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Track 1 - Like Lovers Do
Track 2 - Closer to Your Heart
Track 3 - Do you Love Me Enough
Track 4 - Dangerous
Track 5 - Baby Blue
Track 6 - All I ever Wanted
Track 7 - Time For Changes
Track 8 - Say It Like It Is
Track 9 - When Tomorrow Comes
Track 10 - Too Bad

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The Ladder
Future Miracles


A natural - that's probably how best to describe Steve Overland. The man with melody, blues and soul, all wrapped up in one neat parcel. It didn't really matter to Steve what you threw at him; guitar or microphone. Once a natural always a natural, as they say. Growing up in Norfolk England, Steve and his older brother Chris were fed a steady diet of popular rock music of the era. Chris was already playing lead guitar with a local band, and due to some 'inquisitive experimentation' on Steve's part, the younger sibling soon found himself hooking on with his brother as their singer. All this at the tender age of 13! Tired of being a cover-band, the Overland brothers decided to write their own tunes, their efforts materializing into the band WILDLIFE.

The Overland's hooked up with drummer Pete Jupp, (previously with WILDLIFE, having run off to join Paul SAMSON). Also added were ex-DIAMOND HEAD bassist Merv Goldsworthy, and keyboard wizard Didge Digital - to form the newly born FM in 1985. 'Indiscreet', the debut album, was launched in September 1986. Reaching #76 on the UK album charts, 'Indiscreet' was hailed by the critics, seeing them as likely UK contenders to occupy the lofty heights of AOR stardom held by the likes of JOURNEY, HEART and FOREIGNER. In 1989, FM employed the revered Neil Kernon to produce ‘Tough It Out’’. The band duly lived up to the title, as 'toughing it out' is exactly what they did. Released in September 1989, the album was a harder edged affair - melodic AOR with a metallic sheen. They kept up their public face, with appearances at Reading, and a UK tour with American band SARAYA in support.

Like a poor signal fading in and out, someone managed to find the right channel to switch the 'FM' radio back on again in 1991. That someone was Steve Overland, but this time without brother Chris, who by stage, had decided enough, was enough. Joining the band was Andy Barnett, previously heard on Adrian Smith's (ASAP) 'Silver And Gold' album. The resulting reunion saw a return to Steve's earlier love of soul and blues on the 1991 album 'Takin' It To The Streets'. The addition of Barnett and FM's changing musical style meant less keyboards. Consequently, Didge Digital's delicate textures became redundant, he eventually moved on before FM’s European tour with Joey Tempest and EUROPE.

October 1992 saw the release of the popular 'Aphrodisiac' album, a merger of the earlier AOR and melodic blues styles. 1993's 'No Electricity Required' double album went some way to alienating fans, it was essentially a live 'covers' album with only a frugal smattering of their own material. By 1995 the band had called it quits for good after the disappointing blues-oriented 'Dead Mans Shoes' before Escape Music finally retrospectively released the fab 3-CD box set “Long Time No See” which included ‘Aphrodisiac’, ’Paraphernalia’ & ‘Live At The Astoria’ in 2003.

Now, in 2004, vocalist Steve Overland returns with a vengeance. After the highly acclaimed debut album with his band ‘Shadowman’ which features Steve Morris from HEARTLAND on guitars, Overland now hails back with THE LADDER, a new, brilliant hard rock band featuring the incredible Vinny Burns (ex-DARE, ex-TEN) on the sixstring and a superb rhythm section consisting of Pete Jupp (FM) on drums and Bob Skate on bass in the back.

“Future Miracles” offers splendid mix of catchy, melodic tunes and riff orientated rockers which should suit any fan of FM and SHADOWMAN. The clear and powerful production by Steve Morris from HEARTLAND rounds off this true masterpiece of British hard rock music!