Sound Clips   
Track 1 - Those days are gone
Track 2 - Medicine to me
Track 3 - Touched by an Angel
Track 4 - Gypsy Heart
Track 5 - Land of the Living
Track 6 - Shelter Me
Track 7 - Count me out
Track 8 - How does it feel
Track 9 - Waiting for the good times
Track 10 - Wild Waters
Track 11 - Silver Lining

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Land Of The Living


The Band:
Steve Overland (FM) – Lead Vocals
Steve Morris (Heartland) – Guitars
Chris Childs (Thunder) – Bass
Harry James (Thunder) – Drums
Special guest on horns (Land of the Living) - Mike Walsh (Departure)

Every once in a while a while a new recording comes along which is just that bit special. The band Shadowman is made up of some very highly respected musicians, an inspection of the line up above and you know that you are in for a treat. The opening guitar picks of “Those days are gone” are crystal clear and it’s not long before the song is in full swing, with the unmistakable vocals of Steve Overland shining through. The song is driven along by a wicked melody which twists and turns with remarkable ease, a fine introduction to this new band, a sort of melodic rock band that have a blues feel. Check out the song “Medicine to me” for great harmonies and a brooding guitar riff that demands your attention, whilst “Touched by an Angel” is a little slower but no less effective. “Gypsy Heart” is a one of those tunes that you could quite happily sing to for hours on end, such is the chorus, you can’t help but admiring Steve’s effortless lead vocal work. Mike Walsh from the band Departure is drafted in to help on the title track “Land of the Living”, his contribution on the horns makes this track a wonder to behold, this is just marvellous music. “Shelter me” is a ballad of sorts that is based around a simple guitar strum, with delicate rhythms from the Thunder duo Harry James and Chris Childs. “Count me out” and “How does it feel” both well crafted tunes that by now should have you fully convinced that Shadowman are a simply great band and have a unique sound all of their own. “Waiting for the good times” sees the band amp up the sound to the max, this is a powerful song that smacks of Bad Company, and then slow things down for “Wild Waters”. The final track “Silver Lining” is a beautiful way to end the album, punchy riffs and those soaring lead vocals with a solid rhythm ever-present.

Shadowman is all about great rock music that will win you over with its charm. Quality rock music is so hard to find these days and it is reassuring to know that it hasn’t lost its way.