphin Ride / Ready to Fly / A Face in the Crowd * / We have arrived */ Blue stanza * / Come to the light *         * bonus tracks

Life long pals Richard Lowe and Rob Bendelow formed their first band “Lammergier” during the mid 70’s together with folk guitarist turned rock bassist Barry Yates. Following their first live performance in 1977 the band gigged extensively across the English Midlands. The standard of these performances combined with their unique brand of symphonic rock saw “Lammergier” amass a large and loyal following. Then a new decade arrived and with it some major developments for this dedicated band. Having played with a variety of drummers and vocalists the ideal line up finally crystallised:

John Thorne – Drums / Steve Bettney – Lead vocals / Barry Yates – Bass / Richard Lowe – Keyboards / Rob Bendelow – Guitar.

And then the name changed to “SARACEN”, but the music remained the same; an ever growing repertoire of powerful guitar orientated rock, laced with lush keyboards and evocative vocals. After several months off the road with time spent putting the finishing touches to their new live show the lads re-emerged as Saracen in January 1981, with plans for a debut album. During the summer of 1981 the now famous Heroes saints and Fools album was recorded at Fairview studios in England. Released in October of 1981 it was received with critical acclaim and is still regarded as a classic of its genre – twenty years on! The album actually entered the top 50 albums as well as the single “No More Lonely nights” enjoying good success.

Sadly, illness forced Barry Yates to retire from the band and he was replaced by bassist Jason Gardner. Saracen tracks received regular airplay on Tommy Vance’s Friday night rock show culminating in a “live” session being broadcast in 1982. The bands second single “We have arrived” was recorded but then Bendelow and Thorne left the band in the winter of 1983. An album was recorded called “Change of Heart” on neat records but Saracen stopped touring in mid 1985.

That appeared to be the end of the band but the band then resurfaced two decades later and resurrected their musical dynasty with the release of “Red Sky” in March 2003. Musically it was re-works of the some of the old classics with new tracks added – a very welcome return for the lords of Epic metal!

Saracen have gone on to release a further three albums on the Escape Music Label – “Vox in Excelso”, “Marilyn” and “Redemption” all of which are hailed as classics, but the earlier recordings we have on this two disc set are perhaps the ones that fans hold most dear to their heart.  Classic 1980’s music.