Sound Clips  
Track 1 -       Give Me A Reason
Track 2 -       Whenever You Want Me
Track 3 -       Wide Open
Track 4 -       Losing To Love
Track 5 -       Indian Ground
Track 6 -       When I'm With You
Track 7 -       A Town Called Pride
Track 8 -       Running On Empty
Track 9 -       Try Me
Track 10 -      Burning The Bridges
Track 11 -      Turning My Heart Right Over
Track 12 -      All Or Nothing
Track 13 -      Keeping the faith Alive
Track 14 -      Fight Fire With Fire (95)
Track 15 -      Wide Open (Version 2) 

Wide open

Chris Ousey’s career goes from strength to strength. His first main achievement was with Polygram recording artists "Monroe" with guitarist Gary Sharpe, but Chris never made it to the album as he was snatched in the pre-production stages by John Bonham's son, Jason, for his new band of the moment, Virginia Wolf. The band notched up 250,000 album sales between two records in the form of their self titled debut (produced by Queen's Roger Taylor) and "Push" (produced by Keith Olsen). The band also managed to tour with "The Firm" in the USA.

Heartland was actually formed by Chris with his old band mate Gary Sharpe and their self titled debut on A & M Records was produced by James "Jimbo" Barton. Barton eventually teamed up with Heartland bassist Phil Brown and the pair went on to produce Trixter, Steve Perry and Queensryche. Prior to this, Heartland had toured with Mr. Big in support of their debut album.

Chris and Gary later got together and put out "Wide Open" through Germany's Long Island label in 1994, which ended up as one of the company's best sellers. Following the success of subsequent releases on Escape Music, this second Heartland Album will be re-released by Escape this summer.